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Dave Lauck has been customizing and enhancing the 1911 Auto Pistol for decades in order to provide clients with a pistol they could depend on.
Many lessons have been learned and much experience gained during this period. This gunsmithing knowledge has been combined with decades of personal front line responder service, firearms instruction/training, and high level competition shooting to design and manufacture D & L premium grade 1911 Auto Pistols. D&L Sports™ is the only known gunsmithing operation to have extensive experience in all of these important areas. Interaction with and training of some of America's finest combat troops has allowed for a wide variety of conflict experiences to be factored in D&L Sports™ products. While others may manufacture guns for sale, Dave Lauck knows the value of a truly reliable firearm. No custom project leaves D&L Sports™ without the value of reliability. Whether you are in need of a defense pistol, practical competition pistol, or are looking for an heirloom quality work of art, D&L Sports™ can deliver. All guns from D&L Sports™ are personally crafted by Dave Lauck. No production lines, and no apprentices work on your gun. Dave Lauck does not deliver fragile, finicky guns built with frail competition parts. D&L Sports™ 1911's are built to be heavy duty, long term reliable, and court room defensible.
Please don't expect any D&L Sports™ products to be labeled with any tough, macho, or commandoish type names. This type of marketing conduct is offensive, and the mark of amateurs.
A safe and reliable pistol should be your primary focus when evaluating 1911's for service use. All D&L Sports™ pistols are constructed and adjusted to be as reliable as a mechanical device can possibly be. No pistol leaves D&L Sports™ without passing the mechanical function test with 100% reliability. All test firing for function, accuracy, and point of impact is done personally by Dave Lauck.
The question about whether to use a firing pin block safety or not often comes up among those considering 1911 style pistols. Dave Lauck's short answer to this question is yes, use a well designed firing pin block safety in your 1911. All D & L signature 1911's are manufactured with an operational firing pin block safety.
1911 schematic
 Why? leads to a longer discussion. Some people representing themselves as authorities on the 1911 will advise against a firing pin block safety in your 1911. An argument to maintain simplicity may be used, but the mechanics of currently available firing pin blocks are often confused. Simple is good, and the correct firing pin block does not add much in the way of complexity. New firing pin block designs are unproven, thus not yet worthy of your trust. The trigger activated firing pin block has proven reliable in over 20 years of hard use and is the design used in D&L Sports™, Inc. pistols.
 Some smiths may argue that a trigger activated firing pin block safety creates difficulty in creating quality trigger pulls, and further argue for a firing pin block safety that operates via grip safety depression. Dave Lauck's position is that with the right skill, knowledge, and experience during pistol construction, the trigger activated firing pin block safety system can indeed allow for a quality trigger pull. Dave Lauck cautions against grip safety depression actuation of the firing pin block safety because you deactivate the firing pin block safety when you grip the pistol. This means you may be holding a suspect at gunpoint with your firing pin block safety device deactivated. If your sear were to break the gun could fire, possibly full auto. In other words you just as well be pointing a pistol with no firing pin block safety at all.
 Some people overlook the fact that firing pin block safeties are not just "drop safeties" to prevent the gun from firing if it is dropped. Provided your firing pin block safety is of trigger activated design, it locks the firing pin in place until the trigger is pulled. This allows the firing pin block safety to guard against unexpected firing should you have mechanical failure in the hammer/sear area. It could also be a decisive factor in post shooting investigations.
 Don't be mislead or confused about being "drop safe" and a pistol which actually has a "firing pin block". Some companies are simply upgrading an older 1911 design with lightweight firing pins and heavier firing pin springs to make pistols less likely to fire when dropped. This is certainly cheaper than the machine time and components required to do a well designed firing pin block, but certainly not better when you consider the overall design safety of the pistol. Some of the lightweight firing pin materials have already demonstrated brittleness and tip fracturing, which is a serious reliability concern. Doing things the best way possible, not necessarily the cheapest, is the main focus at D&L Sports™ Inc.
 In summary, yes a firing pin block safety is very wise and is recommended. The trigger activated design is best, and all D&L Sports™ signature pistols have this feature.
 Furthermore, all D&L Sports™ signature pistols feature properly fitted thumb safeties, grip safeties, disconnectors, and have secondary sear shelves on the hammers. D&L pistols feature deep full cock hammer hooks in order to assure reliable sear engagement instead of minimal hammer hooks in an attempt to short cut proper and safe trigger work. What is the bottom line on all this discussion of internal parts on D&L Sports™ 1911's. Simple; D&L Sports™ signature pistols are the most mechanically safe 1911's available.

Shooters can have a choice of thumb safety fit when ordering a custom 1911 from D&L Sports™. A high grip fit thumb safety will be well contoured with a high relief cut on the base safety plate under the thumb lever. This allows shooters to have a high grip (thumb on top of the safety) and comfortable hold without the thumb safety plate wearing on the web of their hand. Critical to high volume shooters. High cutting the thumb safety plate does create a cosmetic issue for some people. It allows a small portion of a frame hole to show when the safety is in the up position. This is not a safety or reliability concern. Dave Lauck has carried personal thumb safeties fitted this way for more than 30 years with zero negative issues arising. It is the recommended cut for high thumb 1911 shooters (which is the recommended firing hold). Shooters who select a larger plate, for cosmetic reasons, often return after becoming more experienced shooters and request the plate be relieved for a more comfortable high grip hold. D&L pistols feature a high cut and contour unless you favor a fuller satey plate for cosmetic reasons. Be sure to advise when you order if this is your preference.
Ambidextrous or single side safety?
Short answer:
Single side only, unless you are primarily left handed.
Longer answer:
Long term experience with currently available ambi safeties for the 1911 has indicated they are an option that requires periodic maintenance. They generally use a tongue and groove connection between the two safety levers which can develop slack with use. Generally speaking, they are not as long term durable as a single safety and they add complication to the pistol.
A single sided safety is long term durable and maintains positive operation for years without additional maintenance. A primarily right handed shooter should choose a single sided safety and acquire professional training to allow safe and positive operation with either hand.
A primarily left handed shooter utilizing an ambi safety should have it periodically checked for fit and function by a qualified pistol smith.
1911 Slide Stop Considerations
The slide stop/slide release in a 1911 pistol takes a beating on hard use pistols. That is why bar stock slide stops are a wise choice when building a custom gun for long term durability and reliability. After the last shot is fired from a 1911 pistol, the slide stop and magazine follower work together to lock the slide in the open position. This is a handy feature, when all works as it should. However, when you examine some firearms with an excellent reliability records, such as the original MP5 and the AK-47, you will notice they do not have the last shot lock open feature. The reason is simplicity and reliability. In some cases the lock open feature can unexpectedly activate before the firearm is empty, which could be a serious problem in a defensive encounter. In the case of the 1911 pistol, the slide stop needs to be fit so that it locks open with magazine spring pressure after the last shot is fired, but not activate while there are still live rounds in the pistol. This is a balancing act between ‘some’, but not ‘too much’ spring pressure on the slide stop. This normally works quite well. However, in cases where a shooter’s grip or shooting position might apply unintentional pressure to the slide stop, or a cartridge rising in the magazine might internally bump the slide stop, a condition known as ‘false lock’ could occur. ‘False lock’ is when the slide unexpectedly locks open while the pistol is still loaded. Shooters who are ultra-concerned about taking every step possible to eliminate mechanical stoppages often times choose to eliminate the automatic last shot lock open feature from their pistol.
Serious thought should be put into this decision. In a defensive situation, the first rounds out of the pistol may be the most critical. That means you do not want any unexpected stoppages due to a less than perfect grip, or internal bullet interference with the slide stop. High level competition shooters commonly eliminate the feature because stoppages cost time and can cause you to lose. Choosing to eliminate this feature from your pistol will require more attention from you the operator. Revolver shooters point out that this is not a problem because they get used to counting their shots, and their cylinder does not pop open after they fire their last shot. What will happen after your last 1911 round is fired if the last shot hold open feature is eliminated? With most magazine designs your slide will simply close on an empty chamber. There are some magazine and follower designs that will hold the slide open on the magazine follower after the last shot is fired. You will need to determine what style you have, and adjust your training to be compatible just in case you ever shoot completely empty. Highly skilled and attentive shooters rarely shoot all the way empty before performing a tactical reload, but you need to train to handle all situations you may encounter based on the final decision you make for your pistol. When having a custom pistol constructed at DLS inc the last shot lock open, or not decision is yours. Please consider the matter carefully and advise at the beginning of your build project.
1911 shooters, especially those who fire left handed, should have the slide stop cross pin cut down to just below flush with the frame. This helps avoid locking the pistol up by not allowing support hand pressure to be exerted on the end of the slide stop cross pin.
Should I use a stainless steel slide and frame as a base for a custom 1911? Short answer: No.
SS will not run as smoothly or snugly as a properly fit and finished carbon steel pistol. SS has problems with galling when two pieces of SS slide against each other. Carbon steel can be properly fit for snug, smooth, and long term reliable function. Then it can be over finished for excellent corrosion resistance.
Shooters interested in a professional grade 1911 for competition use can specify a reasonable competition trigger job at no extra charge.
D&L signature pistols use broach cut, wide tenyon front sight attachment methods. Why do this when most production guns are coming out with cross dovetail front sights these days? Simple answer; Durability and Reliability. Detailed answer; Yes it is true that cutting cross dovetails in slides and sliding in a front sight is a much easier method of sight installation. An easier production line method of sight installation does not mean it is the best method. Cross dovetail sights generally have a very small section of metal connecting the cross portion of the sight to the upright portion of the sight. Combine this with the somewhat violent operation of the slide over thousands of rounds and you have the recipe for the front sight upright shearing off from the cross piece. Another very serious problem is when the front sight is not properly locked in the cross dovetail and it moves laterally. When this happens, especially when the movement is slight, it is not readily noticed. Sideways front sight movement can cause a drastic change in your point of impact. Since the front of a service pistol is subject to many bumps and jolts, it is exactly the wrong place to attach a sight that can be bumped sideways. D&L 1911 front sights are constructed and installed in a manner which makes side movement impossible without the literal destruction of the sight itself. Installing D&L sights and night inserts is not the production line easy way of doing things, it is the right way of 1911 front sight installation.

 What about shootability? Shootability depends a lot on how a pistol handles, or "drives". Experienced high speed "gun drivers" understand how the fit and function of a pistol affects their performance. D&L Sports™ signature pistols have properly fitted controls that give professional level shooters the responsiveness they are looking for, and the blended parts, edges, and corners allow for comfortable high speed handling.
 Durability concerns? Experienced shooters who have gone through their share of disappointments with lesser 1911's will want to know what kind of durability to expect. There are no questionable quality parts used in D&L Sports™ signature 1911's, only proven premium parts are used throughout. This includes the night sight inserts which are the finest in the industry to assure long term service life. Using the right parts the first time leads to long term durability. Dave Lauck's experience with 1911's allows for the right component selection the first time. There are several 1911 test guns in service at D & L Small Arms Training Academy with over 300,000 rounds and counting through them with no parts breakage and only general preventative maintenance. Component corrosion protection on D&L Sports™ 1911 signature pistols is handled with satin hard chrome as a standard overall finish. This finish was originally designed for boat propellers operating in salt water. It has been reliably protecting 1911's for over 30 years. It is non reflective and very durable. It still allows for color options such as black, gray, and OD green as overcoat finishes for those desiring such an option.
 Safety, reliability, and durability are critical, but accuracy is also a high priority. What about the accuracy performance of D&L Sports™ signature pistols? Dave Lauck achieves 1911 reliability through consistent mechanical operation. Accuracy is achieved by the high grade accuracy components of the pistol operating in the same consistent manner. This is made possible through experienced hand fitting.
 Matched D&L Sports™ slide and frame sets are used in the construction of every D&L Sports™ signature pistol. These parts are precisely fitted together to obtain optimum reliability and consistent accuracy. The D&L Sports™ stainless steel barrel and bushing sets are fitted to achieve the same balance of reliability and accuracy. A heavy duty bushing flange assures operational durability, as well as accuracy. All these critical components fitted together with Dave Lauck's experience result in service pistol reliability with an accuracy level that surpasses most target grade 1911's.
 In short, you can expect reliability and durability, along with match grade accuracy and cosmetic appeal, all in a single 1911 package when you select a Dave Lauck 1911 signature pistol. These pistols are available in multiple models and price ranges to suit the requirements of various clients. Personal project pistols are also a possibility if you have interest in a creation outside of the models listed. Contact D&L Sports™ directly with such requests.

Shock buffers are the small rubber like impact washer that goes on a 1911 guide rod before the recoil spring goes on. The buffers were designed to cushion the steel against steel impact between the slide / guide rod / and frame which occurs every time the pistol fires and cycles. The goal of these impact washers is to reduce impact wear and tear on the pistol, and reduce the recoil impact felt by the shooter. Impacting a firm cushion delivers less shock to the shooter's hand than direct steel on steel impact.
Sounds good, but there are serious drawbacks. If the buffer is not maintained and the pistol is continuously fired, the buffer will be destroyed inside the pistol, come apart, and adversely affect the reliable operation of the pistol. Another problem, which is just as serious, is that installation of a buffer in the pistol shortens the slide stroke slightly over .100". This can also have an adverse operational effect on the pistol.
Solution ? Don't use a buffer in your pistol, and simply keep the recoil spring replaced every 1000 rounds to minimize steel on steel impact damage between the slide, frame and guide rod. This solution is reasonable for moderate volume shooters.
However, many D&L clients are serious pistol shooters who go through high volumes of ammo. They want to protect their investment in their pistol, and they want to minimize steel on steel impact shock felt while firing to improve their shooting performance. They are also professionals when it come to firearms maintenance, so occasionally replacing shock buffers is a simple chore.
A realistic solution for high volume shooters was developed by Dave Lauck to allow them the benefits of an impact buffer, without shortening slide travel. During the manufacturing process of the 1911 additional slide travel can be built in. This will allow full slide travel even when using shock buff washers. The shooter will still need to replace worn buffs as a routine maintenance item, but the shooter gains the protection and performance benefits of using a buff. This modification is a worthwhile option for serious shooters. Shock buffs are not recommended without this extended slide travel option.
Shock Buff Option
Add $200

Also see the reliable 1911 magazine section when considering a professional grade 1911 pistol.

The 1911 tanto extractor and extreme duty ejector have been designed and perfected by Dave Lauck for use in professional grade 1911s. All D&L Signature 1911s come with the Tanto extractor and extreme duty ejector as standard equipment.

No glossy ad campaigns are required to promote D&L Sports™ products,
Dave Lauck's clients speak for themselves….
Hi Dave,
I’m in North Carolina right now taking a 1911 build class. It’s a great class, and with an excellent instructor. As you can imagine, the class is constantly asking the instructor for his opinions on various 1911’s. This is usually followed by the instructor rattling off a list of where the builder cut corners or was just plain wrong. So today, your name came up. The instructor’s response was “Dave Lauck is one of about five people on this planet that I would trust to build a gun that I was going to carry.” I was thrilled to tell him that I own a gun that you had built for me. When he asked me how it ran, I told him I had 40,000 rounds through it and never had a problem. “And that’s what I'm talking about,” he said to the class.
- Regards 1911 Shooter
Regarding the Professional Model 1911 .45 ACP you made for me, my expectations for the quality and beauty of this handgun were very high, based on what others have said about your work and the photographs of your 1911s I have seen. However, my 1911, which arrived from you today, exceeds those expectations in all aspects and very substantially so. The evident quality of this handgun is beyond compare. Its elegance is palpable, and it has an unexpected physical presence that is deeply attractive. None of the many other custom 1911s I have handled and fired even approaches this level of quality. Functionally, it is almost unreal in the way it melts into my hand, guides my eyes to the sights, and yields to a gentle press to cleanly and smoothly fire. I consider myself to be very fortunate to now own a D&L Sports 1911. Thank you! Sincerely,
Vietnam veteran
9th Infantry Division, 3rd Brigade, 335th Radio Research (ASA) Company
IV Corps, Long An Province, 1969-70
You'll be happy to know that of all 16 people in the class, and 400+ rounds fired today, only 2 guns made it all day with no malfunction: your gun and a guy with another 1911. That includes a Wilson Combat, Nighthawk, a custom built by Ted Yost, some Gunsite special gun, Springfield's and Kimber. One guy's Springfield 9mm was choking so bad he bought a new gun at the lunch break! Unfortunately we are not allowed to video in class so no action shots. Larry Vickers was very impressed with the gun.
Amidst the long evolution of battle tested small arms, certain leaders have emerged. One is Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™. He brings forth unique features born from personal experience. His approach to building guns is to save lives. A master gunsmith and policeman who understands not only mechanisms, but purpose. Dave Lauck is a master pistolsmith at the peak of his profession. No sharp edges were detected on Lauck's 1911, and the action itself is smooth as glass. The trigger pull was very well executed. Very impressive were the rugged, Lauck designed fixed sights. An absolutely superb sight picture. I love these sights. A lot has gone into making Lauck's professional model 1911 a user friendly 24/7 companion gun. At night a surefire x200 slid on the frame rail effortlessly. Accuracy was tested from a bench at 25 yards handheld. The result was five shots in a tight little circle that measured 1.05", and the best three rounds went into 0.65". This absolutely validates the superb accuracy of the D&L Pro Model. Extrapolate the best groups and it works out to 1.20" at 50 yards. A D&L Professional Model delivers mechanical accuracy that could literally win the National Bullseye Championship at Camp Perry. More important was the flawless functioning. Our testing included the broadest range of ammo and the D&L pistol functioned 100% reliable. D&L Sports™ has gone to the next level of the game in prestige, high performance 1911 pistols.
Excerpts from Guns Magazine: Test and Evaluation of the D&L Professional Model 1911
Hey Dave,
   I wanted to give you an update on my Professional Model 45 as well as my CQB carbine. As you know, I carry each firearm on patrol all the time. They are also my primary firearms for the Special Response Team. After two years with the 45, I have close to 50,000 rounds through the gun. The gun still cycles flawlessly and feels as smooth as it did when I first received it. It is a good feeling knowing that you don’t have to worry about the reliability of your gun at any time. The CQB carbine has the same report. Many rounds and no malfunctions whatsoever.
   I just recently returned from the National SWAT Championships near Castle Rock, Colorado. Needless to say, no problems with the guns that receive many second looks from other officers. On one course, a precision shot was required. While every other shooter was using a heavy barrel .308 rifle, I used my CQB carbine. I was told later by range officers that I shot the target faster than any other shooter. The hole in the target was dead center.
   On another occasion, I recently finished teaching two weeks of firearms training for my department. The other instructor at the class continued to tell classes that my D&L Sports™ pistol was the only 1911 that he has never seen malfunction.
   Thanks for all the quality, I never have to question the quality of equipment you produce.
M. Pfetzer
Dave Lauck at D&L Sports™ is one of the finest and most prestigious custom gunsmiths specializing in the 1911.
Combat Handguns Magazine
I just received the D&L signature 1911. Just one word: "WOW!"
Satisfied Customer
I am currently serving in the US Navy, and I have a job that requires me to use firearms on a daily basis. I work with many types of pistols, M-4 carbines, shotguns, and at least four different models of long range sniper rifles. I recently bought a DL Sports™ Professional Model 1911, and I can say without a doubt that it is the finest pistol that I have ever worked with. The accuracy, reliability, and durability are unparalleled. I have been carrying this pistol on a daily basis for the past 3 months in numerous operations support of OIF. This pistol is far more capable than our standard issue pistol (SIG P226), and it has proven it's reliability in very harsh desert conditions.

After receiving the pistol in early 2007 (and prior to leaving for deployment), I drove to Wyoming to meet Dave Lauck in person and spend a day training at the Small Arms Training Academy (SATA). During my seven years in the military, I have trained extensively at the Mid-South Institute, Olive Security Training Center, McMillan Shooting School, and numerous other military and civilian ranges around the country. The SATA is without a doubt the best facility that I have been to. The shoot house at the SATA is outstanding and it incorporates numerous steel and paper targets in challenging and realistic scenarios. I did one "lap" through the shoot house, and probably shot more rounds than during entire days of training at other shooting schools. The SATA long distance ranges are excellent. There is a 1800yd Known Distance range which allows for the "doping" of scoped weapons, in addition to numerous Unknown Distance Targets that can be placed at virtually any distance. Although I only spent a short amount of time on the long distance range, I believe that this range would be able to cover ANY and ALL training requirements for military sniper training. In addition to the shoot house and the long distance ranges, there is a several mile long walking/"pointman" course that allows shooters to test their pistol, carbine, and rifle skills at a variety of different ranges and scenarios. I have experienced several other "pointman" courses at shooting schools or during military training, and once again, the course at the SATA was the most challenging (and the most fun) course that I have seen.

DL Sports™ products and the Small Arms Training Academy are world class, and I would give my highest recommendation to both DL Sports™ products, and the Small Arms Training Academy. Dave's products are cutting edge, and his training philosophy is backed by years real world experience.
US Navy / Iraq
D&L's Service Model for the Sandbox;
10,000 Round Torture Test!
   John M. Browning's Model 1911 pistol and its variants have served the American soldier, citizen, and civilian armed professional with distinction for nearly a century. Thanks to the pistol's excellent terminal ballistics, handiness and reliability, it remains one of the best tools in our tactical toolbox today. Since the birth of modern pistol craft following World War II, we've seen a rapid evolution of tactical doctrine, gunsmithing, aftermarket accessories, and production models based upon the 1911. After half a century of impressive innovation, is it still possible to bring something new to the table for the armed professional? You bet. D&L's new Service Model pistol introduces a number of patent-pending innovations that make this 1911 variant a compelling choice for the armed professional serving in the Sandbox, as well as anyone else who would be served well by an outstanding pistol chambered in .45 ACP. The proverbial frosting on the cake is that most shooters will be able to afford this pistol.
   The Service Model is part of Dave Lauck's new Signature Series of pistols and tactical carbines based upon D&L's own frames and receivers. The feature-rich Service Model is about half the price of the Professional Model, making it affordable by the average Joe. In fact, D&L's Service Model costs about what I paid for my custom carry gun 14 years ago. Lauck earns bonus points for the simple, business-like name for a pistol designed for the worst conditions an armed professional might face. This is not a pistol with a dandified or sword-and-sorcery name, festooned with lots of flashy gewgaws designed to attract the newbie. While the uninitiated might view D&L's Service Model as just another Model 1911, the seasoned observer will find compelling technological innovation.
   Based upon D&L's own matched frame and slide designed to provide an appropriate blending of reliability and accuracy for the armed professional, the pistol incorporates a host of useful features useful such as high visibility, snag-free low-profile sights, bar-dot tritium night sight inserts, fitted beavertail grip safety with speed bump, integral frame rail for accessories such as tac lights, and radiused primary corners and edges that maximize handling comfort. See the accompanying table for a complete list of features.
   The particular pistol I used for this study was built specifically for a soldier in the Sandbox. It incorporates several noteworthy options. The pistol is specifically chambered, throated, tuned for ball ammunition, which is mandated for military combat by the Hague Accords of 1899. But the big story is Dave Lauck's incorporation of sand cuts in the barrel, frame and slide that keep the pistol operational in extremely sandy or muddy conditions.
   I cannot overstate how much I like these sand cuts. While we all recognize the need to keep our weapons clean and properly lubricated, this isn't always possible in the real world. The Sandbox is a particularly harsh environment for firearms. Weapon reliability is paramount in the tactical environment. Accuracy, handiness, and other performance characteristics are irrelevant if a weapon does not function at crunch time.
   Sand is a greater threat to pistol reliability than mud because of mud's ultra-small grain size, more rounded grain shape, and the lubricity provided by its water content. The 1911 tends to be reasonably tolerant of mud, which is typically expelled from the slide and frame rail interface during the action cycle. Sand's greater particle size and angularity can increase wear significantly. Sand is also harder to expel, so it tends to accumulate. More important during tactical operations, sand can slow or stop slide function.
   A good way to reduce the wear from abrasive lapping of components is to treat the pistol with hard chrome. Chrome comes standard on the Service Model. The chrome is then coated with a highly durable OD green polymer finish.
   A good way to improve the pistol's reliability is to structurally change the system to better cope with grit and grime. Lauck developed two complementary solutions to cope with gritty gunk in the frame/rail and barrel hood areas.
   The barrel hood seems to be a primary location for the accumulation of sand or mud when the pistol is fired or the slide is racked manually. This is a common problem area because there just isn't much space available between the barrel and hood for the accumulation of sand or mud. Lauck machines flutes on the outside of the barrel hood and recesses inside the slide that are designed to collect grit that could otherwise inhibit reliability.
   The slide rails also tend to accumulate grit and grime, causing the same sort of problems described for the barrel hood area of the pistol. Lauck machines channels in the slide rails and frame to mitigate this problem. These recesses accumulate grit from the rails that would otherwise increase friction between the sliding contact surfaces. This, in turn, provides smoother and more reliable function, and generates much less wear from abrasive contaminants. I'd heartily recommend both of these options to the armed professional and to the private citizen who carries the pistol afield.
   Another area affected by grit and grime is the firing mechanism. Trigger and striker function seem to be the first areas affected by extreme fouling from mud or sand. Gunk can impede or even block trigger movement. Lauck mitigates this problem by providing a tactical trigger for the M1911 that functions like the aforementioned sand cuts by accumulating environmental contaminants that would otherwise generate drag affecting the trigger. Trigger break is crisp with no overtravel. Serrations on the trigger provided an exceptional interface for the trigger finger during rapid action drills, and when the operator is cold, wet or tired.
   Trigger pull was outstanding despite the fact that the D&L pistol uses Series 80 style trigger components. Many of my contemporaries may find this surprising.
   Many pundits and gunsmiths have criticized the Series 80 style trigger system as a lawyer-imposed, plumber's nightmare of moving parts that not only produced a disappointing factory trigger, but a trigger that was ill-suited to tuning by a gunsmith. This view is still held by a lot of folks today.
   D&L's Service Model pistol shoots down that mythology. The reality is that a competent gunsmith or OEM can produce a crisp, user-friendly tactical trigger despite the presence of a Series 80-type firing pin block safety.
   Boarding ships or conducting an entry can cause some peculiar problems not encountered by the average individual. Here's a real world example.
   Consider an operator engaging a target from behind cover. When presenting a pistol with John Browning's short guide rod, the operator can catch the bottom of the slide with enough force to eject the chambered round without pushing the slide back far enough to chamber a new cartridge. Such a malfunction can be fatal. A full length guide rod prevents this particular problem.
   Yet a lot of folks really dislike a long spring guide rod claiming it makes the 1911 slightly more difficult to field strip without a bushing wrench. All it really takes is more operator education and a slightly different disassembly technique, then a pistol with a FLGR can also be easily field stripped without a bushing wrench. The key is in the correct initial pistol set up, then proper training of personnel. Dave Lauck has been training and consulting with special operations personnel to get the armed forces updated to a new level of performance shooting. Field practical weapons maintenance is just one part of a bigger overall performance picture.
   Others cite several tactical advantages: being able to press check the pistol with the thumb and finger to confirm that a round is chambered; and being able to chamber a round by pushing the lower front of the slide if one hand is out of action.
   Proponents of the long guide rod point out that a full length rod provides smoother spring compression and extension, which makes cycling smoother. Moreover, the short guide rod stimulates uneven wear of the frame rails, while long guide rod mitigates this problem and can increase the pistol's useful life significantly. Furthermore, a pistol with a long guide rod can still be press checked by grasping the slide with the outside four fingers and hooking the thumb in the trigger guard. This technique can actually be safer as there is less chance of finger slippage, and the operator's finger is away from the muzzle. D&L also designed a barrel hood observation port which allows visual chamber condition inspection, at least in lighted conditions, without even requiring the shooter to move his hands out of a primary firing grip position. This is a very popular option for experienced operators who know what field practical features to look for when selecting a 1911.
   What's the best guide rod length for you? That is a very personal decision. Dave Lauck will fit his pistols with whichever option you prefer, although he prefers the full length rod. I personally favor a long guide rod as well. So did the client who commissioned D&L to build this pistol for the Sandbox.
   The 1911's Achilles Heel
   In my experience, the extractor is the Achilles heel of the M1911. Yet extractors don't generate much copy. That's a shame because most mechanical failures of the M1911 that I've seen relate to a damaged or broken extractor. It is worth noting that most of these failures were ultimately caused by operator error.
   Why? Because extractors are one of the most misunderstood aspects of small arms design. I've watched soldiers, law enforcement officers, practical pistol shooters, and newbies manipulate the M1911 in ways that jeopardize the structural integrity of the gun. This is such a chronic problem that it merits some discussion.
   One of the most egregious examples of operator error is locking the slide back, dropping a round in the chamber snapping the slide closed, and then inserting a full magazine. We've all witnessed this practice, even by instructors. So what's the problem?
   A damaged or broken extractor can spawn a number of reliability issues. These problems occur because the Model 1911 and its variants operate by the "controlled feed" method. This means that the extractor captures the cartridge as it slides under the extractor hook after it's released from the magazine's feed lips. The extractor then controls the cartridge for much of the feeding process. Contrary to popular myth, however, the extractor hook does not routinely snap over the cartridge base.
   Dropping the slide on a chambered round forces the leading edge of the extractor to slam into the rear of the cartridge at high speed. Doing this repeatedly will produce one of two events: force the hook outward out of proper alignment (which can produce a failure to extract); or generate sufficient metal fatigue so the extractor hook breaks off. A bent extractor can also produce stovepipes and other failures to feed.
   There is a Big Rule here. Always chamber a round from a loaded magazine.
   Consider the value of having additional insurance. D&L's new Tanto extractor significantly reduces the risk of bending or breaking the extractor hook when a stuck case must be cleared by forcing the extractor hook over the base of the case. The leading edge of Lauck's redesigned extractor hook looks like a Tanto knife blade. The new shape slides more smoothly and reliably over the cartridge base as it snaps into place. Made from heat-treated spring steel, the Tanto extractor will improve both reliability and service life.
   What's the bottom line of the Tanto extractor? It is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to significantly improve the reliability of the M1911. I can recommend the Tanto extractor with considerable enthusiasm
   Shooting Impressions
   My goal was to evaluate D&L's Service Model pistol in terms of reliability, handiness (as measured by overall fit to the hand, and the speed of target acquisition), and practical accuracy. I was impressed by the user-friendliness of this pistol. Friendly comportment begins with the yin and yang of its softened edges, versus its moderately aggressive grip strip, tough checkered grips, and serrated trigger that provide a dependable interface between the pistol and the hand. Felt recoil is mitigated by the relatively high hand position provided by the beavertail grip safety, which never precipitated a failure to disengage thanks to its speed bump.
   I fired D&L's Service Model with 230 grain .45 ACP from Black Hills Ammunition, UMC, Winchester, and Fiocchi. I also fired a hodgepodge of FMJ range leftovers and floor sweepings that I've accumulated over the last 40 years. Some ammunition was cannelured to prevent bullet push back during the somewhat violent feed cycle a semi auto pistol delivers to the ammunition. Bullet push back, all at once or in increments, can cause a pistol to experience a stoppage, so cannelured cartridge cases are a wise investment. It is worth noting that individuals and departments can buy Black Hills ammunition factory direct, if it is not available locally.
   By the time I'd concluded my evaluation of this pistol, it had digested more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition without a stoppage or malfunction of any kind. My middle-aged Government Model, on the other hand, has experienced at least one stoppage per 500-round case of ammunition over the years. That makes D&L's Service Model at least twenty times more reliable than my Government Model. I've never seen a 1911 deliver this level of reliability. It was safe to say I was impressed.
   D&L's low-profile sights proved user-friendly during concealed carry, and provided rapid target acquisition and excellent shot placement. I shot the D&L pistol side by side with my unmodified Government Model. Using a PACT timer/chronograph to keep track, D&L's Service Model provided roughly 40 percent faster target acquisition and follow-up shots. It was as handy as any 1911 I've ever used.
   In terms of accuracy, my unmodified Government Model exhibited an effective range of 80 yards in my hands (measured as an 80 percent hit probability on a Pepper Popper fired from the standing modified-Weaver position). D&L's Service Model delivered an effective range of 10 yards. That's nearly 40 percent better practical accuracy during rapid-action drills.
   So what's the bottom line on D&L's Service Model pistol? It delivers truly outstanding reliability, which is Job Number 1 for a defensive pistol. It fits the hand very well indeed, and it presents gracefully and securely even with cold or wet hands. The Service Model delivers excellent practical accuracy, good penetration, efficacious terminal ballistics thanks to the .45 ACP cartridge, and fast target acquisition thanks to its superb human engineering. This pistol provides an outstanding blend of accuracy, power, and speed. These are the three cornerstones of effective pistolcraft, which are known by the Latin terms Diligencia, Vis, and Celeritas among pistolcraft cognoscenti. I can recommend D&L's Service Model with enthusiasm.
A.P Harris Publications
A substantial section of a firearms library could be devoted to books by Dave Lauck...who is among the best of 1911 craftsmen. Only my custom 1911s by Lauck will deliver that magic 1" group accuracy at 25 yds.
 Accuracy Magazine
Dear Dave,
I just received your 1911 Professional Model Pistol, and I must say that I have been totally amazed by it. Inspecting it for the first time showed it to have an incredibly fine level of craftsmanship. The fit and finish were second to none. It is one of the most beautifully made firearms that I have ever seen. Shooting it was a pure joy. I conducted a regorous testing process under a variety of conditions. Reliability was flawless and its accuracy was astounding. But I didn't completely appreciate the quality of workmanship in it until I disassembled it for cleaning. All the components just scream durability and reliability. Considering all the thousands of hours of pure joy that I'll have in shooting it I consider it to be a very economical purchase.
Thank you very much for providing me with this fine quality firearm,
Tactical Shooter / M.D. / ITRC Competitor
Custom combat perfection, the guns of Dave Lauck. Dave's profession is customizing some of the finest custom rifles and pistols money can buy. The one thing Dave never compromises on is reliability. None of his guns have ever malfunctioned in my tests. When it comes to pistols to bet your life on, Dave Lauck shines. I've just finished with one of Dave's 45's, it's one of the most accurate I've ever shot. I shot this one a lot, and it never missed a hitch. Dave's rifles are as high quality as his pistols and even more innovative. D & L's custom tactical AR-15 rifles are truly a cut above. They deliver surgical accuracy and total reliability. The D & L custom H BAR AR-15 will put five rounds of .223 into one hole at 100 yds. D & L also builds some of the finest long range counter-sniper rifles available.
 SWAT Magazine
I wish to hell I would have known about your shop some 15 years ago. I would not have wasted my money on other guns that did not perform to the standard you deliver. The guys I work with have the look of envy on qualification day when they compare their targets to mine. I have had offers for the 45, but all have been turned down, yours has been my first 1911 that has been 100% reliable. For the record, I have had no malfunctions whatsoever, and the pistol is still bank vault solid after years of service.
American Working Cop
I've handled a lot of custom combat guns. None approach the workmanship, reliability or accuracy of my D & L professional model .45 and AR-15 carbine. They are a privilege to own and shoot.
Satisfied Customer
D & L tactical weapons, from handguns to long guns, they're ready for combat. The D & L Custom AR-15 provides surgical accuracy when you can't afford to miss. Some of the best pistols in the country and equally fine long guns for every purpose. The rifle performed perfectly in every way. It delivered pinpoint accuracy. D & L 45's: D & L does a perfect installation of the low mount sight system. The recurve grip safety is also perfectly fitted to the frame. One couldn't ask for better accuracy. Best of all, it never malfunctioned. D & L pistols worked perfectly with all the loads. Superb checkering. D & L tactical Carbine: The D & L Carbine is designed to fill the gap between a full SWAT rifle and the SMG. This is one of the handiest systems I've ever seen for tactical work. Dave Lauck's custom tactical weapons offer the finest quality, surgical accuracy, and reliability.
Excerpts from Special Weapons for Military and Police
Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™, turns out some of the finest custom firearms in the business. The accuracy of D & L's precision work, speaks for itself. It doesn't get any better than this.
"Guns" Buyer Guide
Lauck's normal stock and trade is the tactical world of very sophisticated handguns, patrol carbines, and long-range precision rifles. I can tell you from experience that I have handled and fired literally dozens of guns from D & L and there has never been one in the lot that was not 100% reliable and more accurate than I could shoot it.
Satisfied Customer
Dave Lauck is one of the nations premier custom gunsmiths. His custom gunsmithing ranks with the very best. His custom 1911's are truly superior. Fired at 25 yds. Six shots went into one hole measuring 0.75". 50 yd. groups included Federal Match into 2.5". Reliability was as it should be, 100%.
Dave Anderson
June '95 Guns Magazine
Well Done!! Both guns shooting great and 100% reliable. The D & L .45 is definitely a tack driver and my number one carry gun. Thanks.
Director of Training
Well know for custom combat precision long range rifles and patrol carbines, D&L Sports™ is equally adept at some of the finest professional grade custom pistols in the world. I have found D & L products to be of the highest quality, I cannot recall one of them ever malfunctioning. In the serious accuracy department the D & L pistol was nothing short of outstanding.
Custom Combat Handguns
A tackdriving match grade .45 that is utterly reliable even when dirty. Seven rounds of match grade ammo went into less than 7/8" when fired from a ransom rest at 25 yds. I lost count of the rounds through it at somewhere between 1500 - 2000. There were no malfunctions with factory ammo. I asked a lot from Dave Lauck when I told him what I wanted in a 1911, but he came through with an absolutely superb pistol. A D&L Sports™ gun guarantees pride of ownership.
The Complete Book of Handguns
Just got my 1911, and I must say fantastic job!! Great trigger, finish, crown and dehorn job. I am awe struck by the beauty of the final product. I definitely want to voice my utmost satisfaction with your work. Thanks again.
A very happy customer
In one word, the 1911 is "Superb"! The craftsmanship is damn near too fine to shoot. I've owned a lot of guns, but this is the first one that fits, it couldn't possibly be better. Outstanding work
DCI Agent
Your built me a 1911 two years ago, I love it. It has 10,000 rounds through it during LFI, ASAA, Combat Master, and NTI. The gun has been flawless with 100% reliability. It is an excellent piece of equipment. Thanks for a great gun.
Tactical Shooter
A beautifully executed 1911 in a practical configuration. Lauck is a talented machinist and meticulous craftsman, which adds up to custom firearms that are not only rugged and accurate - they are a joy to behold. His pistol was the unanimous choice for the Excellence in Craft Award from the American Gunsmithing Association. One hole groups were the order of the day. A unanimous two thumbs up.
Handguns Magazine
D&L Sports™/Dave Lauck remains one of our foremost innovators. The D & L pistol is a work of art. In terms of reliability, the pistol performed flawlessly. I can't recall a D & L pistol ever malfunctioning, and I have tested at least a dozen.
Complete Book of Auto Pistols
The pistol you did for me is truly art in steel, and I can say with no BS that this 1911 is the first one of many I have owned that I have had no malfunctions with of any kind. It is also the most accurate pistol I have. Even after several thousand rounds, it is as tight as the day I received it. Just wanted to let you know I am very highly pleased with the 1911. it is nice to know personal responsibility is well entrenched in you.
Det. Sgt. S.O.
I received the 1911, the gun is beautiful! Also, it has worked flawlessly. Just wanted to let you know I was pleased, thanks!
SWAT Officer
The 1911 works very well. 2000 rounds with no hitches, point of aim, point of impact. Thanks for top quality.
Deputy Sheriff
Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™ has the distinction of being one of the country's top tactical gunsmiths. Dave is at his best building serious self-defense guns. I've shot a bunch of D & L pistols and they always work to perfection.
Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine
Received pistol today…I did not know you created works of art. This is far away the best custom 1911 I've had. The fit and finish are first rate. It's refreshing to find in this day and age someone's word as good as gold. Thanks for the help and your dedication to the art of pistol craft.
I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the magnificent handgun. Incredible 45, absolutely beautiful workmanship, it takes my breath away, I could not be more pleased. And thank you very much for supporting our troops.
Gen. Tommy Franks
American Gunsmithing Association news report: First Excellence of Craft Winner announced Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™, Gillette, Wyoming, was the unanimous choice of our judges to receive AGA's first Excellence in Craft Award. Lauck's winning entry was a custom .45 caliber Colt 1911.
American Gunsmithing Association
The D & L .45 balanced nicely. The most accurate load I found was Federal Match Hardball; at 50 yards I put five rounds into 2 1/4". All other ammunition functioned 100%, even though the gun was not cleaned during 800 assorted rounds. The D & L guns were almost too pretty to shoot…Both pistols featured checkering that displayed superior attention to detail.
Bob Thomsen
PSI Magazine
Not only were the D & L customs totally reliable, they proved to be virtual tack drivers. These pistols typify the quality Dave Lauck's company has become known for. We agreed that we have never fired a more accurate pistol, it worked as smooth as silk without a hitch. A true tackdriver. D&L Sports™ continues to develop supreme custom rifles and handguns for tactical, self defense, competition, and sporting use. If fine firearms with a host of custom options is what you are looking for, take a look at D&L Sports™.
Custom Combat Handguns
Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™ is known for his classic custom 1911 auto pistols, which are unsurpassed. A genuine craftsman whose work is both functional and beautiful. My professional model is one of my most prized possessions. It is the epitome of the custom classic 1911, accurate, accurate, dependable and utterly reliable with meticulous workmanship.
American Handgunner
I don't know anyone other than Dave Lauck who has over two decades of full time police experience during which he carried a 1911 during uniformed patrol, plain clothes, deep cover ops, and tactical SWAT assignments, plus extensive and successful practical shooting competition experience and the in depth mechanical knowledge and skill to become one of the nations premier gunsmiths. When you fight for your life, one of the few things you can control beforehand is your chosen equipment. When you carry a D & L firearm, you carry the confidence and knowledge of Dave Lauck's many years of experience. That confidence is priceless.
Massad Ayoob
Firearms Trainer
The most impressive gun I've seen yet…As beautiful as it is functional…with a checkering job that is precisely detailed…and no malfunctions with a variety of .45 ACP loads.
Custom Combat Handguns Magazine
After shooting several thousand rounds through the D & L pistol in competition and training without a single malfunction, this gun has obviously had your full attention while in the making. This and other D & L guns I have handled are of excellent quality and craftsmanship. The D & L Custom has been handled and shot by law officers from our local agency, U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Customs, Highway Patrol, and top competitors from several states. They agree the D&L Sports™ Custom is one of the utmost quality. The D & L Custom has proven accurate enough for shooting anything from Bullseye to speed-shooting, while maintaining the reliability needed for law enforcement. I would like to thank you for your dedication toward making an outstanding handgun for law enforcement as well as competition shooters.
V.C.S.O. Firearms Instructor
The D & L Pistols checkering made it hug the hand, and its trigger pull made fast follow-up shots easy. The checkered front strap was perfect, I have never seen better. The D&L Sports™ .45 was an excellent example of a high grade, duty class pistol. Nearly every edge of the D & L gun was expertly blended, or melted, to make the gun feel like a smooth bar of soap. The front strap was a sight to behold, truly perfect. Most importantly, reliability was flawless with a variety of .45 ammo, including ball, semi-wadcutter, round nose lead, and the brass was thrown cleanly to the right. Dave Lauck can build a variety of styles of 1911's, and the work is tops.
Combat Handguns Magazine
"D & L Street Pak .45"
Customized Colt .45 ACP Government Models are still favored by many U.S. counter-terrorism teams, including Delta and Seals. An example is the D & L Custom. The D & L Custom Government Model demonstrates reliability, and continues to fire under adverse conditions.
S.T.T.U. Instructor
   I have had my new professional model 45 for about four months now. To sum up what I'm about to write, my expectations were surpassed by far.
   Being a serious shooter and law enforcement officer, I decided to go with your Professional Model.
   Once I received the pistol, I immediately went to the range for a test fire. Being the owner of several D&L firearms, I knew that the test fire wasn't needed for reliability, but more for my wanting to fire the skillfully built pistol. When I first cycled the gun manually, it felt as smooth as glass. Compared to my Colt, it was the difference in driving a water truck to a new Cadillac. The aesthetics of the pistol were amazing with all the details attended to.
   Once at the range, I fired at least a couple of thousand rounds within the first couple of days with no malfunctions. The point of aim, point of impact was dead on and the D&L sights gave the best sight picture that I have ever seen.
   Working in a high desert county in the southwest USA, the sand cuts are as effective on windy day here as they would be in the deserts of Iraq. This was actually a last minute option that I decided to go with and am extremely happy that I did.
   Unlike some of the thumbguards that I have seen on the market, the ones that you installed on my pistol are heavy duty and have no flex whatsoever. This proves effective as I maintain a high grip with my thumb rested on top of the safety while shooting. The lanyard loop is low profile but also effective for weapon retention during our Special Response Team operations.
   The finish, which I specifically requested in O.D. green looks great and is showing no wear marks at all, even though I constantly draw my pistol on the range and in dry fire practice.
   After days of becoming acquainted with the pistol and thoroughly testing all of the magazines that you sent me, I finally tore the gun down for cleaning. It was at this time that I really noticed all of the more intricate details that you attended to. I first noticed the well recessed, but cleanable crown on the muzzle. The lockable firing pin stop makes complete sense.
   One of the more interesting details is your ejector and Tanto extractor. After years of firing my Colt with thousands of rounds, the ejector finally let go and needed to be replaced. The ejector is extremely heavy duty and seems to be double the thickness of the standard ones. I also noticed the third leg that appears to be threaded into the ejector and the frame.
   The Tanto extractor that you installed with the proper notch cut out of the barrel hood relieves my worries about breakage in that area.
   As I stated before, I am duly impressed with the pistol, both in looks and more importantly, function. I have had no problems to date. I just recently returned from a three gun match where I took first place utilizing all D&L guns as well as my team taking first place in the team events. I go to work each night and the farthest worry from my mind is if my pistol is going to work if I ever need it. I give my D&L gun five stars! Great work as always and thank you.
Deputy Sheriff
Southwest, USA

The Service Model
The Service Model was designed to be a reliable, high quality 1911 within the affordability range of most shooters. It has the essential features most often required for service work:

- Satin hard chrome finish standard
- D&L Sports™ matched and fitted slide and frame set
- High visibility fixed sights
- Front and rear night sight inserts
- Fitted extended and contoured thumb safety
- Fitted beavertail grip safety with speed bump
- Fitted magazine catch
- Integral frame rail for accessories such as white lights
- Beveled magazine well
- Primary corners and edges radiused for smooth handling
- Premium grade internal lock work
- Reliable service trigger
- Firing pin block safety
- D&L Sports™ signature 1911s feature a bolt on plunger tube housing, as opposed to the industry standard of staked on housings. Why is this important? The plunger tube housing assembly operates both the manual thumb safety and the slide stop/release. Often times improperly staked housings, or housings on hard use pistols will come loose from the frame. This can cause pistol malfunction. It can also lock the thumb safety in the ON position creating a situation where the operator can not fire the pistol when needed. Many of these loose housings have been found over the years during duty pistol inspections. Dave Lauck has cured this problem by literally bolting the housing to the frame on all full sized D&L signature model pistols.
- Grip strip on frame
- Heavy duty checkered D&L signature Aluma grips
- Lowered and flared ejection port
- Fitted and tuned extractor and ejector
- Fitted barrel and heavy duty barrel bushing
- Recessed protected crown
- Throated and polished
- General overall tuning for reliability
- Premium springs for full power duty ammunition
- 3 quality magazines

- Install stainless steel match grade barrel and bushing set
- Installation is done with reliability as priority one
- Increased accuracy is a side benefit

Professional dehorning, radiusing, and blending overall pistol
( a must for CCW and fast action pistols ): Add $275
Ultra high grip machined steel grip safety: Add $150
1911 & knife
1911 & knife

D&L Professional Model 1911
The Professional Model was brought out in the mid 1980's by Dave Lauck as the ultimate non-compensated 1911. Since then numerous companies have copied the name but there is still only one place to get an original professional model 1911. It's from Dave Lauck's personal workbench at D&L Sports™, Inc. This pistol is a handcrafted masterpiece of form and function throughout, a professional grade signature pistol of Dave Lauck. This tactical pistol is a low profile, high performance machine for knowledgeable 1911 shooters. A pistol for clients who demand the best, and for operators whose lives are staked on the performance of their gear.
This pistol is formed through uncounted hours of expert blending and fitting of premium parts to achieve the ultimate in functional reliability and accuracy.
This pistol is loaded with subdued performance features, not a production line 1911 with a bunch of poorly designed aftermarket parts installed.
D&L Sports™ professional model features include:
- A D&L Sports™ matched slide and frame set expertly fitted for smooth, reliable function and accuracy.
- Two sets of matching cocking serrations on the slide. One set in the conventional rear position, and one just forward of the ejection port. The forward serration set is in optimum position for high speed hand operation of the slide without blocking the ejection port or getting dangerously close to the muzzle.
- Premium grade night sight inserts.
- Heavy duty, heat treated, fitted slide stop.
- Edges and components properly dehorned and blended for smooth high speed handling.
- Integral wide, but low profile, magazine well. No bolt on, solder on, or weld on magazine wells are used. This unit is integrally machined with the frame.
- Barrel hood inspection port for checking chamber condition.
- Precisely fitted stainless steel D&L Sports™ match barrel and bushing set fitted to achieve functional reliability and excellent accuracy. Fully chambered, throated, and polished. Heavy duty barrel bushing flange assures long term durability. Recessed and protected barrel crown minimizes the chances of rifling damage under hard use conditions.
- Front strap and mainspring housing checkered for positive grip.
- Tactical magazine release with approximately 1/16" added length.
- Top quality trigger adjusted and set for reliable interaction with the shooter and the premium grade lock work components used in D&L Sports™ signature pistols. Master grade trigger work is performed on all professional models with the emphasis put on long term reliability rather than target pistol trigger pulls. The result is a trigger system you can depend on for years of service and thousands of rounds.
- Top quality springs throughout the professional model provide reliable function with service ammunition. This includes a heavy duty firing pin spring which is used in conjunction with the internal firing pin block to increase safety and improve function.
- A full length stainless steel guide rod is fitted to improve smooth function. This feature also minimizes the chances of slide set back and ejection of your chambered cartridge during close contact encounters.
- D&L Sports™ signature 1911s feature a bolt on plunger tube housing, as opposed to the industry standard of staked on housings. Why is this important? The plunger tube housing assembly operates both the manual thumb safety and the slide stop/release. Often times improperly staked housings, or housings on hard use pistols will come loose from the frame. This can cause pistol malfunction. It can also lock the thumb safety in the ON position creating a situation where the operator can not fire the pistol when needed. Many of these loose housings have been found over the years during duty pistol inspections. Dave Lauck has cured this problem by literally bolting the housing to the frame on all full sized D&L signature model pistols.
- A precisely blended and fitted high sweep beavertail grip safety with raised speed bump. This grip safety is designed to cup the cocked hammer and minimize the chances of hammer snag. The external portion of the high grade stainless steel hammer used in the professional model is narrowed and slotted to help assure there is no interference during hammer operation and to aid in quick lock time.
- Heavy duty low profile high visibility sights. Sight configurations used on the professional model are conducive to high speed sighting when used by experienced shooters. Front sight attachment is neither by narrow tenyon or cross dove tail which are both prone to moving or sheering off on full power, high volume pistols. Professional model slides are broach cut for super duty front sight attachment. Professional model sights are capable of withstanding high volumes of full power ammunition.
- A reasonably extended thumb safety is used on professional model pistols. It is expertly fitted internally for safe, reliable function and detail blended externally to allow for fast, non-abrasive operation, even in a high grip hold position.
- The ejector and extractor functions are tuned for optimum reliability.
- The ejection port is opened and flared to dimensions which enhance pistol operation, then radiused to assure smooth handling characteristics.
- A reinforced dust cover frame rail is integral with the professional model's grip frame. This allows for attachment of high quality white lights and/or laser sighting devices.
- Conventional stocks are surpassed by using checkered D & L signature Aluma grips. These grips not only provide additional safety for the shooter's hand, they are blended with the integral magazine well for a near seamless fit.
- Standard overall finish is satin hard chrome, chosen for its non-reflective surface and superb durability. Colored over finishes are also available in black, gray, or OD green.
- 3 premium 1911 45 ACP magazines are included with each professional model pistol.
Professional dehorning, radiusing, and blending overall pistol
( a must for CCW and fast action pistols ): Add $275
Ultra high grip machined steel grip safety: Add $150
Extra High Beavertail Option
Specifications subject to improvements without notice.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Special Note regarding recoil spring guide rods and the 1911 autopistol:
The controversy continues about what type of recoil spring guide rod to use in your 1911 autopistol. there seems to be about an even split beteen those who prefer a short rod and those who prefer a full length recoil spring guide rod. People on each side of the issue insist their position is the 'right' position. Here is some information from Dave Lauck on the matter:
- The short spring guide rod and standard spring plug allows the pistol to be a little easier to disassemble. This system is used on D&L service model 1911s for those who may be a little less experienced with the 1911.
- A full length guide rod is used in the D&L Professional model because it does offer some benefits. (The FLGR setup is also simple to disassemble by those with a little more experience with the 1911.) The benefits of the FLGR system include smoother and more consistant tracking of the slide on the frame for each and every shot. More importantly the FLGR stops the live round in the chamber from being extracted from the chamber and ejected from the pistol if the front underside of the slide is slammed into a solid cover object during live fire when the thumb safety is off. Without the FLGR in place the slide will go back far enough to eject the live round from the chamber, but not nessessarily far enough to pick up the next round from the magazine. You can wind up with an empty chamber when you need it if this happens. A FLGR can prevent this occurance, which of course, could be a critical factor in a live situation.
- Can you still chamber a round one handed, and conduct chamber checks with a FLGR in place? Yes on both.
- Does Dave Lauck use a FLGR in his personal full size carry 1911s? Yes.
- Can you order D&L Signature pistols with or without a FLGR. Yes, the final decision is yours to make. If your decision varies from the equipment lists for each D&L pistol model, please advise your preference at time of order.
Note: There can be variations in recoil spring internal coil size, as well as poundage weights. Also, sometimes the open end of recoil springs can have a sharp edge that drags between the full length guide rod and spring plug. If you are using a full length guide rod, be sure that both ends of the recoil spring slide smoothly and drag free over the entire length of the FLGR. For 5 and 6 inch 1911 pistols firing full power 230 grain ball ammo, 18.5 pound Wolf brand variable recoil springs are recommended. If you have a FLGR in your pistol, install the recoil spring with closed end of the recoil spring at the muzzle end of the pistol. If you have a pistol with a short guide rod, about 2 inches long, install the recoil spring with the open end at the muzzle end of the pistol.
1911 in Custom Case
1911 with standoff device
1911 Pro Model
1911 and Custom Case
D&L Sports™ 1911 Professional Model Poster
D&L Sports™ 1911 Professional Model
D&L Sports™ 1911 Professional Model
blank firing 1911
Pro model 1911 barrel end
DLSports™ 1911s and AR-15s
DLSports™ 1911
DLSports™ 1911
DLSports™ 1911 SureFire Poster
DLSports™ 1911
DLSports™ 1911 SureFire Poster
DLSports™ 1911 Professional Model
DLSports™ 1911 Professional Model
blank firing 1911
blank firing 1911
1911 Pro Model Accuracy results
To: Dave Lauck
Subject: D&L Custom 1911 pistol accuracy at 25 yards
D&L custom 1911 pistol; Seated, two hand, arms on table. Extremely gratifying to shoot. 100% reliable. I love it!
Thanks again!
CO Firearms Instructor
Reality and fantasy differ. I fantasize about winning the lottery, but I carry a DLS 1911.
Defensive Shooter

Slimline Professional Model

The D&L Professional Model is also available in a slimline frame version, without a light rail, for those who want a slimmer / lighter everyday carry pistol.

Same pricing and options apply.

Slimline professional model 1911 with ivory grips
Slimline professional model 1911 with ivory grips
Slimline professional model 1911 with ivory grips
Slimline professional model 1911 with ivory grips
Slimline professional model 1911 with knife and saber
Slimline professional model 1911 with knife and bridle
Slimline professional model 1911 with ivory grips
Slimline professional model 1911 with ivory grips
Slimline professional model 1911 with ivory grips
Slimline professional model 1911 SN00001
Slimline professional model 1911 with knife and spurs
Slimline professional model 1911

The Professional Model - Six Inch Longslide
All the features of the standard professional model, plus a six inch slide and barrel combination. This provides for a longer sight radius, increased velocity, and dampened recoil. This is not the frail longslide target pistol of the 1970's. This is a modern full power professional model pistol with some additional length features.
Professional dehorning, radiusing, and blending overall pistol
( a must for CCW and fast action pistols ): Add $275
Ultra high grip machined steel grip safety: Add $150
Matched Set of D&L Custom 1911s
Custom 1911 Longslide with ivory grips
Custom 1911 Longslide
Custom 1911 Longslide
Custom 1911 Longslide
Custom 1911 Longslide
Custom 1911 Presentation Box
Custom 1911 Presentation Box
D&L Sports™ Custom Silver 1911
Matched Set of D&L Custom 1911s
Custom 1911 Longslide
D&L Sports™ Movie Guns
1911 Long Slide
Custom 1911 Longslide
Custom 1911 Longslide
Custom 1911 Longslide
Matched Set of D&L Custom 1911s
Gun Test: D&L Sports™ Professional .45ACP
"Sandbox" ready Long Slide, it's as good as it gets!
Text by Charlie Cutshaw, Photos by Chris Rohling
     Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™ has a well-earned reputation for building some of the finest custom firearms in the country, specializing in M1911 and M1935 High-Power pistols, AR type rifles and carbines and a variety of other firearms including Ruger handguns and rifles, Smith & Wesson handguns, Remington M700 rifles and M870 shotguns. In addition to being one of America's premier custom gunsmiths, Dave Lauck is also a competitive shooter, author and police officer, a man of many talents. We have tested D&L precision tactical rifles in the past and they have proven to be superb shooting machines, so when the opportunity came to work with one of D&L's Professional Model M1911s, we eagerly looked forward to the experience.
Gun Details
     We should note that each D&L firearm is a custom firearm in the fullest sense of the word. Dave is the only gunsmith at D&L and every firearm that leaves D&L is the product of his hands. One aspect of the test and evaluation M1911 we discussed with Dave was the fact that it was a "long slide²" with a 6-inch barrel. Long slide M1911s are rarely encountered and are invariably custom guns. Like the 1911 itself, long slide pistols are not for everyone. The long slide is most definitely not a concealed carry pistol, it is simply too large in every dimension. For duty carry or field use, however, a long slide M1911 is an alternative to standard 5-inch M1911s. If the user takes the time to master it, the long slide has several advantages. First, there¹s an increased sight radius of approximately 7.5 inches versus an inch less for a standard length M1911. Longer sight radii make for better accuracy. Another benefit of longer barrels is slightly increased velocity. We noted that muzzle velocity during our long slide's testing ran slightly higher than usual. Finally, longer barrels tend to deliver better accuracy, all things being equal. Besides, there is a "cool" factor that's hard to miss.
     Our first impression of the Professional Model when we picked it up was the overall quality of the fit and finish. D&L's Professional Model 1911s are put together and adjusted to be as reliable as a mechanical device can possibly be. There are no short cuts taken in construction and every pistol must pass a 100 percent test for reliability, which includes mechanical function that incorporates not only overall fit and finish, but timing, lockup, accuracy and point of impact. The care in construction of this pistol shows. Our initial inspection revealed absolutely zero "slop" between the slide and frame. Timing and lockup were perfect. The CeraKote final finish was a satin black that added to the esthetic appeal of this superb example of the gunsmith's art. Beneath the CeraKote, the steel is hard chrome plated for durability and corrosion resistance. Although our pistol was black, other colors such as OD green are optional.
     Sharp edges were "melted" and gave the pistol a soft yet purposeful appearance. The long slide isn't given what we would call a full melt treatment, just enough to soften critical sharp edges. The front grip strap and mainspring housing are checkered at 30 lines per inch (lpi), and the aluminum grips have a checkering pattern that enhances the pistol's retention. The grip scales feel so good we didn't realize at first that they were aluminum. The grip safety is the obligatory beavertail, preventing hammer bite, and sits the pistol a bit lower in the shooter's hand to reduce muzzle jump. The grip safety's "memory bump" ensures that the grip safety is properly depressed every time the shooter grasps the pistol. The magazine well has a large funnel to guide the magazine into place during rapid reloads. Unlike most others, D&L's funnel is integral to the frame, a nice touch. The mainspring housing is rounded at the butt, which adds to shooting comfort. Some flat mainspring housings are so sharp at the butt that they "bite" during recoil. A MIL-STD-1913 rail on the dust cover accommodates white lights or lasers, and we chose to use a SureFire X200 LED high intensity white light.
     One would instinctively think that the long slide would be significantly heavier than a standard M1911, but this is not the case. We put several of our standard size 1911s on our digital postage scale and the long slide weighed only 5 to 6 ounces more than standard M1911s. The longer barrel is slightly more muzzle heavy than a standard pistol, but we didn't find this to be particularly detrimental to overall handling. Basically, the D&L long slide generally handles and shoots like a 1911. After a few rounds, we were hard pressed to tell the difference between this pistol and a standard M1911. On the other hand, D&L Professional Models have features that set them apart from most other custom M1911 type pistols.
     Sights are another unique D&L feature. Both front and rear sights feature tritium inserts and non-glare serrations. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and held in place by two Allen head screws, rather than the usual single screw, again to enhance durability and reliability. The front sight is another story. While most custom M1911s have dovetailed front sights, this is the part of the pistol that's liable to take the most abuse, which can knock the sight out of alignment. Small movement might not be visible, but could cause large changes of point of impact. For this reason Dave installs his front sight by inletting the slide, mounting the sight and locking it down with no less than three locking screws. This front sight isn't going anywhere unless it is physically torn off the pistol.
     The trigger is a Colt type series 80 with trigger actuated firing pin safety. Some say it's almost impossible to achieve a high quality trigger pull with the Series 80 firing mechanism, but Dave has disproved this. Our long slide's trigger broke like snapping a piece of glass at 5.5 pounds with no creep or backlash. Although some firing pin safeties are actuated off the grip safety and this was indeed the first such safety incorporated by Colt in the 1930s, Dave prefers the trigger safety for the simple reason that the firing pin isn't freed until the trigger is pulled. Dave uses titanium plated components for the safety to help smooth the trigger's operation. With a grip safety actuated firing pin safety, the firing pin is released as soon as the pistol is gripped, which is almost like having no firing pin safety at all. Such safeties serve basically as a "drop" safety that blocks the firing pin should the pistol be dropped. One reliability enhancing feature of D&L Professional Models is sand cuts in the barrel and slide. The barrel cuts are visible in the ejection port while the slide cuts are visible only when the pistol is disassembled. These cuts are unique to D&L custom pistols as far as we know and what with many Special Forces users buying their own M1911 type handguns for use in "The Sandbox." Sand cuts are a pretty good idea because sand has caused a plethora of operational difficulties with just about every military small arm in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Sand cuts in conjunction with a virtually dry lubricant like TW25B enhances reliability. What sand does get into the works of D&L's pistols has someplace to go besides into the operating parts where it can cause a stoppage. This doesn't eliminate good maintenance procedures, but does help when the chips are down.
     One potential problem with 1911 pistols can happen should the extractor hook break, making the pistol inoperable. Dave Lauck has solved this problem with his patent pending "Tanto" extractor, so called because in profile it resembles a tanto knife point. While Dave still recommends that his 1911s be fed in the traditional manner from the magazine, his design is far more forgiving than traditional extractors when dropped onto a chambered round. The Tanto extractor can be fitted to any 1911 and requires a slight bit of gunsmithing to machine a small cut in the chamber to accommodate the extractor, but we believe Dave Lauck's Tanto extractor is a worthwhile addition to any 1911.
     A final reliability detail unique to D&L 1911s is a locking firing pin stop. While it is unlikely, Dave's locking firing pin stop prevents any misalignment of the firing pin stop or extractor by positively locking the stop in place. Since the firing pin stop is held in place by nothing but the firing pin head under spring pressure, it is possible that the stop can drop slightly and not return to its correct position, allowing it to catch on the back of the cocked hammer. This isn't a frequent stoppage, but in a gunfight it could have disastrous consequences, so it is one of those small details that differentiate D&L Sports™ 1911s from the rest.
Shooting Impressions
     Shooting the Professional Model long slide was a pleasure. The pistol functioned with total reliability and superb accuracy. Muzzle rise was virtually nil, partially due to the added weight out front and the slightly heavier weight of the pistol itself.
     In sum, D&L's Professional Model long slide isn't cheap, but if the 1911 user is looking for a pistol that represents a custom pistol in the truest sense of the word, D&L Sports™' Professional Model is an excellent starting point in any barrel length. For those whose budget doesn't allow purchase of a Professional Model, D&L's Service Model is an alternative. Either way, Dave Lauck's custom 1911s are about as good as it gets in the classic handgun that refuses to die.

Hybrid 1911

In 45 ACP, under 32 oz, under 1.250" thick, 16 rounds with 140mm magazines.

A special projects build.

Hybrid 1911s are available in 9mm, .40 S&W, 10mm, and .45 ACP. Magazine capacity goes up as cartridge diameter goes down.

Hybrid 1911
Hybrid 1911
Hybrid 1911
Hybrid 1911
Hybrid 1911
Hybrid 1911
Hybrid 1911
Hybrid 1911
Hybrid 1911
Hybrid 1911
Hybrid 1911
Hybrid 1911
Hybrid 1911
Hybrid 1911

D&L Sports™ Compact Custom CR-45 (Close Range .45)
• Matched D&L slide/frame set
• Low mount concealed carry sights
• Contoured thumb safety
• Extended ejector
• Practical trigger job
• Funnel magazine well
• Polish feed ramp
• Throat barrel
• Dual slide serrations
• Protected muzzle crown
• Lower and flare ejection port
• HD recoil spring
• Polish/adjust extractor
• HD firing pin spring
• High sweep beavertail grip safety
• Renforced spring plug and heavy duty barrel bushing
• Long or short trigger
• Improved slotted commander hammer
• Matte hard chrome finish
• Overall honing of critical parts for smooth function
• Test fire
• Slim D&L signature grips
CR-45 deep cover 1911
CR-45 deep cover 1911
The D&L Sports™ Inc. "COMPACT CUSTOM" is designed for the shooter desiring a small, reliable, yet powerful carry piece with excellent handling characteristics and corrosion resistance.
Prices available on request
CR-45 deep cover 1911
CR-45 deep cover 1911
CR-45 deep cover 1911
CR-45 deep cover 1911

D&L Sports™ CR-45 (Close Range .45 / Deep Cover Model)
The CR-45 was designed for those who need a powerful, no snag 1911 for close range shooting.
The CR-45 is similar to the compact custom, but designed to offer the ultimate in no snag concealability. Conventional sights are eliminated in favor of a bead front sight. Recessed in the front of the slide is a round shotgun bead to assist in close range pointability.
This allows for the most snag-free sighting arrangement possible. The hammer spur is eliminated, and the grip safety tang is contoured to the frame radius to minimize overall size and minimize snag potential. Furthermore the dehorning work on the CR-45 is very substantial. The pistol is heavily dehorned and the size of the controls are kept to a minimum. A series 80 hammer is used after being bobbed and completely dehorned. This creates a snag-free, very compact pistol which maintains the internal dimensions required for long term functioning with full power 45 acp ammunition. Downsizing the 1911 beyond the CR-45 is not recommended due to problems with functional reliability and longevity of the pistol with full power ammo.
CR-45 deep cover 1911
CR-45 deep cover close range 1911
CR-45 deep cover 1911
CR-45 deep cover close range 1911
CR-45 deep cover 1911
CR-45 deep cover 1911
CR-45 deep cover 1911
Prices available on request

Interchangeable 1911 Front Sight
( patent pending )
Sights for the 1911 have evolved over decades of use in a wide variety of shooting disciplines. CCW, hunting, bulls eye, silhouette, defense, military target, and low light shooting have all been considered during the development of different sight designs for the 1911.
Long term shooters have seen various sight designs come and go with differing levels of acceptance and success. Sight choices for the 1911 have even included optical devices, but here we will focus on iron sight choices.
One area of debate has always been adjustable sights versus fixed sights. Some shooters choose adjustable sights because they are generally simple to adjust with a screw driver. This helps in achieving a precise zero, and re-zeroing when a shooter changes to a different load. The drawbacks to adjustable sights on a 1911 is that they are generally more fragile, complicated, sharp, and are more likely to experience zero loss. Even top of the line adjustables will shear off screws and sight blades when installed on hard use 1911s.
Shooters who prefer fixed sights most often cite durability as their main concern. However, they often end up carrying a pistol which is not precisely zeroed for their eye, hold, and load because standard design fixed sights have limited zeroing flexibility, especially after night inserts have been installed.
The D&L Solution
Dave Lauck's design solution can be applied to select models of D&L Signature 1911s. This solution allows an operator to select the preferred ammunition brand, the preferred zero range, and then zero the pistol's elevation impact precisely by means of an interchangeable front sight.
Installing a taller front sight causes the impact on target to be lower. Installing a shorter front sight causes the impact on target to be higher. Windage adjustment is fine tuned by drifting the rear sight.
Once this procedure is properly completed, you will have a precisely zeroed fixed sighted pistol which you can depend on to maintain zero under the harshest of use conditions.
The combination of D&L front and rear 1911 sights provide the most positive sight picture available today. The deep rear notch combined with the narrowed front sight allows for precise shooting at high speed. This sight set up is highly visible while remaining low profile on the slide. The sight picture can be had in black, black with night inserts, or black with night inserts with white outlines.
What about durability? It is safe to say the D&L Signature 1911 sight set is the most durable sight set available today. The rear sight is precisely machined out of a single block of steel, then locked in place with two massive #10 set screws. No pins, no pivots, no two piece blades subject to shearing off.
Front sight durability and installation has been a big problem on many 1911s over the years. Front sights shooting loose and flying off when you need them most has been a problem. The current trend of cross dovetailing 1911 front sights has not been a good solution. These sights are prone to shearing off at the connection point between the blade and the body. They are also prone to substantial zero loss if they are bumped sideways in their dovetail.
The best solution for front sight installation durability has been professionally installing 0.125" tenyon front sights. The problems with these are they are not elevation adjustable, and they can't be removed without destruction and loss of your night insert.
Dave Lauck's interchangeable front sight solves all these problems and is the most durable front sight ever designed for the 1911.
This front sight base is machined down into the slide so the sight has recoil shoulders at the front and rear of the sight. Shooting loose is no longer possible. The sight has side impact barriers which will not allow the sight to move sideways and disturb the pistol's zero. The sight is held in position by 3 custom made, high tensile strength 6-48 flat head screws which do not interfere with the sight picture, and which allows operator level interchangeability. It is now simple to adjust zero, or replace a damaged front sight blade. It is also now possible to easily remove the front sight for pistol refinish without having to destroy the front sight and night insert.
Developments at D&L Sports™ are made with decades of experience and millions of rounds fired. Professionals will recognize this sight set as a big step forward for the 1911.
Prices Available on Request
( only suitable for select custom built D&L Signature 1911s )

D&L Extreme Duty Ejectors
( patent pending )
The 1911 auto pistol has used a fixed ejector since its introduction. When the pistol is fired, the extractor pulls the fired case from the chamber and holds it in the breech face until the case impacts the ejector and is kicked out of the ejection port. This happens every time the pistol is fired. In other words, if you fire the pistol 100 times, the ejector gets impacted 100 times. The ejector takes a beating, and sometimes it fails. Most commonly the ejector will shear off its double mount platform when it is impacted by a cartridge case. This normally causes the ejector to fall free from the pistol, and the pistol to cease functioning as designed. What's worst about this failure is that it is unpredictable. It commonly happens all at once, without warning indicators, and it may occur on your first shot or shot number ten thousand. It is also a problem that is not easily repaired under field conditions. This type of parts breakage puts most shooters out of commission until the problem can be professionally repaired.
The original 1911 fixed ejector design also had problems kicking the case cleanly out of the pistol, frequently resulting in failure to eject stoppages.
To help minimize ejection stoppages, more modern ejectors have been manufactured with extended impact noses. This was helpful in achieving more positive ejection of spent casings, but the extended ejector noses sometimes become bent or broken, creating other problems.
The D&L Design Solution?
Dave Lauck factors decades of experience and millions of rounds of live fire into every design solution at D&L Sports™. Knowing what has failed in the past allows for upgrading affected components to drastically minimize future failures.
The D&L Extreme Duty 1911 ejector has three mounting contacts instead of the 1911's original dual contact design. This dramatically increases the ejector's resistance to impact shock, and greatly reduces the chances of ejector shear. There have not been any cases of ejector shear ever reported when using Extreme Duty ejectors.
The Extreme Duty ejector features an extended design to assure positive case ejection. To cure ejector nose durability problems of other designs, the Extreme Duty ejector is manufactured of heat treated steel, over 50% thicker than other designs. There have not been any cases of ejector nose bending or breaking ever reported when using Extreme Duty ejectors. In short, the Extreme Duty ejector is the most heavy duty and reliable 1911 ejector in existence today.
What is the negative side of the Extreme Duty ejector? It does require professional installation, and moderate additional expense. It is best installed during a custom 1911 build project, rather than being installed as an add-on part on existing pistols.
For those who have sheared or bent ejectors on 1911s in the past, and have experienced the problems related to doing so, there will be no question about the value of this 1911 development. Combine the Extreme Duty ejector and the D&L Tanto extractor in your next custom 1911 for the ultimate in reliability and durability.
Prices Available on Request

When considering your premium grade custom 1911 purchase, inquire about the construction process. Production line or "semi custom" shops are quite common these days. That's not good enough at D&L Sports™. At D&L Sports™ your custom project will be personally handcrafted by Dave Lauck, member of the American Pistolsmith Guild and a top craftsman in the custom firearms field, not by another apprentice on the assembly line. Personal, professional, custom service at semi-custom prices and with reliable delivery times.
Those looking for personalized, specialized, and collector grade firearm projects beyond what they see listed on this site should contact D&L Sports™, Inc. directly.

D&L Sports™ inc offers a lifetime assistance program with all Dave Lauck signature firearms.
Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™ Inc. has spent years perfecting the 1911 autopistol in terms of reliability, durability, and cosmetic appeal. Reliability will always be job one at DLS. This includes feeding and functioning reliability with well designed JHP bullets, as well as ball ammunition. If you are ordering a DL signature 1911 and you have a specific load you want to use, or you want to discuss what JHP loads are the best choices, feel free to contact DLS directly.

Shooters should understand that there are many different 1911 magazines on the market today, and quality ranges from excellent to terrible. When you order a D&L 1911, or 1911 custom work, please order a large enough quantity of magazines to suit your needs at the same time. That way magazines can be fit and tested in your individual pistol, which will in turn help assure top reliability. Once you get your pistol and magazines, be sure to only use ammunition recommended by D&L Sports™ Inc. and test the entire shooting system thoroughly prior to serious use. Using poor quality, or out of spec ammunition can create unnecessary reliability problems. The pistol, magazines and ammunition are all critical parts of the shooting system. Skimping in any of these areas can cause dangerous problems. Free free to contact D&L directly if you have questions.

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