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Reliable 1911 Magazines
The D&L 1911 magazines have been awarded the "Seal of Approval"
by the American Pistolsmiths Guild
Magazines, ammo, and proper maintenance are three critical areas where shooters must make good decisions to keep their 1911s running reliably. Making uninformed decisions in any of these areas can lead to a host of problems, including your gear not working when you need it most, and the resulting unfavorable consequences. The follow text will provide information related to 1911 magazine development and advancements in recent history, and what DLS inc feels is current state of the art in 1911 magazine design for shooters who want the most reliability and durability possible.
Keep in mind there are almost as many glossy advertisement hype campaigns as there are magazine manufacturers these days. In order to test the products and their claims, we have bought most of the available 1911 magazines which have come into the firearms market place over about the last three decades.
One trend we have noticed is that of manufacturers trying to get 8 rounds in their magazine designs. The .45 caliber 1911 single stack pistol was designed with a 7 round flat bottom magazine which locked in flush with the bottom of the pistol frame. With 7 rounds in place, you still had room for a full power spring and a long legged follower, both which helped the magazine function reliably. Also important is the fact that there was still room for the cartridge stack to compress when the magazine was loaded with 7 rounds. This allows the magazine to seat in the pistol when the slide is forward, or locked to the rear, with a similar amount seating force. This is very important to high speed shooters who often times operate by feel.

When it came to developing 8 round single stack magazines, designers refused to acknowledge that you can not get 2 pounds of rocks in a 1 pound box, without something else having to give way. What was commonly done was to put in lighter mag springs, and shorter followers in order to make room for the 8th round. You could then get the 8th round in, but just barely, and with no compression room left over. All this meant that mag would lock in the pistol fine when the slide was locked open, but you had to pound it into the gun when the slide was closed. During tactical reloads, this often caused the magazine not to get properly seated, thus the pistol would not feed properly for a second shot after the tac reload was done. To assure the mag got seated, shooters would pound the mag into the gun, whether the slide was open or closed. Then broken base plates were common.
Using weaker springs contributed to feeding problems, as did shortened followers which did not keep the top cartridge oriented correctly for proper feeding. The combination of weak springs, and tilting followers often led to the slide not being locked open after the last shot. All things considered, serious shooters stayed with quality 7 round magazines to help assure reliable function. They also added bumper pads to the bases of their flat bottom mags in order to help assure the mags were fully locked in the pistol during the reloading process. This was especially important when using pistols with mag wells attached to their frames.
Keeping in mind that there has always been interest in having an extra round in your 1911, but only as long as it could be done reliably, is what drove the development of the DLS custom 1911 magazine. An 8 round magazine with the reliability, and other desirable features of a 7 round magazine has been the goal, and now it has been achieved.
1911 Pro Model
After testing act magazine bodies for hundreds of thousands of rounds, they were determined to be very durable. However the follower, base pad and spring did not meet DLS requirements to create the most reliable magazine available. In order to create an extreme duty 1911 magazine suitable for use by DLS clients, a new machined aluminum follower was designed. The follower features dual long legs to assure correct feeding angle is maintained from the first round to the last round. The convex design assures reliable last round feed position. The windowless design does not allow spring interference, and the solid aluminum shelf allows for positive slide stop engagement after the last round is fired. The follower is operated by the finest magazine spring stock available today.

The aluminum base pad design for the DLS 8 round magazine serves two important functions. It extends from the base of the magazine approximately 1/2" , which allows it to function as a bumper pad to help assure the mag get properly seated in the pistol, even when using an extended magazine well. The hollow internal design allows for more spring and follower compression room. This allows the 8 round mag to function like a 7 round mag when it come to consistent seating in the pistol, whether the slide is open or closed. The added internal length allows for use of both, an extra power spring, and a long two legged follower to assure reliability.
For shooters wanting the reliable features of the DLS custom magazine, but wanting a more compact base pad for CCW, an aluminum flat base pad is available. This gives you the reliability features of the DLS magazine, but reduces your magazine capacity back to 7.
Field simplicity was kept in mind during the design of these magazines. The flat base pad 7 round mags are disassembled by simply pushing in the retainer plate and sliding off the base pad. The extended base pad design is held in place by a heavy duty, low profile, base pad retainer. The retainer can be removed by removing two screws, then you can slide the base pad off the magazine. The screws have been slotted to allow the use of a common flat blade screw driver, Leatherman, knife, or the edge of a dime. The case head rim of a 45 ACP cartridge case also works well. Blue Loctite # 242 is commonly used on the screws, and still allows for field disassembly. During re-assembly the spring can be held up in the magazine body by putting a small cross bar object, like a small nail, through the side holes in the magazine. This minimizes spring pressure while you reinstall the base pad.
The steel act magazine body allows shooters to choose what final finish they want on their magazines as well. Matte black, bright nickel, or matte hard chrome.
Shooters who already have act magazine bodies can upgrade their own magazines with DLS followers, springs, and base pads as individual components.
Your 1911 pistol should be acquired with fitted and tested magazines. Get twice as many as you think you will need, as mags get bent, crushed, and lost during serious use. Don't keep damaged mags for " practice mags ", trash them. Use mags in good condition all the time. This solves other problems before they occur.
Magazine spring rates and pressure are critical for reliable function, especially with modern fast cycling pistols. Internal mag bodies must be clean and the springs snappy to assure best function. ( Be sure to keep sand and dirt out of your mags, or it will slow the lift of the cartridge stack. ) Mag springs do need periodic replacement to help assure reliability, no matter what the spring salesman tells you.
Your ammunition choice is also critical to the reliability of your pistol. Quality ammo produced by a reputable factory is a must. A cannelured cartridge case is highly recommended to help prevent bullet push back on the feed cycle. A rounded, well designed bullet nose, loaded to the correct overall length should be chosen to help assure feeding reliability. 1911 pistols are best suited for use with well rounded bullets loaded to full overall length. Federal 230 grain FMJ ammunition is typically loaded to 1.260" OAL.. This helps assure reliability in a 1911 pistol. Short, stubby bullet designs and OAL are not recommended. For JHP ammo, Remington golden saber, standard velocity, not +P ammo, is close to ball in OAL and a reasonable choice.

It is also your responsibility to test and understand the accuracy, POI, penetration, and flash characteristic of your ammo to assure it is properly suited to your needs. A minimum of 500 rounds of live fire testing of your ammo and magazine of choice should be conducted before carry. ANY malfunctions should disqualify the ammo and / or magazine from consideration.
D&L magazines are designed and produced for those needing the very best in reliability and durability. The cost of properly designed and manufactured magazine sub components is substantially higher than stamped sheet metal and molded plastic, thus resulting in the higher final cost of the DLS product. Casual plinkers who do not place top priority on reliability and durability can find cheaper mags elsewhere. Those who buy D&L mags generally seek superior design because they have experienced failure with other mags. It is simply better to have a few mags that really work, than a bunch of mags you can not depend on. For those still unsure, DLS Inc. offers a buy one mag for testing program. Test a 7 or 8 round DLS magazine for 30 days, without intentional crushing abuse. If you are not satisfied with the performance, return it for a full refund, less shipping cost. Extensive testing with these mags indicates if you still have reliability problems with your pistol while using these mags, your pistol needs corrective action, but the final decision is yours, and at no cost risk to you.
Complete/assembled custom magazine prices:
D&L custom 1911 magazine with black phosphate finish, machined dual legged follower, highest grade extra power spring, and 7 round flat aluminum base plate and retainer
$49 each
Same as above, but with extended machined aluminum base pad which allows for 8 rounds of ammunition in the mag tube, along with the machined dual legged follower and extra power spring, and still allows for cartridge stack compression room when the magazine is fully loaded.
$59 each
Add $20 for matte hard chrome plating of each magazine body.
For magazine individual component prices to upgrade your existing ACT magazine bodies see the ACT magazine component upgrade section of this web site.

1911 magazines   Angled 8 round base pads are now available. These 8 round pads retain ALL the positive features of the other 8 round base pads, plus they have an angled, more compact profile. This allows for easier CCW, and THESE ANGLED 8 ROUND BASE PADS FIT IN THE OFFICIAL USPSA BOX. The angled base pad also allows for excellent supported prone shooting. This means they will be the best magazines going for single stack competition shooting.

I have used your mags for the last three and a half years and they have served me well. I have fired approximately 10,000 rounds using your magazines without a malfunction.....I have several other big name magazines, but they just don't measure up to the reliability and durability of your magazines.....Yes, they are a little expensive, but well worth it....Thank you for the support, and continue to make this great 1911 magazine.
Master Sgt. (39 years, ret), Distinguished pistol shooter,
President's 100 with pistol, NRA High Master,
NRA 2650 Club, Military marksmanship Coach.
There is no shortage of inferior feed devices. You should trash poor quality magazines if you intend to bet you life on the 1911 pistol. Dave Lauck of DLS inc offers a professional grade magazine in both 7 and 8 round capacity. They are worth betting your life on.
Bob Campbell, Veteran LEO, Shooter's Log
Your magazines are excellent.
Pistolsmith of the Year
These mags are the best. Thanks,
Tactical Shooter
The mags work great, No problems.
U.S. Special Forces, Iraq
...one tough mag. I really like the follower...
Army SF
The 1911 mag looks like you could drive a tank over it, no problems. Thanks,
Tactical Shooter
The magazines are excellent! A lot of people have traded for these magazines.
SSG, US Army, Camp Diamondback
Greetings Dave!
Your magazines are built like a tank sir. I am impressed! I have shown your product around work and impressed quite a few others with the build of your product. Thanks again & God bless!
Police SGT.
The mag looks good and works perfectly.
APG member

An exceptional magazine comes from Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™, Inc., featuring a follower with two long legs that enhance feed reliability all of the way from full compression with the first round to almost no compression with the last round in the magazine. The original DLS magazine is a true hard use seven round magazine. The idea was to improve and perfect the 1911 feed device. The eight round version features an extended floor plate to accommodate a full strength eight round spring. This magazine is tank tough and while expensive the magazine cannot be faulted on any count.
American Gunsmith - April 2011

May 19, 2009
1911 Magazines that work! My long-time friend and colleague, Dave Lauck, of D&L Sports™ in Gillette, WY is now producing and shipping "Extreme Duty" 1911 Pistol Magazines. Many companies make 1911 magazines, and most are satisfactory, but Dave's are above and beyond! A heavy body, non-bind follower, and foolproof plastic base-plate conspire to make these magazines ascend to the top of the list. I'm using them now. Recommended! Get hold of Dave at 928-636-1726 or dlsports@cableone.net
John Farnum DTI Inc.

An exceptional 1911 magazine comes from Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™ inc, featuring a follower with two long legs that enhance feed reliability all of the way from full compression with the first round to almost no compression with the last round in the magazine. The original DLS magazine is a true hard use seven round magazine. The idea was to improve and perfect the 1911 feeding device. The DLS eight round version features and extended floor plate for more room to still accomodate a full strength spring. The DLS magazine is tank tough, and while an expensive, the magazine cannot be faulted on any count.
American Gunsmith Magazine

Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™ Inc. has spent years perfecting the 1911 autopistol in terms of reliability, durability, and cosmetic appeal. Reliability will always be job one at DLS. This includes feeding and functioning reliability with well designed JHP bullets, as well as ball ammunition. If you are ordering a DL signature 1911 and you have a specific load you want to use, or you want to discuss what JHP loads are the best choices, feel free to contact DLS directly.

Shooters should understand that there are many different 1911 magazines on the market today, and quality ranges from excellent to terrible. When you order a D&L 1911, or 1911 custom work, please order a large enough quantity of magazines to suit your needs at the same time. That way magazines can be fit and tested in your individual pistol, which will in turn help assure top reliability. Once you get your pistol and magazines, be sure to only use ammunition recommended by D&L Sports™ Inc. and test the entire shooting system thoroughly prior to serious use. Using poor quality, or out of spec ammunition can create unnecessary reliability problems. The pistol, magazines and ammunition are all critical parts of the shooting system. Skimping in any of these areas can cause dangerous problems. Free free to contact D&L directly if you have questions.

I attended our month SRT training and showed your magazine to my fellow teams members. I used the magazine during quals with my 1911 and used the same mag to fire the entire course. The Rangemaster was kind enough to give me extra time to reload!!!!!!! This magazine is awesome. I didn’t experience any feeding problems, and the magazine dropped without binding. I let the others use the magazine throughout the day and everyone gave it a big thumbs up.
Bottom line; Great magazine for those of us who carry the 1911 for protection and want a magazine that is reliable each and every time. I look at my other mags and just don’t get the same warm and fuzzy feeling I get from the D & L Sport mags.
Great quality magazines.
BI CEO Operational Group

Your 1911 magazine seems to be "bombproof", I put 1000 rds through it without issue.
U.S. Army SF

Awesome!!! I have one of your mags & I carry it on duty in the 1911! It is the only mag I have used that has been 100%!!! I have used mags from Tripp, McCormick, nighthawk, SA... And yours are the best!!! All the guys at work ask about them!!! I will keep you updated & send you some pics!!!
Police Officer

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