D&L Sports™, Inc.
Superior Design Base Pads, Followers,
and Springs for the ACT 1911 Magazine
Now owners of ACT 1911 magazines can improve the reliability and durability of their magazines by upgrading to DLS custom magazine components.
Long, two legged machined aluminum follower
Extra power, long life mag spring designed to function with DLS follower
Slimline machined aluminum base plate
( works on guns with or without magwell )
Extended aluminum magazine base pad. Serves as a bumper pad and allows for extra internal room inside the magazine for an eighth round and an extra power spring. Allows for cartridge stack compression room to remain in a fully loaded magazine.
  1911 and AR15 magazines
1911 magazines   Angled 8 round base pads are now available. These 8 round pads retain ALL the positive features of the other 8 round base pads, plus they have an angled, more compact profile. This allows for easier CCW, and THESE ANGLED 8 ROUND BASE PADS FIT IN THE OFFICIAL USPSA BOX. The angled base pad also allows for excellent supported prone shooting. This means they will be the best magazines going for single stack competition shooting.
See the Reliable 1911 Magazines section of this website for more information.

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