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Smith and Wesson K, L, N and X Frame Sights
Due to the huge popularity of the D&L J frame revolver sight, they have been scaled up to fit the Smith and Wesson K, L, and N frame revolvers. This D&L fixed rear sight will screw directly on all modern Smith and Wesson revolvers with adjustable rear sights and three factory threaded screw holes in the top strap of the revolver. The front sight on the revolver then has to be filed or milled down to achieve an exact zero with your preferred ammo.
Smith and Wesson Revolver
Smith and Wesson Revolver
Finally a way to lower to overall sight line on S&W revolvers with a super rugged, dehorned, high visibility, low profile sight system. Great for concealed carry, and the fixed sights will accept night inserts as well. No more reason to put up with the flimsy, razor sharp edged factory adjustable sights on your serious revolvers.
Smith and Wesson Revolver Revolver
Smith and Wesson Revolver Revolver
Smith and Wesson Revolver
Smith and Wesson Revolver
Smith and Wesson Revolver
Smith & Wesson Revolver
Smith and Wesson Revolver
The latest design D&L fixed sight features a T slot hold down as an integral part of the sight in addition to three holding screws, making it by far the most durable sight on the market today, and well suited to all S&Ws, including the big magnums.
Smith and Wesson Revolver
Smith and Wesson Revolver
Smith and Wesson Revolver
Rear sight only cost: POR
Custom Agent  Revolver
Yesterday was 1st day I was able to shoot my gun with new sights. It is dead on. I have never had a snub nose that is so accurate. What a great, professional job you did installing the sights!
Revolver shooter
As a long time custom builder, Dave Lauck does some incredible work. Always looking to make things stronger and more practical, he developed a combat rear sight for smith and Wesson revolvers. It is a fixed carry sight, void of sharp edges. It is perfect for concealed carry. It makes for fast sight pictures and the serrations reduce glare. It allows for a smooth draw from a jacket, sweater, or T shirt with no snagging. The D&L Sports carry rear sight is a huge improvement.
Personal Defense World
Good Morning Dave,
I wanted to let you know that I had received the sight in yesterday's mail and wanted also to say Thank You for your excellent machine work and fast shipment. I am very pleased with the sight/purchase. The sight looks very good on my revolver, this is exactly what I was looking for and wanted. I also noticed with your sight that it does not hang up in my holster as I am drawing out the revolver and it doesn't gouge my side like the original sight did. The only issue that I have with your sight is, that I wished I had known about your product much sooner. Thank you again for a great and wonderful product,
Very Respectfully,
- DH
Fantastic Sights for S&W!
Thank you !
- Revolver shooter
Just put my new sights on. love them I can't wait to order sights for all my revolvers. a must have in my opinion. High quality and durable. Thank you for the pictures and the fast shipping I will be ordering more for my 629 and 627.
- Wheelgunner
I installed your fixed rear sight for my S&W 339 PD. I was ecstatic to discover it shot right at point of aim @ 25 yards with my 310 gr Garret Hammerhead .44mag. Awesome sight. Gun fits better in my back country holster and doesn't get hung up like the Millet sight with sharp edges.
- Bear Hunter
Installed your fixed rear sight on my S&W M69, a perfect fit. Shot-in at 15 paces, all in the black!! Reset the screws with locktight. The .44 is now the perfect carry revolver in bear country. Thanks for your quality product.
- AK Woodsman

Subject: Re: N-Frame Fixed Rear Sight
I just received the fixed S&W sight. Thank you for the info, lightning fast shipping, and a very impressive item. I anticipate acquiring more of these for my current revolvers, and the myriad of new ones I intend to purchase.
Thanks again.
Firearms Instructor


We went to the range yesterday and shot the 44 mag. It didn't take but 4 shots to hit the gong at 100 meters, then 2 more for 200 meters. Loaded it back up and was dead on at 200. I shot off a sandbag sitting on a bench and was impressed with how clear you could pickup the target with your sights. I love them and they will be more reliable as time goes by.

Then as I got more confident I tried 300 meters and 400 and finally 500 meters and impressed everyone that day. A couple of guys said they didn't think a 44 mag would shoot that far but I told them I had been reading books by Elmer Keith and we shoot the same way, "Kentucky Windage". Shoot the first two to see where the bullet hits and then it's a piece of cake, and it was cause I hit all distances at least once and were so close at times it made their head spin.

It's too bad Elmer isn't alive today because if he was he would have your sights on all of his guns. They are well worth the money and I will highly recommend them to everyone I meet. Thanks for building such a good sight and I know every time I am out I'll enjoy it even more. I'm retired now so I have plenty of time to shoot and I can hardly wait to get out in the woods and chase some coyotes.

Thanks again

Mike Uszuko


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