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( My work order signature is the same as my signature on the liability waiver/hold harmless agreement posted on the D&L Sports™ Inc. web site. I understand that it is my responsibility to follow all laws, gun safety, and storage rules. I understand that firearms from DLS inc will fire the round in the chamber even when the magazine is removed. I have read, understand, and agree to all terms and conditions, safety requirements, and policies of D&L Sports™ Inc. DLS inc reserves the right to make work order changes and additions, which may affect overall costs, in order to best complete the project at hand. All prices are subject to change without notice. I understand that having my firearm and or equipment modified can change its operational characteristics from its standard issue form, and possibly violate the original manufacturer’s warrantee. I agree to train, practice, and become fully aware and familiar with all new operational characteristics before serious usage of the firearm and or equipment. I accept all responsibility and liability. A fax and / or copy of this order form is agreed upon as being the same as the original. I assure D&L Sports™ Inc that I am eligible to own, and there are no laws or restrictions prohibiting me from owning what I am ordering. )
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Personal orders should be made by certified check or money order.
Personal check orders will be held until check has cleared.
D&L Sports™ Inc does not offer direct online ordering. Send payment and this signed order form via U.S. mail, Fed Ex, or UPS.
D&L Sports™ Inc. does not sell guns on the Internet or at gun shows.
All firearms must be properly transferred to a FFL business in your home state of residence, then you will be required to pass background check requirements and fill out all applicable BATF paperwork.
No exceptions.
D&L Sports™ Inc.   P.O. Box 4843   Chino Valley, AZ 86323    Phone: (928) 636-1726 FAX: (928) 636-1757