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D&L S.A.T.A. One Mile Club
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The one mile club of Wyoming was established as a challenging test of marksmanship for serious shooters who attend training at DLSATA and competitors involved with the International Tactical Rifleman Championships.
The OMC has become immensely popular and now includes shooters as young as twelve. Our first successful female shooters made it into the OMC in 2003, with more continuing to test their skill on a monthly basis.
Successful entry into the OMC is achieved by knocking down a 11"x16" steel target at over one mile while using a field portable rifle. So far, the most successful rifle has been the MR-30PG.The lightest successful cartridge has been the 300 WM.
When you are ready for the OMC experience, give D&L Sports™ a call.
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