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The Glock pistol was described by Col. Jeff Cooper as “a pistol for the masses”. The reasons are simple; it was often reliable out of the box, was lightweight, simple to operate, held plenty of cartridges, and was cheap to manufacture, and to buy. The Glock pistol has been with us for 30+ years now, and has become the mandated carry pistol for many. However, many serious shooters recognize the weak areas of the pistol´s design; it is thick, blocky, does not point well, it has crude sights, and very often a poor trigger pull/action. Due to the success of Dave Lauck´s Professional Model 1911 enhancements, he was tasked with creating an enhanced “Profession Model” custom Glock for shooters who wanted as much performance as was possible out of Gaston Glock´s pistol design. The task has not been simple or easy. It is time consuming and labor intensive to re-configure the Glock pistol into a high performance handgun.

The handling and pointability of the pistol needed to be dramatically improved. The goal was to trim the thickness down to about that of a single stack 1911 pistol while still allowing the customized Glock pistol to accept double stack magazines. The 1911 design was chosen because the thickness of a single stack 1911 pistol fits many hands so well. This was achieved, and then some. The DLS Pro Model version of the double stack Glock pistol came in just UNDER the thickness of the 1911. In addition, the plastic finger swells of the Glock´s frontstrap were removed, the corners were radiused and blended to make for a grip frame that is comfortable in the human hand. The backstrap of the Glock, known as the Glock rear “hump”, is notorious for making the pistol point high. This area needed extensive re-contouring, flattening, and filling to create an overall grip angle which allows the pistol to point where the sights are pointed and aligned. The newly shaped grip frame can then be textured to increase the traction of a shooters grip.

Re-shaping and blending the underside of the triggerguard is done because it allows the shooter to get a higher grip on the pistol, and avoids the “glock knuckle” injury high volume shooters suffer from the Glock. A handstop feature made popular on DLS custom 1911s can also be added to the Glock to aid in the shooter´s grip security, and keep a shooter´s hand high on the pistol during rapid fire and recoil. Staying high on the gun is very important to control muzzle flip, and keeping the sights on target. However, a high grip on a standard Glock pistol frame often leads to slide bite in the web of the shooter´s hand. Shooters who fire while wearing gloves can often stop or retard the
slide´s operation because the slide snags glove material on the shooter´s firing hand. To solve these problems a beavertail can be fabricated and made one with the grip frame. This is not a crude pin on device, this is a professionally blended and seamless integral grip frame extension.

Stock Glock slide traction can be improved for shooters who rack the slide from the frontal area to avoid interfering with ejection port activity. The most common traction enhancements are forward cocking serrations milled into the slide. (No cheesy stick on tape in this critical area.) The front slide serrations can duplicate the factory rear serrations, and not obliterate the factory Glock slide markings.

To avoid the blocky appearance and poor pointability of the square Glock slide profile, the slide can be tri-topped with angle cuts the full length of both sides. The slide top can also be precision cut with an arrow pattern of serrations to assist in pointability. These features dramatically improve the shooters ability to index the pistol with the target. The nose of the slide can be angle cut to allow a much smoother re-entry into the holster.

A variety of sight options can be selected. One of the most popular modern sight setups is a low mounted red dot optic with co-witnessing iron sights. This setup on the Pro Model custom Glock is not what you get off the shelf when you buy many “optics ready” pistols. When the Pro Model is precision cut for optics, the optic is positioned in the lowest position possible, not mounted on some type of adapter plate which positions the optic too high for ultra quick use. Iron sight only models of course have the options of black iron, night sight inserted iron, fiber optics, combination of fiber optic and trinium night sights, etc.

Match grade stainless steel barrels capable of shooting lead bullets are available, as well as extended/threaded barrels for muzzle attachments. Barrel hood sand cuts are also possible.

The stock trigger system in the striker fired Glock is another area that many serious shooters consider poor at best. Some efforts to make the trigger pull “better” have actually made it unsafe by causing some of the safety features of the design to be deactivated. Direct experience has already demonstrated that Internet and YouTube personalities are making big claims to sell trigger units at greatly inflated prices. Trigger units from unproven sources can cost you safety, reliability, and money. With the right knowledge, experience, and attention to pistols on an individual basis, the trigger pull can be significantly improved, while maintaining all the safety features of the design. This is what you will get from DLSports Inc.

Cost depends on features. POR

The DLS inc Short Pull Trigger for Glock Pistols

The trigger of the top pistol is in the full cock position. The trigger of the bottom pistol is in the fired position.

For more information regarding the Short Pull Trigger System for the Glock Pistol

Short Pull Trigger System for Glock Pistol
Short Pull Trigger System for Glock Pistol Short Pull Trigger System for Glock Pistol
Custom Glocks Custom Glock
Custom Glock Custom Glock
Custom Glocks Custom Glocks
Custom Glocks Custom Glocks
Custom Glock Custom Glock
Custom Glock Custom Glock
Custom GlockThe stock glock pistol with large rear hump.
Compare to the re-profiled Pro Model grip frame.
Custom Glock
Cutting dirt and sand recesses in 1911 pistol barrels has proven to work so well that DL Sports Inc. now offers the same type of process for Glock 17 and 34 pistol barrels. Stainless steel 9mm Glock barrels with sand cuts are now in stock for the G17 and G34. Now your hard use pistol can be equipped with sand/dirt tracks around the outer chamber area of the barrel. This provides built in recesses to allow dirt, sand, and grit to be filtered out of the way and allow your slide to more smoothly pass over the top of your barrel hood when the pistol is fired while contaminated.
Custom Glock
Shown in this photo is the Glock MOS model, known as the Modular Optic System. This system is “handy” for non-serious shooters because it allows them to switch out mounting plates and optics with a couple of screws. Serious shooters will immediately observe the deficiencies of this design; The optic is mounted too high. This causes the shooter to bring the pistol up to a different firing position level depending on whether he is shooting with the optic or with the iron sights. The iron sights are not usable in this configuration. If the optic is out of commission, there is no back up iron sight reference for accurate shooting. There are no recoil shoulders for the optic with this design, only two screws holding the sight in place. When the screws shear off, your optic falls off. True professional installation of a red dot optic on your handgun sinks the optic very low in the slide, while retaining full thread engagement via precision machining. The same precision machining leaves steel recoil shoulders in front and behind the optic to protect against any movement due to slide reciprocation and general impacts. Convex and concave shoulders are cut into the slide to protect against side impact damage and or movement. This photo also shows the factory standard stubby beavertail and “blocky” grip, with rear hump that commonly causes the pistol to point high, and the factory stock long reach trigger. The DLS Professional Model Glock was developed to solve all of these problems for serious shooters who demand gear which allows them to achieve the best performance possible.
Custom GlockThe factory Glock MOS optic mounting position viewed from the front. Certainly too high for serious use. The bottom of the optic windshield should be flush with the top of the slide. Custom Glock A custom low mount position for a red dot optic in a DLS Pro Model Glock slide. The iron sights are functional and co-witnessing with the red dot.
Prices available on request
Thank you very much for the pistol. The D&L Pro Model Glock is a gun for life.
Gunsite Graduate
Got the pro glock gear! So badass.... The weight feels perfect. You’ll see me and your Pro Glock flying through the CSAT qual with 100% hit rate and zero civilian casualties... it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and going through the goal achievement process with your products. Over 10,000 rounds through your pro model glock at this point. Flawless. It’s worth every cent!
Firearms Instructor
My Pro Model Glock is shooting great! I’ve got well over 10,000 rounds through it. Flawless. I literally shoot nothing else.
Firearms Instructor
Hi Dave,
Good day at the range today with my D&L Pro Model Glock. The trigger works perfectly. Worked at different distances, plus one handed some, and did sets of double taps and failure drills… Good improvement over the past. Everyone I show the Pro Glock to is impressed with its look and feel… I can sense/feel that a lot of thought and work went into making the Pro Glock from a Glock 17, especially when shooting I am just lucky to be shooting… a DLS Pro Model Glock. If, years ago when I first started handling, shooting, and buying pistols, someone had handed me a Pro Glock, I would have saved myself a ton of money and time. I believe I would have immediately recognized the rightness of the feel of the pistol and appreciated the design. And, after shooting a few rounds, I would have been sold on it… I remember from a year ago how impressed and pleased Masaad Ayoob was when I showed him my Pro Model DLS 1911 and let him fire it. There are people out there who can and do appreciate your work… I am spoiled, and happily so.
Pro Model 1911 and Pro Model Glock Shooter / Gunsite Graduate
The grip shape and design is the best I have ever felt on any striker fired pistol I’ve shot.
Former Military Shooter
Got the D&L Pro Model Glock !… I immediately recognized how it fits the hand perfect… Trigger breaks true and clean, with a nice reset… it is perfectly balanced… she shoots really nice… the ergonomics are natural and the high grip is intuitive… it shoots where you point it no doubt… I was shooting bullet over bullet in the same hole… extremely tight groups… fire control was awesome… I am approaching double digit thousand round count through the pistol and I am one with it… no failures… runs like a tank… I am going 100% to your gun and won’t shoot anything else… at this point I have lost count of the number of rounds fired though it… shot it almost every day… no failures at all… That’s what I love about your gear… it is decades of what works… your achievements are way ahead of the trend.
Tactical Shooter
Subject: Pro Glock Report
Here are my impressions of the Professional Model Glock 17 you built for me. I have fired over 4,000 rounds, from several manufacturers, through this pistol, and it has functioned flawlessly (except for one cartridge with a warped case that thankfully the pistol would not chamber). The way you have reconfigured the grip, with the elimination of the finger grooves, improving the grip angle, removing the hump, adding the hand stop at the bottom the grip, and adding the beavertail, makes the grip exceptionally natural feeling and effective for shooting. The grip fits the hand perfectly and allows a flat, direct presentation of the pistol to the target with no hand adjustment needed. The beavertail allows the hand to take a high, stable firing grip with no concern about slide bite. The Professional Model Glock is the most comfortable and natural feeling pistol of any of the many kinds of pistols I have handled. The feel upon drawing and presentation compares very well with that of your custom 1911s, except that the lighter weight of the Professional Glock makes it especially easy to present. The angle-cut top sides of the slide and front slide serrations give this pistol a handsome appearance over the blocky-looking standard Glock, and the appearance is further enhanced by the three arrow grooves cut into the length of the slide top, which function to guide the eye nicely to the front sight for quick target acquisition. The front and rear sights are distinct, very evident, and easy to pick up in bright sunlight, in dim light, and in the dark; these are the best day and night sights I have seen on any pistol. Several individuals have commented appreciatively to me on the pistol´s overall appearance, and others have commented favorably that it doesn´t really look like a Glock anymore, given the esthetic and functional improvements you made in the grip, trigger guard, and slide. The action is smooth and crisp compared to a standard Glock, much like your custom 1911s. Very importantly, the trigger is exceptional, with a very short pull, a distinct wall that quickly builds (as the striker spring is compressed), yielding then to a clean and sharp break with no over-travel. The reset is superbly short and distinct. With a pull weight of approximately 5.5 lbs., the trigger is perfect for duty carry, EDC, and marksmanship training. This is a serious pistol for serious shooters. In creating the Professional Model Glock, you have taken the Glock pistol and made it true perfection.
- Gunsite Graduate / Vietnam Vet
Hi Dave,
Good range session today with the Pro Glock. Everything; the clean break trigger, great feel of the pistol, easy to pick up sights, all good. And, solid performance: no failures or problems of any kind through 1700 rounds now. No more excuses for me!
Pistol Shooter / Gunsite Graduate
I tried out a standard Glock 17 at the range today. Not at all good. Fit in the hand is not comfortable, large knuckle of the firing hand middle finger gets rubbed and hurt by the trigger guard, the pistol doesn't point correctly, and the trigger does not feel right or break correctly. I could only fire one magazine's worth of rounds before having to put it down in pain and disgust and go back to the D&L Professional Model Glock, which was a relief to shoot. How can standard Glocks, which are so uncomfortable and clumsy, be so popular? Seems like a scam that they market Glocks as “perfection”, because they most certainly are far from perfect. On the other hand, with the work you have done to make the Pro Glock, you have taken a beast and made it a beauty. Once the word gets out, your Pro Glock should take over among serious shooters who want a polymer-framed pistol.
Pistol Shooter / Vietnam Veteran / Gunsite Graduate
Glock is a trademark of Glock inc. DLS inc has no direct affiliation with Glock Inc., other than being a Glock trained armorer. Customizing your Glock pistol may violate your Glock warrantee. However, DLS inc offers the same lifetime service agreement with Pro Model custom Glocks as offered with other DLS inc signature firearms.

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