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Short Pull Trigger System
for the Glock Pistol

From the time of introduction of the Glock pistol design shooters have complained about the long reach trigger with a springy, less than crisp feel. The trigger pull feel has been commonly compared to a spring powered dart gun trigger. Serious shooters have been requesting a better trigger system for their Glock pistols for years. There have been many attempts at improving the Glock trigger to help shooters achieve better shooting performance. However, many of these attempts have including lightening the internal springs of the pistol, and or improperly positioning the internal components of the pistol. Both can be detrimental to the mechanical safety and reliability of the pistol. Putting light springs in the pistol can cause unreliability. Misadjusting the internal components of the pistol can deactivate mechanical safeties of the Glock pistol design.

The DLS inc trigger system provides serious shooters with improved trigger action while still using all full power internal springs. All mechanical safeties remain functional, and the center trigger safety is dramatically improved in function and feel. The standard factory installed center trigger safety on Glock pistols is thin and commonly projects from the trigger face, even when compressed. This causes irritation and an uncomfortable feel on the shooter’s trigger finger, especially during high volume training. This irritation can become quite distracting, and adversely affect a shooter’s performance. The very lightly sprung standard safety also commonly fails to fully engage, thus provides less than optimal blockage to prevent the trigger from being pulled when a trigger pull is not desired. The DLS inc trigger features a wide flat face as a comfortable trigger finger contact point, and a center trigger safety that compresses flush with the trigger face to eliminate trigger finger irritation. The center safety also incorporates more trigger movement blockage to avoid unexpected discharge, and a stouter spring to help assure that trigger safety blockage remains consistent over time and use. The DLS inc 'short pull trigger system' has been designed to operate without any set screws or Loctite. Trigger systems which use these features can come loose or be misadjusted to the point of not operating properly. These problems are both safety and reliability concerns.

The DLS inc trigger system is not designed to provide the shooter with a lightly sprung competition trigger that operates on the edge of unreliability, and it is not designed to provide an unreasonably light trigger pull in a striker fired pistol. It is designed to give experienced shooters a shorter pull distance and a quick reset to achieve the most positive operation and highest shooter performance possible. A short, quick pull of approximately 5 – 5½ Lbs, with a positive reset for quick follow up shots. This trigger action has been described ; as close to a 1911 trigger as a striker pistol can be.

At the current time these trigger systems are only available in Professional Model custom Glocks by DLS inc.

Short Pull Trigger System for Glock Pistols Short Pull Trigger System for Glock Pistols
Short Pull Trigger System for Glock PistolsThe DLS inc short pull trigger
The trigger of the top pistol is in the full cock position. The trigger of the bottom pistol is in the fired position.
Short Pull Trigger System for Glock Pistols
Glock with DLS Short Pull Trigger
Standard issue factory Glock trigger.
Note the “long reach” positioning of the trigger.
Thank you very much for the pistol. The D&L Pro Model Glock is a gun for life.
Gunsite Graduate
Got the pro glock gear! So badass.... The weight feels perfect. You’ll see me and your Pro Glock flying through the CSAT qual with 100% hit rate and zero civilian casualties... it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and going through the goal achievement process with your products. Over 10,000 rounds through your pro model glock at this point. Flawless. It’s worth every cent!
Firearms Instructor
My Pro Model Glock is shooting great! I’ve got well over 10,000 rounds through it. Flawless. I literally shoot nothing else.
Firearms Instructor
Hi Dave,
Good day at the range today with my D&L Pro Model Glock. The trigger works perfectly. Worked at different distances, plus one handed some, and did sets of double taps and failure drills… Good improvement over the past. Everyone I show the Pro Glock to is impressed with its look and feel… I can sense/feel that a lot of thought and work went into making the Pro Glock from a Glock 17, especially when shooting I am just lucky to be shooting… a DLS Pro Model Glock. If, years ago when I first started handling, shooting, and buying pistols, someone had handed me a Pro Glock, I would have saved myself a ton of money and time. I believe I would have immediately recognized the rightness of the feel of the pistol and appreciated the design. And, after shooting a few rounds, I would have been sold on it… I remember from a year ago how impressed and pleased Masaad Ayoob was when I showed him my Pro Model DLS 1911 and let him fire it. There are people out there who can and do appreciate your work… I am spoiled, and happily so.
Pro Model 1911 and Pro Model Glock Shooter / Gunsite Graduate
The grip shape and design is the best I have ever felt on any striker fired pistol I’ve shot.
Former Military Shooter
Got the D&L Pro Model Glock !… I immediately recognized how it fits the hand perfect… Trigger breaks true and clean, with a nice reset… it is perfectly balanced… she shoots really nice… the ergonomics are natural and the high grip is intuitive… it shoots where you point it no doubt… I was shooting bullet over bullet in the same hole… extremely tight groups… fire control was awesome… I am approaching double digit thousand round count through the pistol and I am one with it… no failures… runs like a tank… I am going 100% to your gun and won’t shoot anything else… at this point I have lost count of the number of rounds fired though it… shot it almost every day… no failures at all… That’s what I love about your gear… it is decades of what works… your achievements are way ahead of the trend.
Tactical Shooter
Subject: Pro Glock Report
Here are my impressions of the Professional Model Glock 17 you built for me. I have fired over 4,000 rounds, from several manufacturers, through this pistol, and it has functioned flawlessly (except for one cartridge with a warped case that thankfully the pistol would not chamber). The way you have reconfigured the grip, with the elimination of the finger grooves, improving the grip angle, removing the hump, adding the hand stop at the bottom the grip, and adding the beavertail, makes the grip exceptionally natural feeling and effective for shooting. The grip fits the hand perfectly and allows a flat, direct presentation of the pistol to the target with no hand adjustment needed. The beavertail allows the hand to take a high, stable firing grip with no concern about slide bite. The Professional Model Glock is the most comfortable and natural feeling pistol of any of the many kinds of pistols I have handled. The feel upon drawing and presentation compares very well with that of your custom 1911s, except that the lighter weight of the Professional Glock makes it especially easy to present. The angle-cut top sides of the slide and front slide serrations give this pistol a handsome appearance over the blocky-looking standard Glock, and the appearance is further enhanced by the three arrow grooves cut into the length of the slide top, which function to guide the eye nicely to the front sight for quick target acquisition. The front and rear sights are distinct, very evident, and easy to pick up in bright sunlight, in dim light, and in the dark; these are the best day and night sights I have seen on any pistol. Several individuals have commented appreciatively to me on the pistol´s overall appearance, and others have commented favorably that it doesn´t really look like a Glock anymore, given the esthetic and functional improvements you made in the grip, trigger guard, and slide. The action is smooth and crisp compared to a standard Glock, much like your custom 1911s. Very importantly, the trigger is exceptional, with a very short pull, a distinct wall that quickly builds (as the striker spring is compressed), yielding then to a clean and sharp break with no over-travel. The reset is superbly short and distinct. With a pull weight of approximately 5.5 lbs., the trigger is perfect for duty carry, EDC, and marksmanship training. This is a serious pistol for serious shooters. In creating the Professional Model Glock, you have taken the Glock pistol and made it true perfection.
- Gunsite Graduate / Vietnam Vet
Hi Dave,
Good range session today with the Pro Glock. Everything; the clean break trigger, great feel of the pistol, easy to pick up sights, all good. And, solid performance: no failures or problems of any kind through 1700 rounds now. No more excuses for me!
Pistol Shooter / Gunsite Graduate
I tried out a standard Glock 17 at the range today. Not at all good. Fit in the hand is not comfortable, large knuckle of the firing hand middle finger gets rubbed and hurt by the trigger guard, the pistol doesn't point correctly, and the trigger does not feel right or break correctly. I could only fire one magazine's worth of rounds before having to put it down in pain and disgust and go back to the D&L Professional Model Glock, which was a relief to shoot. How can standard Glocks, which are so uncomfortable and clumsy, be so popular? Seems like a scam that they market Glocks as “perfection”, because they most certainly are far from perfect. On the other hand, with the work you have done to make the Pro Glock, you have taken a beast and made it a beauty. Once the word gets out, your Pro Glock should take over among serious shooters who want a polymer-framed pistol.
Pistol Shooter / Vietnam Veteran / Gunsite Graduate
Glock is a trademarked name. DLS inc does not represent the Glock company, nor is DLS inc affiliated with Glock inc, other than being certified as a Glock Armorer. Customizing, altering, or modifying your Glock pistol may violate your factory warrantee.

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