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D&L Aimpoint Mount
for AR-15 Flat Top and Aimpoint Optics

D&L Aimpoint Mount   D&L Aimpoint Mount
Advancements in electronic sighting have allowed for greatly increased durability and battery life. Aimpoint optics have been adopted by numerous special units who are fond of its advantages in sighting speed, especially in low light. Dave Lauck's reality based designs allow for mounting the Aimpoint optic to the AR-15/M-16 and A-3 Flat Top with the most durable mount available today. This super duty mount features dual crossbolts with hand knobs. The mount has integral dual spare battery compartments for convenient field access to extra batteries. In case of electronic optic failure, the mount holds the sight in perfect position to align D&L's patented CQB Iron Sights in the bottom 1/3 of the Aimpoint's field of view. This means if you bring the weapon up for an emergency shot and there is no visible reticle for any reason (i.e. dead battery, switch off, electronic failure etc.) you can immediately go to the Iron Sight picture and make the shot. Nothing to flip up, nothing to attach, just aim and shoot. The mount allows for easy field removal in the event an operator has to go to Iron Sights for the remainder of the mission.  
D&L Aimpoint Mount
Aimpoint Red Dot Optic
D&L Aimpoint Mount
( See AR-15 CQB Sight page for Iron Sight options )
Aimpoint Optics
Aimpoint Optics
Aimpoint mount   AR-15 Aimpoint Mount
Aimpoint mount   Aimpoint mount
CQB Iron Sights   AR-15
D&L CQB iron sight picture as seen through Aimpoint scope (dot illumination is off)
D&L CQB iron sight picture viewed
through Aimpoint and Tri power
sights when mounted in D&L mount
AR-15 with Aimpoint Mount   AR-15 with Aimpoint Mount
AR-15 with Aimpoint Mount   AR-15 with Aimpoint Mount
AR15 and Ghost Knife  
mini aimpoint
Mini Aimpoint
AR-15 with Aimpoint Mount

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