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Ultra Thin Browning Hi-Power Grips
Ultra Thin Browning Hi-Power grip   Ultra Thin Browning Hi-Power grip

Serious shooters who like higher capacity handguns have probably tested the Browning Hi-Power. The feedback we get from handgunners who try the Hi-Power (or any other double stack autopistol) is that the grip feels thick and blocky.

Many shooters say they do like the grip angle of the Hi-Power, so we set out to cure the "thick and blocky" problem.

These new ultra thin aluminum grip panels actually make the hi power THINNER than a single stack 1911 with standard grip panels. Yes, you read that right, "THINNER" than a single stack 1911, yet the BHP maintains use of it's double stack magazine. And these grip panels are far more durable than any wood grips available.

Since there is so much variation from BHP manufacturers', the screw hole in these grip panels must be located and drilled for each pistol. This is a minor, but important, gunsmithing operation.

The thickness of a BHP with blocky wood grips is approximately 1.500" wide. A single stack 1911 with standard thickness grips is 1.260" wide. A BHP with these ultra thin grips is 1.080" wide, making it a slimline high cap pistol.


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