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Adjustable Tactical Safety/Selector Switch
AR-15 Safety Selector Switch
The perfect sized AR-15 safety/selector switch has been designed by Dave Lauck for positive operation at high speed, even with gloves. This switch allows for a fast and easy reach without resorting to obnoxiously large competition sized levers. Easy installation, steel construction.
Properly fitting the safety selector switch to your firearm is critical to help assure safe and reliable operation. In the past this has meant detailed, and time consuming welding and machining of involved parts to assure the trigger components are blocked in a condition of maximum engagement when the safety is on. This process had to be redone any time trigger components were changed or another receiver was used. This kind of attention to detail is even more important when more finely tuned trigger groups are being used. However, often due to production time and cost concerns, the detail work is not being done, and excess tolerances are simply left in place. This results in firearms being sold which may fire, or come close to firing with the safety selector switch in the on position. To check your AR-15/M-16 for this dangerous condition, separate the upper and lower receivers after completely unloading the firearm, including the chamber. Cock the hammer and hold your thumb in front of it. With the selector in the fire position, pull the trigger to release the hammer. Note where the sear and hammer hook engagement is and how they operate. Now put the selector on "safe" and pull the trigger. There should be nearly zero movement at the hammer/sear connection point. Noticeable movement indicates a safety problem and the firearm should not be used until corrected.
AR-15 Safety Selector Switch
AR-15 Safety Selector Switch
Left handed extended AR-15 style safety selector
AR-15 Safety Selector Switch
AR-15 Safety Selector Switch
Dave Lauck's solution to cure this problem includes adjustability of the cross shaft on the safety selector. This allows excess tolerance between the trigger and the safety to be removed, thus blocking the hammer and sear in their fully engaged position.
D&L Oversized AR-15 Tactical Thumb Safety Selector Switch
Once safe engagement is achieved, the cross shaft adjustments can be locked in place to assure long term reliability.
AR-15 Safety Selector Switch
In terms of product liability, this invention is wise insurance for AR-15/M-16 manufacturers. For defense, police, and military shooters, this enhanced safety feature should be considered a must. Inquire directly for quantity discounts.
$63 Right Hand
$75 Left Hand
The safety selector of your AR-15/M16 style rifle/carbine must be properly fitted with other components in the trigger system to mechanically block the components of the trigger group in a properly engaged position when the selector is "on safe". (Qualified gunsmith activity required) Moving the selector to the "fire" position, intentionally or not, will obviously allow the trigger to move to the rear, the hammer to fall, and the firearm to discharge. This is of critical importance to all involved, especially to those operating with any type of sling system. Do not drop any firearm to a slung position in a careless manner. Always follow all firearm safety rules. Control your muzzle in a safe direction at all times. Do not cover your own body areas, or those of others. In the event of dropping an "on safe" firearm to a slung position, there is still the possibility of the mechanical safety being pushed to the off position, the trigger being moved to the rear, and the firearm discharging. This is especially true then you are wearing other equipment in conjunction with your carbine. Do not place loaded firearms in carry cases or the same dangerous problem may occur.
High volume shooters, especially in high heat environments must remember that the chamber can become super heated after a volume of fire. Leaving a live cartridge in a super heated chamber may cause the firearm to "cook off" or discharge unexpectedly, with the safety selector in any position. Clear the chamber and allow the gun to cool. If you are operating in a dangerous environment that requires near instant firearm readiness, lock the bolt to the rear with a loaded magazine locked into the magazine well while you allow the firearm/chamber to cool. If the firearm becomes needed immediately, you can simply release the bolt to chamber a round and resume firing.
Always follow all firearm safety rules

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