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Stock Locks
The AR-15 / M-16 design features a buffer tube which threads into the lower receiver of the rifle. This is normally a durable connection, but keep in mind how the firearm operates. Every time you shoot the firearm the spring and buffer assembly move quickly to the rear and slam into the rear inside of the stock.
D&L Sports™ Inc has been contacted on occasion by shooters using standard guns who have literally beat the stock out of the receiver by high volume shooting. In some cases the guns were improperly adjusted and or maintained, in others the serious stoppage was directly related to repeated high volume shooting.
No matter what the cause, this kind of break down in the field puts your firearm out of commission. The D&L cure was to develop stock locks to eliminate the problem before it happens. These locks can be installed on adjustable or fixed buttstocks. They add almost no wieght or bulk and are completely unobtrusive. A very wise choice to make at the beginning of a custom build AR project.

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