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Slim Line Carbine Scope Rings
AR-15 Precision Rifle
AR-15 Precision Rifle

Magnified optics have been getting more and more popular on carbines. The trouble is scope rings commonly fall into one of two categories lightwieght and flimsy, or heavy duty and bulky. These new slim line scope rings are split vertically so there is no need to have extra ring bulk hanging off the sides of the carbine. The rings are made from high grade aluminum, so they are light weight and durable. Each ring has 4 cross bolts for a secure grab on the scope tube, and each ring has a steel cross slot recoil lug to assure the rings stay secure in the picatinny railed receiver. There are no big 1/2" nuts sticking out from the sides of these rings. They are slick sided and an excellent ring choice for mounting optics to a carbine.

The rings are for scopes with 30mm scope tubes, and need to be mounted on a riser rail, a scout rail, or riser blocks to put the scope at the right height. If you use the D&L extended scope mounting rail you will be able to achieve the correct eye relief with nearly any rifle scope. Without a rail that extends beyond the front of the upper receiver, you may not be able to get the proper eye relief with a rifle scope on a short flat top upper. The extended riser rail will also give you room to mount extra rings for additional scope tube protection and rigidity, .

Rings are $95 per two ring set

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