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Shark Skin Texturing
Shark skin texture

Shooters wanting to add a grip enhancing surface to their steel frame handguns will often have the grip surfaces checkered. In some cases handgun surfaces are not compatible with the checkering process, ie surfaces are too thin, awkward shapes, etc. In other cases shooters want something less aggressive than a checkered surface. For these situations, shark skin texturing is a good option for grip surface enhancement.

SST gives a grip feel similar to actual shark skin or fine texture skateboard tape. However, there is no tape or glue involved in the process. The fine textured surface is cut directly into the steel of the gun so it is permanent. The process does not add any thickness to the grip circumference.

This process should be done on projects where refinishing will be done at the end of the customization process as it does cut through any existing finish on the gun.


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