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The D&L reticle design is another Dave Lauck development to increase field performance by tactical shooters. 5-22X NXS scopes are now available from D&L Sports™ Inc with this reticle design. The scopes feature 30 MM tubes, 56 MM objective lenses, and are compatible with the D&L speed turret. The reticle and its use are explained in detail in the Advanced Tactical Marksman book (from Paladin Press, phone#, 303-443-7250). In brief, the reticle design allows for ranging, windage holds, leading, and general precision shooting without M.O.A., mil-dot, or other mathematical calculations. The reticle also has selective illumination for low light shooting. Varmit hunters have also made extensive use of this reticle design.

NXS 5-22X scope with reticle
Nightforce 1-4X compact scope
Nightforce NXS 2.5x-10x 30mm scope with illuminated reticle $1475
D&L Speed Turret
D&L Super Duty 30 MM Rings

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