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Extended Scope Mounts

Extended custom scope mounts for the Remington 700 long and short bolts action rifles are now available. FN and Winchester mounts are available too. Both the long and short action mounts are a total of 8 5/8 inches long in order to allow mounting of nearly all scopes, including long tube target scopes. The longer picatinny rail mounting surface also allows the option of using four scope rings for extra scope tube protection and rigidity. The mounts come with four 6-48 mounting screws so shooters can attach the mounts into standard remington 700 mounting holes with no action modification.

For those wanting extra durability, the scope mounting rails have a total of six countersunk holes through the mount. The mount can be initially located on the action with four 6-48 screws through the mount. Then the two empty holes can be drilled through and enlarged to an 8-40 screw size. The mount can be held secure with the two 8-40 screws, and the four 6-48 screws removed. The four 6-48 screw holes can then be enlarged to also accept 8-40 screws passing through the mount and tapped into the action. Once this is done you will have your extended mount held in place by a total of six 8-40 screws for a very heavy duty mounting system.

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