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Speed Turrets with Adjustable Stops for NXS Rifle Scopes
The D&L Speed turrets have been designed and enhanced over decades of field practical rifle shooting by Dave Lauck and after considering input from many tactical shooters.
Speed Turret
The D&L speed turret is designed for NightForce NXS rifle scopes with exposed click adjustable tactical turrets. The D&L turret comes in two models, long range and medium range. The difference is the long range model has four blank rings around it's body to allow four complete revolutions of data to be inscribed around the turret. The medium range turret allows for two complete revolutions of data to be stored around the outside of the turret. Both turrets will continue to operate beyond their two and four rings of inscribed data, you will just be operating beyond the inscribed data. The D&L speed turret does not limit the available come ups in the NXS scope.
Precision AR-15
The adjustable turret stops are what purposely limit the come down range of the turret. This is a critical feature to the tactical marksman. For example; The shooter may have a 100 yard zero on his rifle, and more upward zero points beyond that, say to 1000 yards. Say the shooter is operating under fast paced field conditions and makes a 400 yard shot 28 clicks up from his 100 yard zero. Now he wants to get quickly and positively back to his 100 yard zero without counting clicks, and without winding up at a turret position which may be a full revolution or more off from his true 100 yard zero. It is common to have many clicks left under your turret's 100 yard zero position, thus confusing the matter even more. It takes valuable time and concentration to count clicks, and return from a position where the turret is bottomed out in an attempt to get back to your correct 100 yard zero point. Experience has shown these techniques often fail under field conditions, resulting in dramatic misses far off target.
Precision AR-15
The D&L solution is adjustable turret stops inside the speed turret's skirt that can be adjusted to make contact with the speed turret collar installed around the turret base of the scope. Once properly adjusted, these turret stops come into contact with the turret base collar just below your rifle's 100 yard turret zero point. Now our example of getting back to your 100 yard turret zero point after a longer shot has been greatly simplified, without the need to count any clicks. Simply turn the turret back downward until you start to feel contact between the turret and the turret base collar, then stop. Then turn back upward a few clicks until you come back into alignment with your true 100 yard zero mark.
Precision AR-15
The reason the D&L turret is adjustable is due to the wide variance there is in the 100 yard zero points between rifles. Some set ups may allow for 4-5 revolutions of turret movement below the 100 yard zero point. Some set ups may only allow for a partial turn below the 100 yard zero point. This variance is caused by different scope mounting positions, scope mounting angle, base angle, trajectory, velocity etc. The adjustability of the D&L turret allows you to compensate for these variables and set the turret to work with your exact rifle / scope / mount / ammunition combination.
Precision AR-15
The professional marksman will set up his shooting system, obtain his 100 yard zero, set the turret stops, then obtain further distance zeros in 50 yard increments and inscribe them on his blank turret rings to create a professional grade BDC ( bullet drop compensator ).
Speed turret with stops and collar $ 95
Turn your scopes elevation turret to approximately midway between its total up and down capability. Remove the set screws from the factory elevation turret. Carefully pull upward on the factory turret while turning counter clockwise. Turret should come off smoothly. If not, do not force, consult the factory. Make sure there is a small amount of white, non-freezing, grease on the rubber o ring on the exposed turret tower, if not, carefully apply without getting any grease in the turret tower.
Install the speed turret collar flat against the turret tower base. It should be a firm press fit.
You will note that the D&L turret has six side set screws. This heavy duty design is to minimize the chances of turret slip under field conditions. Weaker designs, which can easily fail under field conditions and allow turret to slip, can be disastrous due to a misdialed turret.
Remove all six side set screws and six small skirt screws from the new turret. Position the turret over the turret tower and lower the turret onto the tower with a gentle pressure and clock-wise turning of the turret. Once down, the turret should spin freely while the turret overlaps the collar. Look inside the threaded side turret holes with a flashlight to be sure the turret holes line up with the groove in the scope adjuster. Once properly aligned, install opposing set screws and lightly tighten. Then install the remainder of the screws and lightly tighten. Tighten the screws progressively tighter from opposing sides until they are all tight. Now turn the turret. You should feel the clicking of the scopes adjustment.
Once the scope is properly mounted and squared, and the turret is installed, precisely zero the rifle at 100 yards with your carry ammo under your particular environmental conditions. With a Sharpe pen, mark a 100 yard zero line on the turret where it aligns with the turret tower line.
Measure or estimate the gap between the bottom of the turret and the stop collar. Remove the turret. Degrease the small set screws, then thread them into the underside of the turret skirt. Use blue locktite #242 on the small set screws. Let them protrude out of the underside of the skirt about .025" less than the visible gap between the turret and the collar when the turret was set on your 100 yard zero mark. When the screws are adjusted properly, you should be able to turn your turret down approximately 1/4 turn past your 100 yard zero.
Always be sure of your zero before taking a shot (zero can be roughly confirmed with a Collimator in the field without firing). It is also recommended to turn past your zero point at least two clicks and come back to your zero point to assure all blackash is out of the adjuster.
Precision AR-15
Once a 100 yard zero is established, the stops are properly adjusted, and the turret marked in the lowest blank scribed ring area, move to 150 yards and establish your next zero and make your next temporary Sharpe pen mark on the turret. Proceed to longer distances in 50 yard increments (25 yard increments recommended for sub sonic ammo) until you have reached the realistic maximum range for your shooting system. As you complete full revolution with your turret, begin making marks in the 2nd blank scribed area on the turret. After that revolution, make your marks in the 3rd blank scribed area, and so on. The NXS long range turret will allow for four complete revolutions of distance markings. The NXS medium range turret will allow for two revolutions of data.
Once your temporary distance markings are precisely written on the turret, you should remove the turret and permanently inscribe the markings. Recommended markings for 100-1000 yard are simply the numbers 1-10, with 15,25,35,45, etc., between the main numbers to indicate 50 yard intervals.The turret can also be engraved with your cartridge load information. Multiple turrets can be completed for different temperature ranges, altitudes, and environmental conditions.Once completed, the large side turret screws can also be loctited with #242 lock tite and progressively and evenly tightened again. (Caution) Only a dab of loctite on the outer threads. Do not get loctite inside the center of the turret or on the inside turret tower.
Once this procedure is properly completed you will have effectively eliminated click counting and M.O.A. elevation calculations. Simply dial up the desired zero after determining the correct distance to the target.
This product is designed to work well with other professional grade products from D&L Sports™, such as the MR-30PG precision rifle, the D&L custom reticle, the extended AR-15 scope mounting rail, and field practical training at the D&L Small Arms Training Academy. FMI see www.dlsports.com
Thank you and good shooting,
Dave Lauck
You can see the D&L NXS reticle in the Dawn of the Dead movie by director Zack Snyder.
BTW - Love the new design on the turret. The top has the knurls similar to the stock NF knobs. What a great system that turret is. Fast and Simple - don't know why everyone else hasn't gone to this system and still flounders with the stock knobs and a Pathfinder pull tape.
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