D&L Sports™, Inc.
The TBD Training Facility hosts the ITRC:
The ultimate tactical shooting Championship...
Three Gun Competition and Training
ITRC Update
$10,00000 cash on the prize table
This ITRC will be filmed for TV
2012 Entry fees have been lowered to $300 per person.
(team space is very limited, sign up ASAP)
Match Hotels for 2012
Prescott - Holiday Express 928.445.8900
Prescott - Hampton Inn 928.443.5500
Chino Valley Days Inn 928.636.0311
Paulden Little Thumb B&B 928.636.4413
TBD Campground www.TBD.com
Banquet and Shooter Meeting Location
TBD Training Center
TBD Road, Paulden, AZ
3-1-2012 at 1900 hrs
TBD, Paulden, AZ
March 2,3,4 2012
TBD Training Classes available before and after ITRC (see www.TBD.com)
ITRC and D&L Products DVD
Now available
$20 postpaid
The annual International Tactical Rifleman's Championship is considered the proving ground for tactical marksmen and their equipment. Test your skill and your gear against competitors from around the world. The primary focus of this competition is tactical marksmanship. PREVIOUS YEARS PRIZE TABLES HAD CUSTOM GUNS, SHOOTING ACCESSORIES, AND TROPHIES VALUED IN EXCESS OF $25,000.00. This year's prize table may prove to be even better!
The match is a three-day two person team event held at TBD. Teams of two riflemen will engage the courses of fire. On the rifle field courses, one carbine shooter will engage targets from 0-500 yards and the rifleman is responsible for 0-1000 yards. Most carbine targets will be 0-300 and most rifle targets will be 0-600. Short-Range course will demonstrate pistol and rifle/carbine skills. On all courses of fire the Pistol distance will not exceed 50 yards.
Field courses will challenge beginners and experts. The competition is open to Law Enforcement, Military, and qualified civilians (clean criminal record).
SHOOTER MEETING (mandatory): TBD Training Center, Paulden, AZ, March 1, 2012 at 1900 hrs
Awards and prizes not properly picked up within 30 days of the awards ceremony are forfeited back to DLS Inc.
All ITRC entry fee checks should be made out to D&L Sports™ Inc. and mailed to: DLS Inc., P.O. Box 4843 Chino Valley, AZ 86323. A signed waiver form for each shooter must accompany each entry. Shooters must enter early to get a slot. Fees are refundable up to 90 days before the match.
For further information on The International Tactical Rifleman's Championship, please contact D&L Sports™, inc. at 928.636.1726.
All training course fees and registrations should be taken care of via www.TBD.com. Shooters needing to purchase ammo, equipment, ship firearms, or make camping arrangements should contact TBD directly at 928.636.4565.

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