D&L Sports™, Inc.
MR-30PG Precision Rifles
( Marksman's Rifle, .30 caliber, Professional Grade )
D&L MR-30PG rifles are available in multiple calibers, and in light weight, medium weight, and heavy weight versions.
I feel the Black King MR-30PG you made for me is a masterpiece! You are the best Dave!
Precision Rifle Shooter

Bolt action rifle shooters should understand the difference between push feed bolt actions and controlled round feed bolt actions. If you are operating a controlled round feed bolt action (CRF) you should always load the chamber by cycling cartridges into the chamber from the magazine. Do not direct load a cartridge into the chamber by hand, then close the bolt over the cartridge case head. This stresses the extractor. If it is not an emergency situation, do not do it.

As a safety measure, if you are using a bolt action rifle with the fine trigger, do your movements and transports with an empty chamber. In shooting position, keep your bolt handle fully raised as a mechanical safety until you have determined the need to fire.


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