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Locking 1911 Firing Pin Stop
Many shooters buy engraved firearms because they enjoy the artistic detail a fine engraver imparts to an embellished firearm. Most shooters shop at D&L Sports™ because they know the details of reliability are well covered. One of the reliability details commonly overlooked in the world of production line 1911s is the firing pin stop.
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The FPS holds the firing pin and extractor in place to perform their critically important firing functions. The FPS is generally held in place by the firing pin head and spring pressure, as well as FPS fit to the slide. In the hurry up world of production line 1911 construction proper fit is often overlooked and the FPS is retained in place only by the firing pin head and FP spring pressure. The problem arises when you fire the pistol and the firing pin moves forward to strike the primer. During this time frame the FPS can drop slightly from its designated position in the slide. This creates a situation where the firing pin head can not return to its proper position, and it allows the FPS to catch on the back of the cocked hammer when the slide is attempting to return forward. In other words you have a firing pin stop drop malfunction.
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Less experienced shooters, especially under high stress, probably won't recognize the FPSDM and assume it is a failure to feed due to the position of the slide. Attempting to correct a failure to feed when you really have a FPSDM can result in loss of the firing pin stop completely. This normally causes loss of the firing pin and spring as well. In other words, "GAME OVER" in terms of the firing capability of your pistol.
Some of the best ideas in custom firearm upgrades get the least attention for one simple reason: they work, and they continue to work, so they don't draw any attention from the operator.
Please keep in mind that when Dave Lauck integrates an upgrade, or designs a component, it is with decades of experience and millions of personal rounds fired as guidelines. There are no committees of non-shooters to interfere with progress. Upgrades and inventions are made based on performance as the primary factor.
In this case the goal is to eliminate firing pin stop drop malfunctions. In other words, make a more reliable, thus safer 1911. The solution is simple and durable, thus a good solution.
An oversized, heat treated firing pin stop is properly fitted to the 1911 slide. This normally cures the FPSDM. However, more security assures the problem won't occur under the worst possible circumstances. A locking set screw is added to assure Mr. Murphy does not interfere with your shooting activities.
A small, indented seat is placed in the rear of the slide to provide the lock screw with a solid grip on the slide. Problem cured.
These locking FPS are used in D&L Sports™ signature pistols. They are a small part of the reliability value you get when you purchase a D&L Sports™ 1911. They are also available (unfinished) for gunsmith installation in other .45 ACP 1911s. Once you consider the problems they cure, and the difficulty factor in drilling and tapping hardened steel, you will realize their value is beyond their cost.
Price: $40

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