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1911 Single Stack Quad Magazine Pouch
This professional grade quad magazine pouch for the single stack 1911 magazine has been in duty use for more than 15 years. This Dave Lauck design holds the front two magazines ½" higher than the rear two magazines for quick and positive grasping. Once the front two mags have been used, the rear two mags become easily accessible. The entire quad unit is tension adjustable to fine tune the tension on single stack magazines of slightly different dimensions.
Kydex 1911 single stack quad magazine pouch
Kydex 1911 single stack quad magazine pouch
The rear loop of this quad unit is well suited to 2 ¼" duty belts. No injection molded junk. Professional Quality.
Prices available on request

Gratefully received both mag carriers today. I have retired the other junk I was using. Your carriers appear that an M1A2 Abrams could run them over without damage.
Thanks. I should have bought these sooner, but I trusted Comp-Tac. No more. No more Blade Tech either. I'm running out of Kydex companies, save one.
We had our monthly qualification, both on and off-duty. No problem for the full sized, cleaned the course. No problem. I then brought out the D&L 45 for off-duty. In any event I go up to the line with one of our firearm instructors who is shooting his Smith J-Frame, and one of our Patrol guys who is built like King Kong and could probably bench press the Empire State Building.
King Kong shows up with a Ruger LC something in .380. Of course, being the guy I am, I tell him and I quote: "that little thing will never grow up to be a real gun, not ever." (Profanity left out) He says "What? I imagine you're carrying a 1911."
I then showed him. At the three yard line, he sprayed ten of those little .380 rounds all over. After I fired mine, the range instructor behind me said "nice hole." All ten rounds went into a hole about 1.0" in diameter.
Thanks again for great gear.
Police Shooter
I received my mag pouch and used it for the first time. I'm very impressed with the quality and design. It was exactly what the Dr. Ordered. I just wanted to say thank you.
Police Officer
I work for the Sheriff's Office in Phoenix, AZ and have purchased a Quad Magazine Pouch from Blade-Tech and it's not standing up to the daily use. I'm also a Firearms Instructor. I am not happy with the mag pouch from Blade-Tech and do not want to recommend their products to officers. Your D&L quad pouches look more durable.
Thank you,
Deputy Sheriff
   Received quad magazine pouch today. I am totally impressed with the quality of the D&L product. It sure beats those wimpy Blade-Tech quad pouches. I've had to replace three Blade Tech junk pouches and I'm tired of it.
   I practiced mag exchanges with both 8 round and 10 round mags and beat my par time every time. The tension was perfect.
Police Officer
Hi Dave,
   I need to order another 1911 quad magazine pouch... Another officer on the LVPD has one and has been very happy with it.
Patrol Officer
   I strive for the best equipment for my job. I don't care if its the newest, but I do care if its the most efficient. I have been very pleased with your pouches. Keep up the good work.
SGT/Police Patrol Services Las Vegas, NV
Operators using adjustable tension kydex pouches should adjust the tension to suit their individual requirements, then set the fasteners in place with blue loctite #242 to prevent fastener loss and to maintain the desired tension.

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