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Kydex 1911 Holsters
Kydex 1911 holster and mag pouch
Tired of the flimsy injection molded plastic holsters which have saturated the firearms market? D&L professional grade heavy duty Kydex holsters are the solution. Designed by Dave Lauck to be super durable and field practical. Made from 1/8" thick Kydex with different carry angles and positions available. Black with 1¾" belt loops. Holsters feature a tip out belt loop design which allows the shooter to tighten his belt, yet not pull the top of the holster and pistol into his torso and create a difficult to draw situation. These holsters are manufactured for 1911s with an integral light rail in front of the trigger guard, such as D&L Signature Model 1911s. The holsters will also accept mid length and full length integral 1911 rails. The holsters feature dual tension adjustment devices to achieve the perfect level of tension. The rear of the belt loop is contoured to the body for long wear comfort. The loop is slotted to allow the shooter to weave his belt through the holster, a trouser belt loop, and back through the holster in order to secure the holster in position on the belt line. It is the operators responsibility to assure the carry mode and muzzle direction are safe for his/her use environment. Remember all gun safety rules apply. (See warnings & notices section of this website.)
Kydex 1911 holster and mag pouch
The muzzle slightly to the rear carry angle is an excellent choice for general purpose carry. It offers good comfort, concealability, safe muzzle direction, and a reasonably fast draw. A good all around, carry every day type of holster.
Kydex 1911 holster
Kydex holster now available for six inch 1911's
Kydex 1911 holster and mag pouch
Holsters with a slight muzzle forward angle work well for high speed draws from a standing position. Not quite as all around comfortable in a variety of situations as the muzzle to the rear model, but it allow for increased standing draw speed and allows the shooter to keep his wrist locked during the draw. Very popular with practical competition shooters and still reasonably concealable.
Kydex 1911 holster and mag pouch
No matter what type of holster you choose, you must personally consider the safety and practicality a holster offers for your specific use environment. Make sure the holster you choose meets the retention requirements you need, and be sure the holstered muzzle direction is safe for yourself and those around you. Don't choose a holster which causes the pistol to point at yourself or others from any position you may occupy. Consider all firearms safety rules when selecting a holster.
Kydex 1911 holster and mag pouch
Kydex 1911 Holsters
Prices available on request
(Specify muzzle forward, or muzzle rear cant, RH or LH)
Operators using adjustable tension kydex pouches should adjust the tension to suit their individual requirements, then set the fasteners in place with blue loctite #242 to prevent fastener loss and to maintain the desired tension.

Gratefully received both mag carriers today. I have retired the other junk I was using. Your carriers appear that an M1A2 Abrams could run them over without damage.
Thanks. I should have bought these sooner, but I trusted Comp-Tac. No more. No more Blade Tech either. I'm running out of Kydex companies, save one.
We had our monthly qualification, both on and off-duty. No problem for the full sized, cleaned the course. No problem. I then brought out the D&L 45 for off-duty. In any event I go up to the line with one of our firearm instructors who is shooting his Smith J-Frame, and one of our Patrol guys who is built like King Kong and could probably bench press the Empire State Building.
King Kong shows up with a Ruger LC something in .380. Of course, being the guy I am, I tell him and I quote: "that little thing will never grow up to be a real gun, not ever." (Profanity left out) He says "What? I imagine you're carrying a 1911."
I then showed him. At the three yard line, he sprayed ten of those little .380 rounds all over. After I fired mine, the range instructor behind me said "nice hole." All ten rounds went into a hole about 1.0" in diameter.
Thanks again for great gear.
Police Shooter

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