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Firearm Lubricant
Preventative maintenance of your firearms is required, just like with most other mechanical devices. In the area of defensive firearms, PM could literally be a life saver. Proper cleaning, lubrication, spring replacements, ammo rotation, & periodic gunsmith checkups are all critically important to firearm performance, safety, and reliability. They are part of your duties as a firearm owner/operator.
Just what is considered "proper" in terms of lubrication type and technique has been the subject of debate for decades. At D&L Sports™, opinions are based on millions of rounds of live ammo being fired through a wide variety of firearms. Feel free to disagree with these findings and conduct your own safe experiments in an effort to achieve better performance.
At D&L Sports™ we have found well lubricated firearms function much better than dry firearms. Please keep in mind we are talking about semiauto and select fire firearms, not single shot and or manually operated firearms. These latter precision firearms are generally best served with a small amount of lube or grease at hinge points, locking lugs, or other bearing surfaces only. Semiauto and select fire firearms operate best when the contact surfaces are well lubricated. Some people refer to this as running the gun wet. Keep the chamber and breech face dry, and keep the contact and sliding surfaces well lubricated. This has proven to work best under most conditions.
What about extremely cold environments? Test your choice of lubrication. If it freezes, or makes the gun sluggish, don't use it.
What about dirty and or sandy conditions? Bottom line is that preventative maintenance will have to increase when operating in dirty conditions. Blowing dust, dirt, and sand are going to get into the gun whether it is lubricated or not. Clean it at each opportunity where it is reasonable to do so. Keep the magazine in place, keep the dust cover closed, and use protective cover on the firearm whenever reasonable.
What about underwater deployments? Where it is reasonable to do so, enclose the properly cleaned and lubricated firearm in a waterproof carrier and remove it upon arrival. Avoid direct water and particle contamination of your firearm and related gear whenever possible.
At DLS, firearms are tested to failure to see what design enhancements can be made to assist functioning under adverse conditions, while some firearms will still function when contaminated, they don't function at peak efficiency or safety. Avoid contamination when you can.
What type of lubrication should I use on my semiauto pistols, carbines, and select fire firearms? Under serious field conditions where dedicated firearms lube is not available, you can get by with motor oil.
This is often available by the can, from the crank case, or small amounts can be acquired from an engine's dip stick. Its not the best, but it is better than running the gun dry. Under more favorable conditions, where you can choose dedicated firearms lubrication, BreakFree and FP10 have proven to work well.
A drawback to FP10 and BreakFree is that they are thin, tend to run off areas where you put them, and they need to be frequently reapplied.
Solution? Tests were conducted on light gun greases which would make sliding surfaces slick and stay put better than thinner lubricants. MC-3000 was found to be the preferred grease after these tests were conducted. While not the most available or affordable, it was top choice for the small arms lube to purchase in advance and have on hand for use on your preferred firearms. It works great on 1911s and ARs.
MC-3000 is a synthetic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly lubricant with a solid track record of top performance. It has been DOD approved for use in small arms through gatling guns. It has been effective in high desert heat, and determined not to freeze at temperatures as low as -100'F. It is routinely used on D&L Sports™ firearms, and is recommended as the primary lubricant D&L Sports™ clients acquire for the lubrication of their custom firearms.
Price for 4 oz tube: $24

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