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New Federal .300 RUM Brass
D&L Sports™ S.A.T.A. is unrivaled in the area of long range shooting with .30 caliber magnum cartridges.
300 RUM Brass  
D&L Sports™ Inc has been a leader in the development of the .300 Remington Ultra Mag as a premiere, and affordable long range rifle cartridge. However, there have been some problematic brass lots being produced. D&L Sports™ Inc has solved this problem by contracting with Federal Cartridge for 100,000 piece lots of premium .300 RUM Brass. This is new factory sized and primed brass ready for final loading. Limited quantities.
$2 per piece (500 piece minimum order)
This is new Federal factory primed brass.
   I just started spinning these .300 RUM cases in the NECO and checking necks with the tube mic. MAN is this great Brass! I'm highly pleased and will pass this on over the web.
Thank you,
Precision Shooter / Alaska

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