D&L Sports™, Inc.
Facility Tours and Armory Training
Facility Tours
The D&L Sports™ Inc. facilities are not open for tours. Effective time management is a critical component in accomplishing all the tasks completed at D&L Sports™, Inc. Research, development, and precision craftsmanship are ongoing constantly at D&L Sports™. Drop-in interruptions interfere with the progress of this work. Please conduct consultations by phone, email, or mail. The best place to see photographic examples of the D&L Sports™ work is under the photo gallery sections of this site. It is rare that any live firearm examples are available for display at D&L Sports™. Projects are promptly shipped out upon completion.
Armory Training
Armory training is only available to special operation personnel in legitimate need of the service, and to those screened for acceptance. Please do not call about this service. Send a letter of interest and resumé indicating your background, including references.
D&L Sports™ armory training ranges from basic to the highest levels of practical custom firearm work. These courses are expensive, and require a sizeable investment in tools, supplies, and base firearms.
D&L Sports™ Inc. does not sell guns on the Internet or at gun shows.
All firearms must be properly transferred to a FFL business in your home state of residence, then you will be required to pass background check requirements and fill out all applicable BATF paperwork.
No exceptions.

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