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D&L Extreme Duty 1911 Ejector
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1911 Ejector Problems
The 1911 auto pistol has used a fixed ejector since its introduction. When the pistol is fired, the extractor pulls the fired case from the chamber and holds it in the breech face until the case impacts the ejector and is kicked out of the ejection port. This happens every time the pistol is fired. In other words, if you fire the pistol 100 times, the ejector gets impacted 100 times. The ejector takes a beating, and sometimes it fails. Most commonly the ejector will shear off its double mount platform when it is impacted by a cartridge case. This normally causes the ejector to fall free from the pistol, and the pistol to cease functioning as designed. What's worst about this failure is that it is unpredictable. It commonly happens all at once, without warning indicators, and it may occur on your first shot or shot number ten thousand. It is also a problem that is not easily repaired under field conditions. This type of parts breakage puts most shooters out of commission until the problem can be professionally repaired.
The original 1911 fixed ejector design also had problems kicking the case cleanly out of the pistol, frequently resulting in failure to eject stoppages.
To help minimize ejection stoppages, more modern ejectors have been manufactured with extended impact noses. This was helpful in achieving more positive ejection of spent casings, but the extended ejector noses sometimes become bent or broken, creating other problems.
The D&L Design Solution?
Dave Lauck factors decades of experience and millions of rounds of live fire into every design solution at D&L Sports™. Knowing what has failed in the past allows for upgrading affected components to drastically minimize future failures.
The D&L extreme duty 1911 ejector has three mounting contacts instead of the 1911's original dual contact design. This dramatically increases the ejector's resistance to impact shock, and greatly reduces the chances of ejector shear. There have not been any cases of ejector shear ever reported when using D&L extreme duty ejectors.
The D&L extreme duty ejector features an extended design to assure positive case ejection. To cure ejector nose durability problems of other designs, the D&L extreme duty ejector is manufactured of heat treated steel, over 50% thicker than other designs. There have not been any cases of ejector nose bending or breaking ever reported when using D&L extreme duty ejectors. In short, the D&L extreme duty ejector is the most heavy duty and reliable 1911 ejector in existence today.
What is the negative side of the D&L extreme duty ejector? It does require professional installation, and moderate additional expense. It is best installed during a custom 1911 build project, rather than being installed as an add-on part on existing pistols.
For those who have sheared or bent ejectors on 1911s in the past, and have experienced the problems related to doing so, there will be no question about the value of this 1911 development. Combine the D&L extreme duty ejector and the D&L Tanto extractor in your next custom 1911 for the ultimate in reliability and durability.
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