D&L Sports™, Inc.
Eotech Halo Sights
D&L Sports™ is an authorized Eotech Halo Sight distributor
$459 each
D&L Slimline Riser
Eotech Slimline Riser Mount for AR-15/M16  
New Slimline Riser Mount
for AR-15/M-16 Flat Tops
This riser slightly raises the Eotech's position on the flat top to allow proper cheek weld and positions the Eotech to allow usage of the D&L CQB Iron Sight in the bottom 1/3 of the Eotech's field of view.
  AR15, 1911, and gear
D&L CQB iron sight picture as seen through Eotech scope (dot illumination is off)
D&L CQB iron sight picture through Eotech sight
when mounted on D&L slimline riser mount
Night vision view
AR-15 with Eotech sight

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