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D&L Palm Knife
D&L Palm Knife

The D&L palm knife has been in service for over 15 years with excellent feedback and results. A limited quantity of Gen 2 palm knives are now available in S35VN premium blade steel. Also included with the Gen 2 palm knife package are two kydex sheaths. One sheath is suitable for belt carry at a 45 degree angle, and is reversible for left or right hand carry. Fits up to 1¾” belts. The second sheath is suitable for flat deep pocket carry. Both are capable of lightening quick, no fumble deployment.

People who have experience with blade carry and blade deployment realize that no matter how much you practice, it is still possible to fumble the opening of a folding knife in a high pressure situation. Also, a folding knife is only is only as strong as it’s lock / pivot point, and a folder can be wedged closed with grit and sand making it impossible to open without first disassembling the knife. Folding knives in surf and sand are very prone to this problem.

The DLS palm knife has a 3 3/8” cutting edge, and is 6 7/8” in overall length. It was designed to fit securely in the hand without an unnecessarily large handle. The handle design, combined with the index finger hole gives the operator excellent knife retention capabilities. (the knife can also be cross drawn with the little finger in the blade’s finger hole ). Dual lanyard holes allow it to be lashed to the hand or wrist as required. The blade features a drop tanto style point with two straight cutting edges. The tanto style cutting edges allow for tanto cutting capabilities, and allow for re-sharpening on guided stone sharpeners. ( However, a new pristine edge is recommended if it is to be carried as a defense knife.)

The palm knife is very well suited as an everyday carry knife. It is stronger, thus safer than a folding knife, and it will take care of everyday cutting chores with ease. For emergency responders / LEOs it is a superb choice to be worn on the underbelt of a duty rig for defense against gun grabs, as well as seatbelt cuts, etc.


D&L Palm Knife

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