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D&L Custom 1911 Slide Stops
The slide stop is one of the hardest used parts on a 1911, and one of the most frequent to break. The D&L slide stop is designed to handle the abuse, and is constructed of heat treated tool steel.
Additional features of the DLS slide stop are that it has pre radiused corners on the outer frame arm to assure that is will be non snag on the holster, and non abusive to the shooters hands. The serrated operation pad is a fraction wider than G.I. standard for positive operation, even with wet hands.
The slide engagement lug is tall enough to fully engage the slide notch, thus allowing for positive slide stopping when the magazine follower engages the properly designed internal slide stop tab.
A standard 1911 slide stop cross shaft protrudes out the right side of the frame. This allows for the slide stop to be easily pushed out during disassembly, but it also allows the slide stop to be accidentally pushed inward during firing, thus locking up the pistol. In the past, custom cutting the cross shaft to be flush with the frame cost extra, but it worked well to minimize this problem. The DLS custom slide stop already has the cross shaft cut to the correct length for a flush fit with the side of the frame.
$60 each

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