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CQB Sight for H&K Firearms
AR-15 forward mounted CQB sight
Due to the huge performance success of the D&L AR-15 forward mounted CQB sight, Dave Lauck has developed a similar sight system for H&K firearms.
H&K iron sights are plagued with a closed, dark sight picture which is difficult to use at high speed, especially in low light.
The D&L sight system forward mounts and opens the sights for accurate, high speed shooting.
The D&L rear sight is fully adjustable, then lockable to hold a solid zero. The rear sight features protective ears to withstand hard use. The rear sight mounting base features a rear picatinny mounting base to allow for optic mounting, such as Aimpoint.
The front breakage-prone H&K front sight can be replaced with a rugged blade front sight. This blade can be pinned in place in the standard front sight housing.
Both front and rear D&L custom sights can accept night sight inserts.
Price available on request

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