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Corrective Shooting Glasses
Many shooters have difficulty seeing and focusing on iron sights, especially as a shooter´s eyes age. DLS has come up with a solution for this problem, and it is field practical for action shooters. High quality shooting glasses are used with a slight magnification in the largest section of both lens. This helps the shooter see things clearly during general daily activities. There is a higher magnification bifocal section in both lenses of the shooting glasses. Instead of locating the bifocal lenses at the bottom of the main lenses like reading glasses do, these bifocals are located along the top edge of both main lenses. This allows the shooter to simply tip his head slightly downward to bring the bifocals to bear on the iron sights of a handgun. This brings the sights into crisp focus. This solution for shooters has been thourghly tested in action shooting events and works better than any other technique tested to date. Glasses are available in dark tint, or amber for low light shooting.
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