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Blank Firing 1911 Pistols
blank firing 1911 pistol blank firing 1911 pistol
blank firing 1911 pistol

D&L Sports™ Inc offers Professional Grade blank firing 1911 pistols in .45 caliber. People who have experience with blank firing 1911s know the difficulties in creating a reliable 45 caliber blank firing pistol. In the Terminator 1 movie you can see the weak functioning of the 45 caliber movie gun in close up shots as the brass barely ejects from the pistol. Often times prop people will reduce the caliber to 9mm in an effort to get the pistol to cycle more positively. In the Terminator 2 movie you can clearly see the bore diameter has been reduced on the most used 1911 in the film.

In an effort to maintain realistic effect, D&L Sports™ Inc has developed a blank firing 1911 in .45 caliber. These are not cheap prop guns. These guns are built from the ground up to be Professional Grade real guns, then altered to fire blanks. Reliability is job one, just like D&L live ammo pistols. These guns are geared toward the motion picture business where each scene can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and blank gun reliability must be top notch to avoid having to re-shoot a scene due to equipment problems.

D&L blank pistols can be created in Service Models, Professional Models, theme guns, personal models, and era specific pistols, such as for the World Wars or Dillinger age. The pistols can be customized to suit your film needs. Cost depends on the final product.

WARNING; D&L Sports™ Inc blank firing pistols MUST be treated as real firearm at all times, as they emit blast, flash, noise,concussion, and eject brass just like live fire firearms. These blank firing pistols should NEVER be loaded or fired with live ammunition. These firearms should NEVER be pointed at anyone, and NEVER fired at a person. All firearms safety rules must be followed with these blank firing firearms. These guns are considered firearms and have to be transferred via regular FFL and ATF approved channels.

Basic Firearms Safety Rules
All guns should always be considered loaded, and treated accordingly.
Don't allow the muzzle to cover anything you are not willing to kill or destroy.
Always keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
Always be sure of your backstop.
Always be sure your backstop will stop a real bullet.

Failure to follow all safety rules can result in death or serious injury.


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