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D&L/Cominolli Glock Safety
by DocGKR
As previously noted, I have long preferred having a manual safety on my pistol, as I have twice seen officers' lives potentially saved when another person gained control of an officer's pistol, but the engaged manual safety prevented the weapon from firing --I don't like to think about the outcome if the pistols involved had been a Glock, Sig, XD, revolver, etc.... In the incidents I have witnessed the officers had NO way to mitigate the threat prior to losing the pistol, despite adequate training and good quality Safariland retention holsters. All the DT/retention techniques in the world do not help when an officer is on the ground unconscious/semi-conscious. A manual safety can give officers a brief respite to neutralize the suspect using disarming techniques, access back-up weapons, and allow cover officers the opportunity to react and engage.
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Premium Pro Steel
by David Bahde
While attending the American Pistolsmiths Guild (APG) annual meeting, the opportunity arose to meet Dave Lauck, who was receiving the APG Pistolsmith of the Year Award. We spoke for a great deal of time about rifles, pistols, and Dave's extensive law enforcement background. As the evening closed, we talked about his move to Arizona's Chino Valley and decided a meeting at his shop should be arranged.
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Rifle Firepower - September 2012
Premium ARs
by John S. Farnam / Veteran Firearms Instructor
I've written recently about utility ARs, most of which retail at 1k to 1.5k. I like plain-vanilla rifles, designed for serious Operators for serious use, and recommend them to most of my students. So long as they are operator-grade, and the manufacturer provides good customer service, I'm fine with most. I thus I have scant interest in tight, frail, temperamental, hobby-grade rifles, designed to appeal strictly to contest-shooters who are interested in seeing their names on the top of the leader-board, and in little else. I use the terms, "serious rifle" and "Operator-Grade" to describe the former.
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by Gary Paul Johnston
Quite alive and well, the old slogan “buyer beware” pertains to, well, everything we buy. A life-long, daily risk management drill, you ask? You bet, and firearms are certainly no exception. Take the AR-15 platform, but don’t try to count all the clones or you may hurt your eyes, as they can run the gamut of the good, bad and the ugly. Did you hear about the small quantity...
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Special Weapons - April 2012
D&L Sports™ Professional Model
by Matt Berger
There are scores of gunsmiths across the country, with skill levels that range from nothing more than basic armorer to truly talented smiths. Very few achieve the notoriety and status of being well known and nationally recognized for their craft. One of those few is Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™. Dave is a one-smith shop, not delegating work to thers like most custom shops...
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Custom Combat Handguns - 2012
The Professional Model 1911
by Chuck Pittman
Opening up a new can of worms is a lot easier than herding those wiggly picayune rascals back into the container. One morning while Dave Lauck, the owner of D&L Sports™, Inc., and I talked about a series of photographs needed of a newly finished 1911 pistol. Dave and I discussed the possibility of an article for FMG Publications.
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American Handgunner Tactical - 2011 Special Edition
Custom Combat Blades
by Michael Janich
If you're a serious shooter, you've probably heard of D&L Sports™. Founded by Dave Lauck, the Wyoming-based gunsmith has earned an enviable reputation for producing some of the finest custom firearms in the tactical industry. From finely tuned 1911-style handguns up through precision long-range rifles, D&L does it all and does it exceptionally well.
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Tactical Knives - May 2011
D&L Sports™ "Professional" 1911 .45
by Massad Ayoob
From Iraq to Afghanistan, the current conflict has validated the 1911 .45 automatic. Those who have them there cherish them. Those who don't have them, for the most part, want them. Some want them badly enough to pay for the very best. Built for combat, Dave Lauck's latest is smooth, accurate and utterly reliable.
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American Handgunner Tactical - 2008 Special Edition
The Guns of Dave Lauck
by Massad Ayoob and Ichiro Nagata
In 1965, the United States military was just wrapping itself around the AR-15/M16 weapon system, and had been carrying the single action .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol for 54 years. America's men at arms were perceived as now having state of the art rifles and pistols for combat. By contrast, law enforcement still clung to the double action revolver and the slide-action 12-gauge shotgun.
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Guns Magazine - 2006 Annual
D&L's New CQB Carbine
by Gary Paul Johnston
Well known for his custom work on model 1911 pistols, Deputy Dave Lauck, of D&L Sports™, in Gillette, Wyoming, built the special 1911 .45 ACP pistol presented to General Tommy Franks, USA (ret.), that was featured in a recent issue of Soldier of Fortune. Dave also builds high-precision long-range rifles, and owns and operates the Small Arms Training Academy (SATA) in Wyoming.
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Soldier of Fortune - May 2005
A Pistol for a General
by Gary Paul Johnston
What does it take to become a general in the United States Army? Since my uncle retired as an Army brigadier general, I know it takes someone special with integrity, dedication, love of country, a love for the military, and, well, you get the picture. I remember some 30 years ago having a .45 ACP Model of 1911 pistol more or less specially done up for my uncle. It's a pistol he still cherishes to this day. Funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same.
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Soldier of Fortune - January 2004
D&L Sports™ MR-30 PG .300 RUM
by Al Paulson
As U.S. and coalition troops discovered during operations against Taliban and al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan - and again in Iraq during Gulf War II - snipers may have to engage enemy personnel operating crew-served weapons well beyond the capability of the U.S. Army .308 Winchester Magnum sniper rifles. With Sierra MatchKing long-range projectiles, skilled sharpshooters can confidently engage enemy personnel out to 1,000 and 1,400 yards, respectively, with these weapons. The .338 Lapua Magnum delivers reliable (one-shot, one-kill) anti-personnel accuracy out to 1,600 yards, but recoil and blast overpressure can be substantial.
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Special Weapons - 2004
D&L .223 LW Sniper
by Al Paulson
One of the most challenging missions facing the police sharpshooter is engaging a suspect in a situation where over-penetration can kill a hostage or innocent bystander. Examples could include shooting in populated areas, or where there's no safe backstop, such as a trailer or apartment complex. In such demanding environments, it might become a worthwhile trade to sacrifice maximum terminal performance in order to decrease the risk of a shot completely penetrating the intended target and continuing on to endanger someone else.
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Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement - November 2003
The International Tactical Rifleman Championship
by John Dustin
Late August of 2001 found me again en route to Dave Lauck's Small Arms Training Academy, situated north of Gillette, Wyoming on the western edge of Black Hills country. Once more the purpose was a field rifle match, but this one did not carry the familiar moniker of the Tactical Marksmen's Match. Seems that attendance had been rising over the years, and that a goodly number of participants had come from other countries...
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The Accurate Rifle - May 2002
Dave Lauck's MR30 Precision Rifle-LW
by Barry Dueck
Specially designed for extreme long-range accuracy and rugged durability, a new tactical rifle from custom gunsmith Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™ features a benchrest-quality action and a highly innovative design. As a full-time police officer, Lauck understands the special requirements of a tactical rifle. He has addressed those concerns in this radical .308 Win. that weighs 14 pounds and is capable of 1/2-inch groups at 300 yards.
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Guns Magazine - 2002 Combat Issue
MR30PG .308WIN
by Gary Paul Johnston
With years of experience building high-performance firearms, Dave Lauck, of D&L Sports™, in Gillette, WY, comes from a long line of gun makers, having made American custom firearms as far back as 1750, and the Lauck family built flintlock rifles in Germany even before coming to the New World.
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Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement - Buyer's Guide 2001
D&L's Black Beauty
by Gary Paul Johnston
Well known for its custom combat precision long-range rifles and patrol carbines, D&L Sports™ is equally adept at building some of the finest professional grade custom pistols in the world. Ranging from relatively spartan, utilitarian pistols to "ultimate" personal protection tools, these guns are usually ordered to fill the latter description.
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Custom Combat Handguns - 2001
Ruger Revolvers that Rock!
photos by Deni Linhart
David Lauck of D&L Sports™, Gillette, Wyo., has done it again with this latest custom cowboy Ruger Vaquero set. In addition to the listed items, these guns also have jeweled hammers and two of the barrels have been shortened at owner's request. The wording on the knife is set in 24K gold. The owner is none other than ZZ Top drummer, Frank Beard, a gun enthusiast and cowboy action shooting fan.
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Gungames - December 2000
Tactical Marksman's Match '99
by John Dustin
Last year, en route to the Tactical Marksmen's Match, it had been a thick and improbably ground fog clinging to the Wyoming prairie like a wet blanket. This year it was rain... from the moment I left southwest Colorado, it seemed as if my own personal thunderhead was following me down the highway, sometimes delivering a deluge, sometimes a sprinkle, at times nothing more than a sullen overcast.
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Tactical Shooter - January 2001
Two-gun Vaqueros .44
by Gary Paul Johnston
Well known for his precision rifles and autopistols for competition and law enforcement, Dave Lauck, of D&L Sports™, also does some wonderful things with revolvers, and when it comes to the Vaquero, Dave speaks fluent Ruger.
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Guns of the Old West - number 18
Thunder Ranch Special Pistol
by Paul Hantke
Dave Lauck is no stranger to regular readers of American Survival Guide, as two of his custom tactical rifles have graced the cover of the magazine in the past two years.
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American Survival Guide - October 1998
Precision Rifle Training from the Small Arms Training Academy
by Paul Hantke
Dave Lauck's firearms creations have been regular fare here in ASG over the last couple of years, based strictly on the quality of the test pieces provided for evaluation.
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American Survival Guide - January 1998
Takedown Marksman's Rifle
by Jim Benson
A light, compact, easily transportable variant of D&L Sports™' full-sized Marksman's Rifle-30 Caliber-Professional Grade, for discriminating tactical/professional shooters. Whether fired from a bench or from the shoulder, the MR-30PG Takedown Rifle was a joy to handle and shoot with its ergonomic design, light weight and compactness.
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American Survival Guide - April 1997
Marksman's Rifle - Professional Grade
by Paul Hantke
It's always fun to daydream what it would be like to have all the money in the world to spend on our individual "dream guns." One of my fantasies has been a no-holds-barred .308 bold-action of the tactical/practical persuasion that shot like a benchrest rifle, but would stand up in the field as well as my precious M14 (M1A) or Garand.
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American Survival Guide - January 1997
God's Scalpel
by Scott Farrell and Heather Phelps
Perhaps no other member of a law enforcement tactical team carries quite the mystique of the sniper _ the credo of "one shot. one kill" and the ability to unleash precision firepower from a position of near-invisibility have earned the tactical marksman the nickname "God's scalpel" for his ability to "remove cancer from society" at long range.
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Guns Magazine - 1997 Annual Special Edition
Professional Perimeter Carbine
by Paul Hantke
Here's the cover gun for the month. The Professional Perimeter Carbine is seen with the prescribed Federal Premium ammo, a one-hole group on sample target sent by gunsmith Dave Lauck, a bench-rested group from the author, and one of the silhouette targets Hantke used for his snap-shooting trials. Rounding it all out is Lauck's excellent book the Tactical Marksman.
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American Survival Guide - November 1996
Professional Endeavor
by Dave Anderson and Ichiro Nagata
Custom gunsmiths share a work ethic that would make the most industrious beaver look like a welfare bum. Even by those standards Dave Lauck of Gillette, Wyo., is exceptional Just listing his various occupations is enough to tire me out: Hi is a full-time deputy sheriff, he runs the Small Arms Training Academy, and he is one of the nation's premier custom gunsmiths.
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Guns Magazine - June 1995
The Magnum Handcannons of Dave Lauck
by Gary Paul Johnston
I'v been writing about D&L Sport's custom autopistols for many years. Along with their superb custom AR-15 rifles and counter sniper bolt action rifles, D&L turns out some of the nicest 1911 self-defense pistols in the country. Now they've added a line of custom revolvers as well.
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Custom Combat Handguns - 1995
Lauck's Lethal .45s
by Soldier of Fortune Staff
There are many shingles flapping in the wind for the gunsmith trade, particularly for "custom" pistolsmiths. There are tinkerers under shade trees and in basements and garages; there are parts exchangers, and there are hacks and butchers flying blind without a clue how bad their work really is.
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Soldier of Fortune - April 1992
Exceptional 1911 magazine
An exceptional 1911 magazine comes from Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™ inc, featuring a follower with two long legs that enhance feed reliability all of the way from full compression with the first round to almost no compression with the last round in the magazine. The original DLS magazine is a true hard use seven round magazine. The idea was to improve and perfect the 1911 feeding device. The DLS eight round version features and extended floor plate for more room to still accommodate a full strength spring. The DLS magazine is tank tough, and while an expensive, the magazine cannot be faulted on any count.
American Gunsmith Magazine
Maximum Mag
By Greg Rodriguez
The D&L magazine for 1911s is one tough mother. The magazine is the weak link in every magazine-fed weapon. Whether you're packing the latest polymer wonder-nine or a custom 1911, it will not run reliably if the magazine that feeds it isn't up to snuff...
Hathcock 2
By Russell E. Taylor
As some of you will recall, Sniper Country and Storm Mountain Training Center (SMTC) held the Carlos N. Hathcock Charity Sniper Competition. As I reported in the September issue of Tactical Shooter, the event was highly successful and, to date, has been directly responsible for raising over $6,000 for Carlos Norman Hathcock II. No sooner had the echo of the last gunshot of the first Hathcock charity shoot faded away than Dave Lauck (of D&L Sports™) and another member of the Sniper Country Council were already well into planning a second charity event for Carlos Hathcock -- what we at Sniper Country came to simply call "Hathcock 2."...
D&L Sports™’ Professional .45ACP
By Charlie Cutshaw
Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™ has a well-earned reputation for building some of the finest custom firearms in the country, specializing in M1911 and M1935 High-Power pistols, AR-type rifles and carbines and a variety of other firearms including Ruger handguns and rifles, Smith & Wesson handguns, Remington M700 rifles and M870 shotguns. In addition to being one of America’s premier custom gunsmiths, Dave Lauck is also a competitive shooter, author and police officer—a man of many talents...
Book Review: The Tactical Marksman - A Complete Training Manual for the Police and Practical Shooters by Dave M. Lauck
By Sarge
Well I had a lot to say about Dave's book "The Tactical 1911". This book is in the same no bull style and should be of even more interest to those of us that want to put bullets out there with any precision!...
D&L Sports™ CQB AR 5.56mm
By Charlie Cutshaw
Dave Lauck has been in the custom firearms business for some 30 years, carrying on the family tradition of firearms manufacturing since the days of Colonial America. Lauck’s goal is to provide his customers with the finest, most reliable and accurate, practical and tactical firearms available using traditional craftsmanship coupled with state-of-the-art innovations...
D&L J-frame sight
By Roy Huntington
I think we can safely say many of us have been frustrated by the fixed sights available on factory J-frame revolvers, especially when the gun won't hit to point of aim. Granted, the new M&P series offers a much-needed improvement, but there's still zillions of J-frames out there in need of some decent sights. Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™, offers this idea of a tough, fixed sight...
Deputy Lauck captains world class shoot team
The 1991 World Championship Tactical Shooting Competition was held in September in Las Vegas, Nevada. Match directors selected approximately 250 entrants from top military, police and civilian shooters to make up 38 shooting teams to compete in the 1991 championships...
Dave Lauck in rifle shooting competition
Dave Lauck took first place rifle in the World Championship Three Gun Tactical Match held in las Vegas, Nevada. Each competitor was required to use duty-type weapons to fire the courses which ranged from 5 to 500 yards...
D&L Sports™ Custom CQB
Sometimes great things happen when you least expect them. I was sitting in my office minding my own business when American COP editor Dave Douglas yelled from his office...
D&L Sports™ Professional 1911 .45
From Iraq to Afghanistan, the current conflict has validated the 1911 .45 automatic. Those who have them there cherish them. Those who don't have them, for the most part, want them...

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