D&L Sports™, Inc.
D&L Sports™ AR-15 Vertical Grip
There are many versions of the forward mounted vertical grip currently available for the AR-15 style firearm. Many of them have both good and bad design features. Dave Lauck designed the D&L vertical grip to have useful qualities for the tactical operator without any of the weak points of other designs.
AR-15 vertical grip
First priority with the D&L vertical grip was to assure it was heavy duty yet light weight. This was accomplished by machining it from solid Delrin.
A side benefit of using Delrin is that heat from the aluminum hand guard is not transmitted by the Delrin grip. The D&L grip mounts securely to Picatinny style rails via two Allen head cross bolts. No more grip slippage like friction mounted vertical grips. The outside diameter of the D&L grip features recessed rings for operator hand traction. The bottom of the grip features a knurled cap, which provides access to the grips hollow interior. The grip's interior is contour cut to allow for storage of a complete AR-15 bolt assembly along with a spare firing pin, or it will accommodate two AA batteries or two 123A batteries. The grip will hold these items securely, and will do so without being overly long.
AR-15 vertical grip
Heavy duty, light weight, rugged attachment bolts, and a well designed storage compartment all in one unit.
$52 each

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