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D&L Sports™ AR-15 Recoil Reducer
There have been many gimmicks related to recoil reduction that have come and gone over the years. One proven performer has been the muzzle brake. It is simple, heavy duty, works well, and does not break down. Reducing recoil of even light recoiling firearms is wise because it allows the shooter to stay on target during rapid fire, spot his own impacts in order to make hold adjustments, and generally allows for higher shooting performance.
With the AR-15 style system, a recoil impact jolt is delivered to the shooter when the bolt reaches the rear of its travel. The recoil jolt in a 5.56mm AR is light compared to larger caliber rifles, but enough to disturb the sight alignment with the target, thus slow down accurate follow up shot delivery.
Mercury and hydraulic buffer / reducers have been around for a while, but both styles have broken down, or leaked from seals in relatively short order. Some of the buffer designs using these materials compressed directly behind the head of the buffer which allowed the buffer spring to be pinched, bind, and short stroke the firearm. Combine these problems with roll pin retention of internal parts, and you had multiple areas that could cause reliability problems.
Dave Lauck's design solution was to cushion the recoil impact with a rear mounted buffer compression head of a tapered design that will not allow spring pinching or binding. There is no oil, hydraulic fluid, or mercury used in the D&L recoil reducer design. There are no problematic roll pins to work loose and lock up the firearm. The D&L design uses a threaded retainer design so they in place.
The D&L reducers are weighted based upon decades of experience with the black gun design for optimum reliability and consistency. The internal design of the D&L reducer allows recoil absorption, less gun and shooter battering on the rear stroke, and dead blow impact on the forward stroke to eliminate bolt impact bounce.
These units are a highly recommended addition to a high performance AR project.
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