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D&L Sports™ AR-15 Go Bag
Forward thinking and/or experienced emergency responders realize the need to be reasonably self sufficient. Those who are not commonly become part of the problem instead of part of the solution.
Modern age humans have become increasingly reliant on conveniences literally positioned at their fingertips. This has become a serious problem in the law enforcement community. Officers spend a great deal of their time patrolling in vehicles that are equipped and stocked as well as many police substations. Too many officers become dependent on their vehicle as their gear transport, comm station, and shelter all in one. Things get strewn about, separated, and quickly unorganized.
Front line responders often have to leave their vehicles quickly to intervene in emergency situations. Many times they make final approach on foot only equipped with what they have on their person, and become separated from their vehicles for substantial periods. Once locked into an inner perimeter situation, resupply can be difficult. Having a well thought out and stocked supply pack in your vehicle which may be relayed into an extended incident when time permits is great, but a fast action go bag is even more important to a front line emergency responder.
Dave Lauck has designed a "go bag" with the front line responder in mind. A compact, light weight supply bag which can be strapped on in seconds, just before you grab your carbine and go.
The heavy duty/light weight bag will contain up to 8 1911 pistol mags, or 4 double stack pistol mags, up to four AR-15 mags, 20 to 40 round capacity each, water bottle, eye and ear protection, first aid supplies, energy food, battery, radio, flashlight, gas/smoke hood, personal items, etc.
How you supply your go bag depends on your operational environment. Choose wisely. Keep it light and highly mobile.
This go bag offers field practicality many other carry bags do not. It is compact and snag resistant because the straps bundle into themselves and are held securely in place. The D&L go bag becomes no larger than a satchel. This makes it very practical during vehicle carry.
The cross body shoulder strap quickly unfolds for fast deployments. The thigh strap holds the go bag in place even when running. Both straps can be pre-adjusted for their owner before live call outs occur. This allows the go bag to be attached in seconds.
Equally important is the snap llink feature which Dave Lauck integrated in the shoulder strap. The shoulder strap can be adjusted for torso size and to position the snap link in the sternum area of the operator. This allows the operator to snap the short sling onto his carbine's single point attachment loop as needed. Officers who operate in and around vehicles the majority of the time know how dangerously snag prone sling equipped carbines are. The snap link/short single point sling feature of the D&L go bag allows for sling use when you will most likely need it, and keeps your carbine unencumbered by a sling during quick felony stops, etc.
This go bag was primarily designed for emergency responders, but also works well for other serious shooters.
Black in color
Prices available on request
The safety selector of your AR-15/M16 style rifle/carbine must be properly fitted with other components in the trigger system to mechanically block the components of the trigger group in a properly engaged position when the selector is "on safe". (Qualified gunsmith activity required) Moving the selector to the "fire" position, intentionally or not, will obviously allow the trigger to move to the rear, the hammer to fall, and the firearm to discharge. This is of critical importance to all involved, especially to those operating with any type of sling system. Do not drop any firearm to a slung position in a careless manner. Always follow all firearm safety rules. Control your muzzle in a safe direction at all times. Do not cover your own body areas, or those of others. In the event of dropping an "on safe" firearm to a slung position, there is still the possibility of the mechanical safety being pushed to the off position, the trigger being moved to the rear, and the firearm discharging. This is especially true then you are wearing other equipment in conjunction with your carbine. Do not place loaded firearms in carry cases or the same dangerous problem may occur.
High volume shooters, especially in high heat environments must remember that the chamber can become super heated after a volume of fire. Leaving a live cartridge in a super heated chamber may cause the firearm to "cook off" or discharge unexpectedly, with the safety selector in any position. Clear the chamber and allow the gun to cool. If you are operating in a dangerous environment that requires near instant firearm readiness, lock the bolt to the rear with a loaded magazine locked into the magazine well while you allow the firearm/chamber to cool. If the firearm becomes needed immediately, you can simply release the bolt to chamber a round and resume firing.
Always follow all firearm safety rules

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