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Solid AR-15 Firing Pin Retainer
Modern AR-15s are commonly sold with two-legged cotter pins in place as firing pin retainers. If one of the pin legs breaks off or bends substantially, it can allow the firing pin to escape its tunnel during live fire and lock up the gun tight.
A solid cross bar used as a firing pin retainer offers far superior durability, and very simple installation
$29 each postpaid
Shooters should be aware that there at least two different firing pin flange sizes in use today. Generally the M-16 uses a large flange firing pin and the AR-15 a small flange pin. There are also open and closed bottom bolt carriers. The open bottom carriers are most often in Colt Sporter rifles. Choose a closed bottom carrier whenever possible, as they offer more firing pin enclosure and protection. If you use a large flange firing pin with an open bottom carrier, the firing pin flange will catch on some hammer designs and bend or break your firing pin retainer. Check for this condition if you are bending or breaking firing pin retainers, whether they be cotter pins or solid cross pins.

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