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Improved Trigger Spring
for Two Stage AR-15 Triggers
Two stage trigger systems were developed for the AR-15 for match competition. When properly installed and adjusted they offer a smooth initial take up, then a clean trigger break.
Many of these two stage units have found their way into firearms used for live deployments. Most riflemen appreciate a fine trigger, but using one which is too light during tactical operations can be dangerous.
One solution to this problem is to increase the pull weight of the trigger spring in the two stage trigger system. This still allows for a smooth initial take up, yet it is firm enough resistance that the operator can better feel the trigger movement, even when shooting with gloves on. Giving the two stage trigger system a firm initial take up allows the operator to better prepare for shot delivery, and minimizes the chances of accidental discharge.
The two stage trigger system with a heavier trigger spring will still come to the secondary stop point two stage shooters are familiar with. At this point a crisp break can still be had during the final portion of the trigger press.
Just as important is the fact that the heavier trigger return spring will help assure the trigger returns to full mechanical engagement if the operator decides not to shoot and removes finger pressure from the initial pull stage of the trigger. The extra power trigger return spring makes the overall operation of the trigger system more positive. A wise and inexpensive investment for the serious shooter. (Also works in single stage trigger systems.)
Extra Power Trigger Spring
Prices On Request
Shooters should also review the benefits of the D&L adjustable safety/selector switch, which works with both single and two stage triggers.
Mr Lauck,
awhile back I ordered some extra power AR trigger springs from you to cure a 2.5 lb trigger. your spring brought it up to 3.25 lbs. PERFECT. I was delighted. thanx, after searching the internet for this you were literally the only game in town.
thanx again
John Bennett

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