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.22 LR 1911 Autopistols
.22 LR 1911 Autopistol

The idea of having 1911 pistol in .22 LR has been around for many decades. A .22LR 1911 handgun allows new shooters to get used to the 1911 pistol without the recoil of full caliber cartridges, and it allows for high volume practice at a fraction of the cost of using a centerfire pistol.

The custom .22 LR is nearly identical in size and weight to a Pro Model .45 acp so it makes for an excellent training pistol.

Today there is even more reason to have a .22LR 1911. Centerfire pistol ammo seems to be at an all time high, so the cost savings are even more than the 'good ol days'. Additionally, there are more .22 rimfire shooting matches than ever before. Shooting and training with near duplicate 1911s for rimfire and centerfire matches allows for commonality in training and operation of the pistol. Very good points when serious competitors consider that fractions of seconds separate the top places in modern shooting matches.

There have been many .22 LR variations of the 1911 over the years. Conversion kit top ends to complete .22 1911 pistols. At DLS Inc we have tried most everything that has come and gone on the market, and a complete pistol is preferred over the conversion kit top end units. One gun, one caliber keeps everything simple and easier to manage when it comes to accuracy and reliability.

Starting with a Colt branded 1911 .22 LR allows shooters to have a 13 round capacity, and a name brand to resell if they ever decide to do so. From there the pistol is customized to allow the magazines to drop free for speed reloads. The pistol and mags are tuned to help assure lock open after the last shot is fired to further speed the reloading process. The bothersome gap between frame and beavertail is closed so shooter don't cut their hands at high speed, and the thumb safety is replaced with a DLS HD blended thumb safety so the plunger does not skip the frame plate and lock the safety in the on position.

.22 rimfires do not generate much energy to move the slide in a fast and snappy manner, which is critical to pistol reliability. Slowing the slide travel by rubbing your high grip thumbs on the slide can literally stop the slide on a .22 1911. This problem is cured with D&L thumb shield grips. They allow a high thumb grip without rubbing or slowing the slide. The slide to frame fit is adjusted and hand polished to further make the slide travel slick and quick. The trigger pull is also adjusted to allow for clean and quick breaks.

Overall the pistol is dehorned and deburred for smooth shooter friendly operation. No more need for bandaids due to sharp pistol edges. Then the pistol is cerakoted, test fired and zeroed to make it shooter ready upon receipt.

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