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D&L 1911 Shock Buffer Option
Shock buffers are the small rubber like impact washer that goes on a 1911 guide rod before the recoil spring goes on. The buffers were designed to cushion the steel against steel impact between the slide / guide rod / and frame which occurs every time the pistol fires and cycles. The goal of these impact washers is to reduce impact wear and tear on the pistol, and reduce the recoil impact felt by the shooter. Impacting a firm cushion delivers less shock to the shooter's hand than direct steel on steel impact.
Sounds good, but there are serious drawbacks. If the buffer is not maintained and the pistol is continuously fired, the buffer will be destroyed inside the pistol, come apart, and adversely affect the reliable operation of the pistol. Another problem, which is just as serious, is that installation of a buffer in the pistol shortens the slide stroke slightly over .100". This can also have an adverse operational effect on the pistol.
Solution ? Don't use a buffer in your pistol, and simply keep the recoil spring replaced every 1000 rounds to minimize steel on steel impact damage between the slide, frame and guide rod. This solution is reasonable for moderate volume shooters.
However, many D&L clients are serious pistol shooters who go through high volumes of ammo. They want to protect their investment in their pistol, and they want to minimize steel on steel impact shock felt while firing to improve their shooting performance. They are also professionals when it come to firearms maintenance, so occasionally replacing shock buffers is a simple chore.
A realistic solution for high volume shooters was developed by Dave Lauck to allow them the benefits of an impact buffer, without shortening slide travel. During the manufacturing process of the 1911 additional slide travel can be built in. This will allow full slide travel even when using shock buff washers. The shooter will still need to replace worn buffs as a routine maintenance item, but the shooter gains the protection and performance benefits of using a buff. This modification is a worthwhile option for serious shooters. Shock buffs are not recommended without this extended slide travel option.
Shock Buff Option
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