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1911 Thumb Guards, Sights, Firing Pin Stops, and Plunger Tube Housings
  D&L Thumb shield
The D&L thumb guards allow for a high thumb hold on 1911 style autos without the fear of interfering with slide operation. Left and right guards are available. Dual guard installation also offers the possibility of slowing the actions of a gun snatcher unfamiliar with the pistol's operational procedures.
The heavy duty D&L rear 1911 sight offers a full .500 dovetail, thick rear blade for night inserts, dual 8-40 lock screws, a solid heel hook for one hand slide operation, and the cleanest sight picture available anywhere.
1911   1911
The D&L firing pin stop for 1911's allows for the proper slide to firing pin stop fit, and allows for installation of an indentation set screw to avoid the firing pin stop drop malfunction. This is an important feature for those who want to stop malfunctions before they happen.
Silver 1911 and ammo box
1911 Pro Model
D&L Sports™ Movie Gun
1911 Thumb Guard
Thumb Guards (left or right side)
$55.00 each
D&L Heavy Duty rear 1911 sight $55.00   
Set screw firing pin stop
Plunger Tube Housings
Bolt-on plunger tube housings as used on D&L signature pistols
$35 each

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