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1911 Light Mounting Rail
Light mounting handguns has been increasingly popular due to their frequent use in low light situations. Surefire lights have proven to offer the best durability, and a dust cover rail offers the best method of attaching Surefire's dust cover mountable lights. D&L Sports™ offers three methods of dust cover light attachment.
1911 with Light
1911 Light Mounting Rail   1911 Light Mounting Rail Closeup
1911 Light Mounting Rail
Slimline Rail
Slimline light mount rail and adapter
Surefire dust cover light with cross bolt switch
User installed Picatinny rail (part only)
Integral frame rail
(specify when ordering custom pistol)
Note: It is best to decide on this option at the beginning of a custom pistol project to avoid the cost of refinishing.
Picatinny rail mount   Integral frame rail   Low light usage
Picatinny rail mount
(can be user installed
by drilling and tapping)
Integral frame rail
Low light usage
Silver pistol and tan ammo box

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