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1911 Standoff Device
1911 with standoff device     1911 with standoff device

Many autopistols will not fire when the muzzle is pressed into contact with a target and the slide is pushed back and out of battery. This is a serious problem when defensive situations get into contact distance and or muzzle strikes are used as part of entry team tactics. The 1911 stand off device solves the problem by placing a checkered strike plate in front of the muzzle end of the slide. With the standoff device in place any muzzle end force is shouldered by the pistol frame, not the slide, so the pistol will keep firing even when in direct contact with the target.

The stand off device was designed to fit 1911 pistols which have integral light rails and at least three cross slots. The standoff device itself has 5 crossslots so your light and or laser can still be mounted, and positioned behind the strike face to avoid damage.

Holsters now available for 1911s with this standoff device attached.

Price Available On Request

1911 with standoff device     1911 with standoff device

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