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1911 Frontstrap Handstop
(a Dave Lauck design)
1911 Frontstrap Handstop

Grips or stocks have wrapped around the frontstrap of 1911s for decades in an effort to control muzzle flip. These grips were generally made out of wood or plastic. They failed quickly by cracking and splintering. Completely unacceptable to serious shooters.

In order to control the pistol’s muzzle from flipping upward during recoil, a super rigid handstop shelf was needed at the lower end of the frontstrap. This handstop shelf allows the shooter to exert maximum control over the pistol’s muzzle flip during recoil, thus substantially increasing the shooter’s ability to quickly deliver multiple bullets on target accurately. The handstop also stops the shooters hand from moving downward on the frontstrap during rapid fire. This allows for better shooting control. Keeping the hand high on the grip frame, and close to the boreline, reduces muzzle flip. The handstop stops the shooters fingers from moving into a position where they can become pinched/cut while speed loading a fresh magazine.

This handstop is independent of the magazine well so it can be position up or down on the frontstrap depending on the width of the individual shooter’s hand. It can also be final contoured to suit the shooter’s individual handshape.

1911 Handstop

The handstop and a proper shooting grip controls muzzle flip BETTER than a muzzle compensator without the bulk, length, and weight of a compensator. The handstop can also be used in conjunction with compensators on competition pistols for superior speed shooting management.

The handstop is an excellent option on a carry / duty / single stack pistol because provides excellent muzzle flip control without adding size or weight. The scalloped underside of the handstop still allows access to the front base pad lip for peeling out a contaminated magazine which may be stuck in the pistol. The handstop still allows full access to the sides and rear of your magazine base pad as well. The handstop also increases the operator’s ability to retain the pistol in close quarters self-defense situations. The handstop still allows the pistol to fit in the USPSA regulation box.

The handstop is machined from aluminum bar stock and is attached to the grip frame with 8 machine screws. No welding is required. 8 pilot holes are pre-drilled in the handstop. The pistol’s grips need to be inletted for the handstop. The handstop can be selected as an option when ordering a custom D&L pistol, or the handstop can be ordered for installation by your gunsmith.

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