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DLSports™ 1911s and AR-15s
MR30PG Precision Rifles
Texas Ranger 1911
1911 Professional Model
Professional Model Glocks
D&L Sports™ 1911 and custom case
DLSports™ 1911
green rifle
Dial Dunkin  from Always Another Adventure
Col. Jeff Cooper 1911
President Trump Presentation Pistol
Custom Centennial 1911 Pistol
1911 ELP
D&L Revolvers
D&L Revolvers
green rifle
Pro Model 1911
Pro Model 1911
Custom Revolver
Dave Lauck, Pistolsmith of the year 2012
CQB Iron Sights AR-15s and 1911
Member in good standing of American Pistolsmiths Tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association

Welcome to the D&L Sports™, inc./S.A.T.A. web site. Here you can find general information about the finest custom practical firearms and small arms training available anywhere. Please be aware that D&L Sports™, Inc. was built on nonstop research, development and continuous improvement. This site is continually updated with new advancements.

For a brief description of specific products or training available from D&L Sports™, Inc./S.A.T.A., just select the area of interest from the list below and click on it. Don't forget to check the Special Events page for upcoming attractions that are offered in conjunction with training and/or competition.

If you would like to be mailed a brochure of products and services provided by D&L Sports™, Inc. and the S.A.T.A., click on the contact information below. Thank you for your interest in D&L Sports™, Inc. and the Small Arms Training Academy.

Statement of customer service:
Dave Lauck of D&L Sports™, Inc. insures long term customer satisfaction by personally attending to all reasonable requests for customer service. After the sale problems are rare due to the quality control standards at D&L Sports™, Inc. Dave Lauck applies decades of experience in custom gun work, front line service, and high level competition shooting to get custom work and designs done right the first time. However, if any reasonable corrective action is later required, D&L Sports™, inc. puts a priority on prompt turnaround time to assure your complete satisfaction.

Informed shooters are aware that the firearms industry is in fact a marketplace. Some companies attempt to secure your business with glossy ad campaigns, others offer "custom" firearms from a production line at low-ball prices. There are as many marketing strategies as there are companies. Please define your personal needs, then research the firearms industry thoroughly before making what could be a very critical purchase decision. You will find that D&L Sports™ Inc. still offers old world craftsmanship and superb product quality controls in an era of mass production. D&L Sports™' reputation for premium quality gear will never be sacrificed for lower costs or higher production. This is the reason discriminating shooters become loyal clients at D&L Sports™ Inc.

The fact is that many D&L clients are shooters who have been disappointed by the unreliability of other firearms services. Scores of D&L clients have related how they have incrementally passed through the various levels of quality offered by the modern firearms industry. They have all related the same theme: Buying the right gear the first time would have been much less costly. Quality gear from D&L Sports™ lasts long after the difference in cost is forgotten.

Mission statement of D&L Sports™ Inc.
D&L Sports™ Inc. is a custom design operation with a commitment to personal, professional service. Dave Lauck strives for excellence in all products and services provided to the D&L client. D&L Sports™ Inc. is on a continuous track of research, development, testing and retesting of new product designs and techniques to better serve those who operate in harms way. Dave Lauck is committed to providing the best gear and training available, and doing so with integrity, professionalism, and innovation.

D&L Sports™ Inc. offers a lifetime assistance program with all Dave Lauck signature firearms.

Dave Lauck

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D&L Sports™ / Dave Lauck Signature Firearms
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DLSATA One Mile Club Gallery
What Others Say About SATA Training
Attention Law Enforcement Personnel
How to Help Pay for Your Tactical Training
ITRC Helicopter Event video clip
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ITRC 2004 Photo Gallery
  ITRC 2005 Photo Gallery
  ITRC 2006 Photo Gallery
  ITRC 2009 Photo Gallery
  ITRC 2009 Article from LongRangeHunting
  ITRC 2009 Article from Precision Shooting
  ITRC 2009 Video
  What Others Say About the ITRC
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34mm Scope Rings
D&L Specialty Optics
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Speed Turrets with Adjustable Stops for NXS Rifle Scopes
Eotech Sight and Slimline Riser Rail
Eotech Adjustments Cover
H&K MP-5 Optic Mount
D&L Aimpoint Mount for AR-15/M-16
and Aimpoint Sights
CQB Iron Sights for AR-15/M-16 Flat Tops
CQB Iron Sights for H&K Firearms
Anti Cant Device and Angle Indicators
Rear View Angle Indicators
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Brown Premium Gun Safes
.45 ACP Special Ball
Make your pistol ammo more durable
Black Hills Ammunition
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1911 Instruction Manual
AR-15 Instruction Manual
10-22 AR Precision Rifle
10-22 AR Precision Rifle
AR-15/M-16 Accessories
CQB Iron Sights for AR-15/M-16 Flat Tops
AR-15 Extended Flat Top Rail
Slim Line Carbine Scope Rings
AR-15 Buffer Lock
AR-15 Stock and Handguard
AR-15 Side Charging Handle
AR-15 Adjustable Stock
D&L AR-15 Pistol Grip
D&L AR-15 Vertical Grip
AR-15 Magazine Chest Pouch
D&L Sports™/Spec-Ops Tactical Sling
AR-15 Antiwalk Trigger Pins
Solid AR-15 Firing Pin Retainer
Tactical Safety/Selector Switch
AR-15 5.56mm Tactical Ammo
AR-15 Ambidextrous Magazine Release
AR-15 Muzzle Brake
NTOA approved AR-15 Magazines
D&L Extreme Duty AR-15 Magazines
D&L Sports™ AR-15 Go Bag
AR-15 Tactical Vest
View Live Video Footage of D&L Long and Short Extreme Duty AR-15 / M16 Magazine Reliability During Full Auto Fire. (load time approximately 6 minutes if using 24k modem.)
AR-15 Multipurpose Gas Block
AR-15 Adjustable Gas Block
Improved Trigger Spring for Two Stage AR-15 Triggers
Stock Locks
D&L AR-15 Recoil Reducer
Ambidextrous Charging Handle
Kalash Parts
Anti-walk receiver pins for the K rifle
Ultralight Neopod Bipod
Krink/SLR104-51 Scope Mounts
Retro 1911s
Manual Safety for Glocks
Custom Accuracy International Magazines
Handgun Optics
1911 Accessories
Disconnector Ramp
1911 Frontstrap Handstop
Speed Rib
Slide Top Serrations
Kydex 1911 Single Stack Quad Magazine Pouch
Shark Skin Texturing
1911 Checkering
Blank Firing 1911 Pistols
1911 Knives
D&L 1911 Ignition Components
Watchmen Smiley Face Aluma Grips
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D&L Custom 1911 Slide Stops
D&L 1911 Magazine Catch
D&L Super Duty 1911 Thumb Safety
Aluminum Pistol Grips with Integral Thumb Guards
1911 Shock Buffer Option
1911 Slide Fluting
1911 Standoff Device
Super Duty 1911 Barrel Bushings
D&L 1911 Signature Grips
1911 Light Rail
Replacement WR 1911 Magazine Springs
Reliable 1911 magazines in stock NOW
ACT 1911 Magazine Reliability and Capacity Upgrades
Lanyard Loops
Thumbguards, Sights, Firing Pin Stops, and Plunger Tube Housings
Sand Cuts in Frame and Slide
D&L 1911 Aluminum Barrel Bushing Wrench
1911 Full Length Guide Rods
Locking 1911 Firing Pin Stop
Reinforced Spring Plugs for Compact 1911s
Heavy Duty Slide Stops
Underwater Handgun Shooting
1911 Tanto Extractor
D&L Pistol Bag
D&L Extreme Duty 1911 Ejectors
Interchangeable 1911 Front Sight
Window Grips
Ejectors and Extractors for the Gunsmith
Ultra Thin Browning Hi-Power Grips
Nylon Gear
MR-30PG Dragbags
AR-15 Magazine Chest Pouch
Spec-Ops Nylon Gear
AR-15 Tactical Vest
D&L Sports™ AR-15 Go Bag
D&L Pistol Bag
Dave Lauck Books, DVD and Videos
Dave Lauck Books and Videos
Advanced Tactical Carbine (available soon)
New Tactical AR15 book by Dave lauck now available from Paladin Press, Boulder co
Other Related Books
Newhall Shooting - a tactical analysis
New Federal .300 RUM Brass
D&L Palm Knife
1911 Knives
New Dave Lauck Knife Designs
Service Knives
Tactical Folders
D&L Custom Knives
Premium Tomahawks
Knife Dangers (Caution: graphic photos,
no access to those under 18 years of age)
D&L Sports™ Inc. on YouTube
D&L Sports Custom Guns
International Tactical Rifleman Championship ITRC
Fixed Rear Sight Option - S&W Revolvers
Watchmen 2009: The Comedian vs Ozymandius
Col. Jeff Cooper / Gunsite
About D&L Sports™ Inc.
About D&L Sports™, Inc.
What Others Say About D&L Sports™, Inc.
Lauck History
Warnings and Notices
D&L Sports™ Inc. Order Form
Facility Tours and Armory Training
Shipping Your Firearm
Contact Information
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Common Sense Storm Shelters by Safe Shed
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More Products Coming Soon
Extreme Duty AR-15 Magazines
now available exclusively from DLS Inc.
AR-15 + 1911
ITRC and D&L Products DVD
now available
$20 postpaid
Helicopter Event at 2004 ITRC
New book: "Tactical AR-15" now available from Paladin Press
D&L Custom SLR/Carbine
SLR Carbine
D&L Sports palm knife
D&L Sports™ Poster
2006 National Patrol Rifle Championship with his D&L Sports™ Carbine
2006 National Patrol Rifle Champion with his D&L Sports™ Carbine
(team space is very limited, sign up ASAP)
Custom Personal Defense Vehicles
Are you ready for the ITRC?
The D&L Sports™ MR30PG has been the only rifle to win
the Triple Crown of tactical shooting at the ITRC.
The Egg Shoot, the overall ITRC, and the
Carlos Hathcock Shoot Off, all consecutively.
AR-15 antiwalk trigger pins and safety/selector switch
SherfCar copy.jpg - 47770 Bytes
D&L Sports™ 1911
D&L Sports™ 1911 with ivory grips
D&L Sports™ 1911 hybrid
--- "The most cost effective job is the one done right the first time" ---
Hi Dave,
I’m in North Carolina right now taking a 1911 build class. It’s a great class, and with an excellent instructor. As you can imagine, the class is constantly asking the instructor for his opinions on various 1911’s. This is usually followed by the instructor rattling off a list of where the builder cut corners or was just plain wrong. So today, your name came up. The instructor’s response was “Dave Lauck is one of about five people on this planet that I would trust to build a gun that I was going to carry.” I was thrilled to tell him that I own a gun that you had built for me. When he asked me how it ran, I told him I had 40,000 rounds through it and never had a problem. “And that’s what I'm talking about,” he said to the class.
- Regards 1911 Shooter

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